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American Signature Studio One Fruitwood Nightstand and Sideboard

Posted By RickardR, 3/6/2017

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Several years ago the studio one nightstand and sideboard were removed from the house in what would become a nasty divorce. I was trying to replace them...but it seems they were disconnected long ago!  I've seen a couple ads for them but they are all older and likely expired. If anyone has one of these laying around that they want to get rid of- for a more-than-fair price, let me know!


From robert022, 7/20/2017  3:48 AM

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From HarryhHumphries, 5/28/2017  12:33 PM

I want a bed for my new home and I have visited many stores, including those suggested by my friend who offers the Cheap Assignments service but I never saw a design in my mind. Can anyone here suggest me a brand or any store in Chicago from where I can buy a unique design bed.

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