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Need help

Posted By Jean123, 4/4/2017

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The construction of my new house is in progress. We have started the purchasing of households. As I am interested in carpentry, I'm planning to repurpose the furniture. I think it will look much better than the new furniture and can save a lot of money. As I haven't tried it before, I just google to search for some ideas on repurposing. While browsing, I came across an article that speaks about repurposing ( http://www.redbins.ca/tips-repurposing-old-furniture-redbins/ ). The article says that all the old chairs, doors and dressers can be repurposed to new ones. As it is the first time that I'm going to experiment, I am really thrilled. All those who have ideas on it do share as it would help me to improve my work. Thanks.


From simo, 10/6/2017  1:16 AM

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From stevelarsc, 7/21/2017  7:28 AM

I would say the idea to repurpose the furniture is a brilliant idea. Many people waste money on buying new pieces of furniture when building a new house. This saves money and helps you keep those furnitures those you love. You can find many upholstery agencies who can help you do this http://pacdiecast.com work.

From William_VRiley, 7/3/2017  2:43 AM

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From kategrey, 4/24/2017  11:55 AM

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From Sandyfinley, 4/7/2017  8:52 AM

 Thats a good idea new furniture will cost high. Now-a-days there are many stores who provide used furniture with good quality. Last year we got some of the bar stools for our dining room. My brother told me about this websites who have used as well as new furniture. I ended up buying bar stools, I am really satisfied.                                                                

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