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Pennsylvania Classics rice bed

Posted By Donna messer, 8/4/2017

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I purchased a 4 poster rice bed in approximately 1991.  I loved my bed and movers just destroyed it.  Broke a poster off among other things?  Where can I replace this or get something the same beauty and quality?  Thank you for your help.


From jenniferjudy225, 8/19/2017  2:23 AM

When it comes to creating a peaceful place to sleep and relax, it all begins with beautiful rice bedroom furniture that is functional and provides plenty of space for clothes and personal items. 

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From alisondaewon, 8/17/2017  8:41 AM

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From adolf alexander, 8/5/2017  3:01 AM

Reminiscent of the Old South, a rice bed brings back the tastefulness and complicated carvings of an overlooked period. A well off ranch, ample wood, an ace skilled worker and cash joined to make a bed to mirror the style and beauty of the prior to the war south before its decay. In spite of the fact that finding a credible rice bed might be troublesome, generations are accessible. Dissertation Services

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