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Contemporary vs. Modern Furniture

Posted By Janster, 3/9/2017

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Many customers that enter our showroom think that contemporary and modern is one and the same. If you are in the process of redecorating your home it's extremely important that you know the difference between types of furniture. Understanding the differences between contemporary and modern furniture can help you during the design process and while you're picking out new furniture for your home. Here is an article that describes the differences between these furniture styles and here are some of the main differences so that you can create better descriptions for your designer or furniture craftsperson:

Modern design:

Modern design is a furniture and architecture design style that became popular between the 1920s to the 1950s. The style is relatively defined and even if a style is newer than this type of furniture design, is still not considered modern by architecture or design standards.

A modern designed interior doesn't necessarily refer to a futuristic design but a mid century modern look. Most of the time this design is characterized by a fairly clean look with the use of natural materials like teak, Linen, leather and molded plastic or plywood. The goal of modern design is often to create a much larger or open air feeling than you might receive in a space without the same design elements.

Contemporary design:

Contemporary design is more of a living or natural style of living. The goal of the contemporary interior is really what is popular during the time. A contemporary design is going to be changing regularly and a number of different pieces are going to be used in several different styles from different eras as they occur. Contemporary design is always changing and it means that it evolves with the times.

The goal of a contemporary design is often for the sustainability of materials as well as the overall comfort in a space. Finishes in contemporary designs currently are stone, fir and cedar but these are bound to change over time as the style evolves as well.


From Annie009, 3/17/2017  3:11 AM

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