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Lexington Victorian Sampler Queen Bed

Posted By alcurtis, 12/16/2016

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We have decided to upgrade from a queen bed to a king.  We purchased a complete new set of Lexington's Victorian Sampler 391 series bedroom furniture (queen bed - 133c, triple dresser - 235, mirror - 207, chest - 307 and 2 nightstands - 621)  in October of 1997.  We want to keep the set, so we are interested in selling our queen bed and buying a king bed to match.  If anyone is interested in buying our queen bed or has a king bed in this series they are interested in selling, please respond to this message.  Thank you.
Al C.  


From furnBob, 1/3/2017  8:12 AM

AS a Lexington and furniture dealer fouse the people that but/collectr 40 years I  have helped dozens with this problem , As the most collected bedroom set in America the number one request is to uprade to a King bed
There is little value to the queen ,because the people that buy wanve at two  things King bed or pices that they did not get origionaly , bigger new house etc.
We bought this by the truck load ,and have a little new old stock.In our Memphis warehouse. We sell at the 15 year ago price of Feb.2002
this group was made from 1989 to 2002 and over the years cost/price went up every year to  more than double.
Nothing makes me nut more than someone telling me what they paid in 1990, I know i was selling it.
Please contact me for more info about cost & shipping
Bob Doniel owner 
901 754  3997

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