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why seo is better then social media marketing

Posted By umerali, 3/6/2017

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There are two ways to generate your Website traffic 1 is social media marketing and the 2 one is seo both are good for the marketing but as a seo consultant Pakistan I I will recommend you seo because there are many benefits In your seo first you can generate a lot of traffic and 2 is you can found your website at the top of search 75% user search on search engines. 


From Poonamsingh, 12/15/2017  10:53 PM

SEO provides you with the opportunity to target a very specific audience. Natural SEO keywords allow you to increase your rankings in the search results.SEO conversion rates are higher than social media conversion rates. A conversion happens when a site visitor becomes a business customer, and SEO is more likely to increase your conversion rate than social media. This is largely because visitors who use search engines to get to your site have purchase intent, and also because you are able to target a specific group of people who are more likely to do business with you. Mobile Signal Booster in Delhi

From hellenjos, 9/18/2017  8:06 AM

Seo is better than social media marketing because SEO contain more opportunities and we can do so many things in SEO. We are doing the onsite works in SEO and it helps to increase the traffic to the website. So always try to do the onpage works. alcohol rehab centers

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