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Posted By Guest, 11/14/2000

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In 1978 I purchased some family room furniture manufactured by Howard Furniture Manufacturing Co., Inc. of Starkville Mississippi. I am interested in obtaining additional pieces and wondered if that company was still in business or operated under another name. Any information would be appreciated.


From saogden, 10/13/2017  2:45 PM

I have a complete set of Howard Manufacturing (Starkville, MS) living room set.  Couch, loveseat, chair with ottoman, two end tables and coffee table.  I am original  owner (purchased in 1977). Non smoking household.  Furniture is in very good condition with some minor marks on end table.  The fabric has been replaced. I believe the name is Viva Howard but am not 100% sure but will supply photos upon request. 

From JiminKY, 9/10/2015  12:43 PM

Hello--I realize this is a rather old post, but I just came across it while researching a Howard Furniture Manufacturing set that I am (reluctantly) selling, after decades of use and storage by my family.  It's a 5 piece set, all pictured in my Craigslist post.


If anyone is interested in picking it up in Louisville, Kentucky, I'd love to see someone who appreciates it take possession. It is in good condition for its age.  It's fully usable, as is, or would make a great re-furbishing project. 

From jeremywsmith1977, 8/4/2015  6:52 PM

I have just acquired the loveseat and one chair of this collection and absolutely love this set. Anyone with more pieces from this line for sale I am interested. Send info including pictures and location to .......   jeremywsmith1977@gmail.com

From ameridan, 4/22/2015  7:01 PM

I have the Oak Étagère still in excellent condition. Part of this "Round Bent-Oak" collection. Dimensions: 76"W x 76" H x 16"D

(disassembles into 2 corner shelf units, a 42" wide bridge with artwork lamp and a 42" wide desk shelf unit with drawer for easy transportation) that I'm putting up for sale.

From ameridan, 4/22/2015  3:42 PM

I have the etagere (2 corner shelf units with bridge and desk and drawer) that is part of this bent oak set that I'll sell (Chicago area).

From ameridan, 4/22/2015  3:41 PM

I have the etagere (2 corner shelf units with bridge and desk and drawer) that is part of this bent oak set that I'll sell (Chicago area)

From ameridan, 4/22/2015  3:39 PM

I have the etagere that is part of this bent oak set that I'll sell (Chicago area)

From Bradsterw, 1/31/2015  11:45 PM

I too am looking to add to my Howard Manufacturing furniture collection. I would love to purchase some of the large butcher block style chairs to match my sofa and love seats please contact me if you have any knowledge where I may aquire these or if you'd like images of what I'm referring to. Thank you.

From dprenatt, 1/21/2015  12:18 PM

I have a couch, love seat and chair with the brown palm leaf pattern. All in great condition. Looking to sell.

From dprenatt, 1/21/2015  12:17 PM

I have a couch, loves eat and chair with the brown palm leaf pattern. All in great condition. Looking to sell.

From klj27, 12/26/2014  10:37 AM

I have a Howard Furniture Mfg Co Wood sofa am looking to sell. Recently refurbished. I have pix if interested. Thanks. krystiejohnson27@gmail.com

From missberne07, 11/25/2014  11:40 AM

I have the round set of couch, loveseat, chair, ottoman, cocktail table, half-round table, side round table. bar and three bar chair.  All in good condition.  Can anyone give me a value as much as I still love the furniture, it sits too low for me now.  Thank, missberne@yahoo.com

From Catsy1, 11/24/2014  12:50 PM

I have the couch with the palm leave and I am interested in buying your loveseat and ottoman. Please reply. thanks 

From trudeaul@charter.net, 9/18/2014  9:54 AM

From cntry63, 4/2/2014  12:52 PM

I Have the round oak set in brown and tan with palm leaves,I have the couch,loveseat,ottoman,lg.table and one half moon side table. I love this set but I need to sell it if interested please send me an E-mail  63country@gmail.com

From parikhkat , 2/22/2014  11:13 AM

I also have the round oak set in thebrown palm pattern. Sofa, love seat, ottoman, and coffee. Table. We purchased them in 1981in Milwaukee Wisconsin. The fabric is still like new because I had it slip covered in clear plastic shortly after because of kids and pets. The furniture itself is still in excellent condition after 30+ years and several moves. I would consider parting with it or trade for something suitable. I'm also interested in finding out if any other covers exist.

