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Repurposing of old furniture

Posted By Diannebrown, 3/14/2017

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We are planning to renovate our house. But my partner is not willing to dispose of all the old furniture from the house. He is saying that all those can be modified to new ones. He is very much interested in such type of creative works. When he spoke to me about this I also felt it as a very good idea. It can also save a lot of money when compared to purchasing new ones. I just googled to get more ideas on repurposing. While surfing, I came across an interesting article that gives tips on the repurposing of old furniture. The article gives so many ideas on how old chairs, dressers or old doors, can be repurposed into a variety of things. It also speaks about junk removal. I found it to be a very useful article. Do you have any such ideas on repurposing? I would be really grateful if you share it.
Thanks in advance.


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