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Re-Imagining a 160 year old furniture company

Posted By deborahbreuner, 1/17/2017

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Re-launching an integral part of California history in a new way.

If you are an investor, not a lender, and you are looking for a way to see your investment dollar grow exponentially please contact us.

We are planning to launch a unique proven business in Scottsdale, Arizona.

We are taking the fine history of my great grandfather's Furniture Company, started in Northern California in 1856, and expanding on what made them great for a hundred and twenty two years before the family sold out in 1978. His dream made an entire family wealthy and our new rendition will as well.

Wouldn't you like to be part of history?

We're bringing the original qualities of my great grandfather's Furniture Company back into furniture and service; acquired only from a brick and mortar establishment.

We're adding some other couture elements, which will send our new venture over the top in unusual, unique and upscale; bringing back real customer service.

We'd love to meet and discuss our idea if what you see, and hear so far, excites you in a way that it does for us.

I am the youngest daughter of the last-born son of the third generation of this fine company; Larry is a fine furniture designer and builder; I take care of the other couture elements we can discuss if you're interested in knowing more.

Again thank you for your interest so far.

you can reach me by email at the address below


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