From parikhkat , 2/22/2014  11:12 AM

I also have the round oak set in thebrown palm pattern. Sofa, love seat, ottoman, and coffee. Table. We purchased them in 1981in Milwaukee Wisconsin. The fabric is still like new because I had it slip covered in clear plastic shortly after because of kids and pets. The furniture itself is still in excellent condition after 30+ years and several moves. I would consider parting with it or trade for something suitable. I'm also interested in finding out if any other covers exist.

From parikhkat , 2/22/2014  11:12 AM

I also have the round oak set in thebrown palm pattern. Sofa, love seat, ottoman, and coffee. Table. We purchased them in 1981in Milwaukee Wisconsin. The fabric is still like new because I had it slip covered in clear plastic shortly after because of kids and pets. The furniture itself is still in excellent condition after 30+ years and several moves. I would consider parting with it or trade for something suitable. I'm also interested in finding out if any other covers exist.

From Kimball , 11/3/2013  10:50 PM

I have a Howard platform rocker/swivel chair 
lookinf for a sofa 
please reply if interested in selling one

From Smitty, 10/4/2013  7:13 PM

My Howard is Mediterranean. Anyone out there who has the very modern squared off set for sale

From Mrothove, 9/29/2013  4:16 PM

I have the full set of the 70's furniture.  Couch, love seat, round chair, large round coffee table, small round side table, and 2 half moon side tables for sale.  Needs new cushions.  The wood structure of the furniture is in excellent shape.  I can't find the exact worth.  Make me an offer and I will seriously consider.

From jeanettesmith, 9/10/2013  9:29 AM

I have a Howard furniture couch, chair, 2 end tables & sofa table in original and excellent condition which we purchased in 1980. It is upholstered in cream and brown palm fabric. The furniture has a rounded shape and is of light natural solid oak. What is the value and is anyone interested?

From Howie, 8/12/2013  5:45 PM

Reply to Phxislandgrl: My father started Howard Mfg. Co. and if you will send me a picture of the set then I might be interested in purchasing it from you. I've never been to Arizona. Might be a good time to go!

email: howardinstalls@yahoo.com

From Phxislandgrl, 7/18/2013  7:03 AM

I have a set of howard furniture purchased in the late 1970's.  It consists of sofa, loveseat, chair ottoman on wheels, round coffee table, round side table,  The furniture is in great shape with the orginal uphpostry.  I would like to get an idea of its value.  It is all solid oak, the sofa and loveseat have individual pillows. It looks like there might be a couple missing. The upholstery is browns in color with palm leaves. I'm getting ready to sell the set. Does anyone know the value of these vintage sets? 
I recently bought the set from a estate sale. Beautiful set. Want to update it but there seems to be very little out there and I would hate to ruin the set for a person looking for all original. 
Phx, Arizona
Please advise

From missberne, 2/3/2013  10:22 PM

Just received a notification regarding chaise.  Got rid of it last summer. 

From Larkspur, 1/2/2013  11:13 AM

I have a Howard chair and ottoman for sale on craigslist asheville. It needs TLC and cushions but the price is right for this vintage furniture

From Kaysmile55, 2/25/2012  10:51 PM

Reply to missberne:  though it appears there are many of us who still love this furniture set, its low styling has fallen out of favor. I've been looking for some time for a chaise, so have been watching for listings. I found a listing for a sofa at a second hand store for $150. The entire set should be worth considerably more. Would you consider selling your chaise lounge alone?  I have all the other pieces...  Please email me at kwhitton@gmail.com if you would consider it. I have the catalog page from 1980 showing the entire set. And I have all my original covers since I recovered my set when earth tones lost popularity. 

