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Dining Room Set

Posted By Gregg, 1/3/2017

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Purchased a Thomasville dining set at an antique store recently in wonderful condition for a fabulous price!

I'm trying to find out what Collection it belongs to; have been all over the Internet looking at sites & pictures, & can't find it!

Oval table w/straight ornamented legs & two leaves; full set of table pads. 4 side chairs & 2 arm chairs, same ornamentation on legs; brass/bronze ornaments on front of chair backs. Chairs have cane backs; all apparently in "pecan" finish. Upholstery is original; a rich yellow-gold velour. 

Numbers stenciled on bottom of units is as follows:
     Side Chair: 360-3873-20 with J-786-03 underneath;
     End Chair: 360-3874-20 with J-786-03 underneath;
     Table: 360-3835-20 with Table C-051 underneath;

Friend of mine who does furniture repair says this code indicates Collection #360, manufactured in July 1986 on 3rd shift. I am trying to find out what the name is of this Collection. I can provide pictures showing the set, & all markings under the chairs & table.

Any help would be appreciated!


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