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Seeking American Drew's Jessica McClintock Home - The Romance Collection AND/OR Suggestions

Posted By ldperrotta, 3/17/2017

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After spending YEARS and HUNDREDS of hours looking for the perfect master bedroom set (I am very picky), I finally stumbled on the most amazing, breathtaking set but was dismayed to learn it was discontinued in 2011 (soul-crushing!)  I am interested in most of the pieces in the American Drew Jessica McClintock Romance Collection (Cherry/Dark wood).

I naturally started looking for new pieces with authorized A.D. dealers locally and online but "there's nothing in the factory."  I have opened my search to include new OR used and am looking anywhere in the U.S. or close to Windsor, Canada.  Unfortunately, this is like looking for a needle in a stack of needles!  I have spent literally days looking on the internet but am coming up completely empty-handed.

My best hope is to connect with a salesperson in the business who knows how to find these pieces whether new or used but if not, I am actively looking in obvious places such as Craig's List, Ebay, and Amazon.  I would appreciate any SUGGESTIONS/RECOMMENDATIONS/TIPS on where else to look: What are good WEBSITES for people in my situation?  What BRICK & MORTAR locations would be good for me to reach out to?  Can I get on "watch lists" at large resellers/dealers/brokers/consignment shops/ overstock warehouses/closeout services?  If so, which are good, reputable companies?  Do any have good, up-to-date websites at which I can monitor their inventory?  Would estate sales be a viable option or odds are not in my favor?  Where do people who want to get rid of their used higher end furniture go-- is Craig's List or Ebay their first choice or somewhere else more "upscale"?

For those who have been through this, what are the best shipping options if having to ship long distances? 

Item #s:
- Wardrobe (High Priority): 721-272
- Armoire (High Priority, alternative to Wardrobe): 721-270
- Dresser (High Priority): 721-130
- Mirror: 721-020
- Lingerie Chest (Semainier): 721-280
- Hope Chest: 721-224
- Bench: 721-480
- Bed (Queen): 721-313

This collection was designed as if Jessica custom made it just for me.  It "speaks" to me! It gives me butterflies when looking at the pictures!  ANY HELP IN MY QUEST WOULD BE SO GREATLY APPRECIATED!  Thank you for your time.  Have a wonderful day.



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