From missberne, 2/3/2012  9:13 PM

I have a set of howard furniture purchased in the late 1970's.  It consists of sofa, loveseat, chair ottoman on wheels, round coffee table, round side table, half round end table, bar with three bar chairs and a chaise lounge.  The furniture is in great shape with the orginal uphpostry.  I would like to get an idea of its value.  It is all solid oak, the sofa and loveseat have individual pillows in the back and sides.  All in great shape.

From Guest, 8/10/2011  2:30 PM

I have a set if howard bent oak furniture I bought at a thrift store, couch, love seat, chair and ottoman on casters. It apparently been reupholstered because the fabric was a country blue with flowers,leaves and cabbage roses in creams and pinks. I am abiut to reupholster thm again and would love to find the same fabric but have settked for tan with flowere and roses. I LOVE this set and wouldn't trade it for anything. Too bad the company went under.

From Guest, 7/26/2011  5:57 PM

I am very pleased to have registered with this particular discussion board and I'm excited to talking with you within here eventually

From Guest, 7/17/2011  3:36 PM

I am in the process of upholstering my Howard furniture love seat and couch made in March, 1923 and approved April 24, 1929. It is in good condition however the back caneing has one small tear (not noticeable). The legs are a bit cuffed up and I would like to know what is the best furniture polish I could use to cover up some of the small nicks and scrapes? I would be interested in purchasing additional pieces. Can you tell me what the value of this furniture might be in good condition? Thank you! Sharon in Kansas

From Guest, 7/11/2011  4:18 PM

I also would like to purchase the chair if there isn't a loveseat available. It has an acorn for the o in "HOWARD" on the bottom, underneath the cushions.Purchased in the 70's. Has the rounded curve look. please email me if you want to sell your Howard furniture. danderso@siu.edu

From Guest, 7/11/2011  4:12 PM

I would love to purchase a loveseat by Howard. It is the rounded look.

From Joy from Panama City, FL, 6/15/2011  3:11 PM

So glad to have found this site. I two have a sofa and loveseat made by Howard Furniture, Starkville Mississippi. But it is not circular - it is more of a country style with wide arms and beautiful spindle backs and very beautiful frames. I had the cushions recovered a few years ago. There is just nothing like this beautiful furniture. Would love to know if anyone else has this style.

From Wilson Harrison, 6/13/2011  4:08 PM

I have some old antique funiture thats in real good shape and this is the registration#N.Y.39050.The furniture was made in July3,1926. Kansas approved April 24,1929. My question is What is the property vaule of all this furniture and can I please get an honest quopte A.S.A.P.!!!! THANK YOU ,KINDLY!!

                   Wilson P.Harrison
                   718 Alphonse st.
                Abbeville, La.70510

From barney, 6/13/2011  10:32 AM

And I thought I was the only one who had this furniture. Bought our set, sofa, loveseat,chair w/ottoman on wheels, large roung table, small round table and 1 half moon table. Has lasted 32 years, many of the later years taking a beating from (deleted)age boys. Having new cushions made and currently re-finishing the wood. Selling our house and downsizing now that kids are grown and realize we want to keep this furniture. They just don't make it like that anymore.

From Andrea', 5/7/2011  10:20 PM

I too am looking for information about this company. I had the privalage one day to find beautiful couch frame on curb cleanup. The label says Howard Starksville Mississippi, 0500 GROUP, its oak spindle back with curves at the arms.   

From Fred Darnbacher, 1/3/2011  1:00 PM


I have a living room set of the original Howard Furniture Company for sale.
Consisting of two end tables, one coffee table, one oversized couch, two club chairs, in mint condition, if interested I will forward pictures, please make me a reasonable offer and will part with the furniture.

Thank you for your response.

Happy New Year Fred

From Brenda, 12/9/2010  1:13 PM

We (almost) changed our mind about selling this beautiful set of furniture. We were going to put in our sun room, but with our 3 year old grandson, we have decided to make the sun room his play room.

We live outside of Houston, Texas and we have the Circle 80 collection which includes the couch, the round chair and the rolling ottoman. We are interested in selling this as a group. It is in AMAZING ORIGINAL condition with the ORIGINAL beige and tan beautiful woven fabric.

If interested, please feel free to either email us at lotathings@aol.com or give us a call TOLL FREE 1-800-300-1917. We will also be listing it on eBay and post it on our local (Houston) Craig's List.

Happy Holidays:)

From Robyn, 11/14/2010  6:48 PM

My parents had a set with a couch, loveseat, two end tables, and a round coffee table. They had them for 20 years and they were in great condition even with four children trying to wear them out, until their house burnt down and they lost the whole set. My husband and I have been trying to find the furniture. We were hoping the company was still in business, wanting to buy some for our house, but nice to finally find that there are still some pieces out there!

From Eve (Howard furn.), 9/13/2010  9:19 PM

I just purchased the Howard sofa at a thrift shop in Delaware for $50. I am an upholsterer and making new covers for the cushions are easy to do, but require lots of fabric. Save the old cushions and covers to aid an upholsterer in making patterns.
I believe the platform ads a lot of appeal to the sofa.
My grandmother once had two howard end tables which I have since sold. She said they had a special finish. Look closely, you will see black spatters on the oak finish. Special.

From warren, 8/29/2010  2:56 PM

Were can I find two laminated wooden (shaped in an arch) braces that are under the springs across the frame of the couch? I bought it the rocker and chair in 1964.

From Jeff Smith, 8/16/2010  3:11 PM

I also inherited some furniture from 1948 im trying to find out what it is worth. I have an entire living room set including an arm chair, a couch, and a recliner type chair w/ ottoman if you have any idea on what the value is on this furniture please email me at jeffsmith0585@gmail.com

From Pat Joerg, 8/7/2010  3:40 PM

I purchased from an estate sale a leather rocker with ratan side all leather seat and back however it was made by howard furniture in starksville , ms I was wondering if there was anyway that I could possibly replace cushion and I could I contact them? An answer would be greatly appreciated.
Phone 908-371-1362
Thank you

From Bob, 8/4/2010  10:46 PM

I have a very heavy HOWARD oak arm chair that sets on platform legs with large pedistals and cathederal type arms on it. It has brown crushed velvet cusions on it that are in pretty good shape, It is a great looking but different looking maybe gothic or religious. email bob at ladastuf@charter.net and I can send picture. I am located in winona mn.

From ken, 8/3/2010  5:49 PM

Ihave inherited a octagon solid oak table and solid oak chairs,looks like from the 1950"s a rare medalion on the back of each chair,i would like to know vaule. It had a lable from howard comp,latest compliance code 1948 on the label under chair .

From Cathy, 7/16/2010  6:08 PM

I'm so glad I found this conversation and I'm not the only one who thinks this furniture is great! We have the Circle 80 sofa, loveseat, round coffee table and 2 end tables.
A few years ago when I damaged my back, I found the low back on the sofas just wasn't comfortable for me anymore, but I couldn't bear to just "dump" such great pieces. So they've been taking up valuable storage space.
Recently I checked with the consignment store and they want to sell them cheaply to incoming college students, which seems a shame.
(I almost decided to have the cushions redone, but it won't make the back any higher...)
I'd really like an offer from someone who knows what great furniture this is. Please spread the word? Any ideas?

Cathy in Colorado, catbaud@comcast.net

From Ralph & Brenda, 7/13/2010  10:59 PM

Wow ~ I sure am glad we found this site and thanks Mariez, you did a fantastic job getting it started on Facebook.

We just purchased the same rounded furniture (as pictured) from the original owner. We were lucky enough to get the couch, ottoman and chair.

It is all original and in beautiful condition. The lady we purchased is from is 98 years old and we were told it was purchased in the 60's.

We are definitely to be selling it. If anyone is interested........make us an offer. We live in Texas.


From Mariez, 7/12/2010  8:39 AM

I have started a Facebook group so we can share pictures, stories, information and sell our furnature.Go to facebook and look up Howard Furniture Manufacturing Co .

From Pam, 7/1/2010  3:54 PM

I have a Howard Oak Arm Chair which I love. It is very wide and low to the ground. The wood is in good shape, but the metal braces on the seat need some repair, and it needs new cushions. I'm moving in a week and, though I'd like to take it with me, would accept a reasonable offer to sell. Must be picked up in Chicago prior to July 6, 2010. If interested, email me at createart201@sbcglobal.net. I'd be happy to send a photo.

From Bob, 6/19/2010  3:20 PM

I have a Howard Furniture Oak Bar that has a leather pad for an arm rest. It came with 2 matching Oak/leather bar stools. It is from the 5500 collection. They are still in beautiful condition and I am in the process of selling them. We purchased the set new in 1985. Not sure what to ask for them. I know it was almost $2000 for the set when they were purchased. Anyone out there have an interest in them? We are in the Central Pa area.

From tony, 6/16/2010  8:04 PM

I have a Howard oak frame sofa, still has the tag and the State of Ohio stamp on the tag. I am getting rid of it and not even sure what to ask. The cushions have a couple of small tears and definitely repairable, but if anyone is interested in picking it up in Columbus, Ohio for the right price, please contact me through gmail, my name is tdouble.

From Kay, 6/13/2010  10:54 PM

When I saw the set in the showcase window of the small town Texas furniture store in 1980, I had to have it all. I bought the sofa, loveseat, chair and ottoman, round coffee table, round corner table, sofa table, and two end tables. The total cost was around $3,000, so I talked the salesperson out of the heavy catalog picture that showed the entire set in the brown and beige leaf pattern (which I ordered), as well as the game set in the background and the bar and stools at one side. I still have that catalog picture and could scan it and post it, if anyone is interested. My biggest regret is not ordering the chaise, since one of my friends has it, and I love visiting her home to get to lounge on it! (Does anyone have one they'd sell?)

I re-covered my set in the 80's to a pastel design fabric, but I kept the original covers since they were in excellent condition still. They are still in a box in my attic and were still perfectly fine, last time I checked. Since none of my pieces had attached cushions, it was fairly easy to sew my later covers, which are bright denims. Though the set was replaced with higher back furniture for my 6'2" husband, I still have the Howard set in my game room, and I have a strange affection for it! Having just left my friend's house (and chaise), I was searching for the chaise online when I found this site. It's nice to know that so many of us share our fondness for a furniture suite!! Sorry to be so long-worded!

From Jeremy, 6/10/2010  12:58 PM

I have hand me down Howard Furniture pieces including a round coffee table and a game table with 4 rolling chairs. Actually in process of trying to sell them now.

From Lilah, 5/27/2010  2:19 PM

I have a Howard Oak Arm Chair. Sits low to the ground. Very sturdy - no cushions. The "aged-looking" label reads: " HOWARD - HOWARD FURNITURE MFG. CO., INC. STARKVILLE, MISSISSIPPI" In the name Howard, there is an acorn in place of the "O".

From Ken, 5/8/2010  1:36 PM

We bought ours in CA in 1981. We have couch, love seat, chair, large round and 2 smaller round end tables and ottoman. Still original fabric but needs replaced as well as need of new spring set. I would like to replace spring sets re-upholster and hand down when we down-size but having trouble finding a spring set. It has been well used but still holding up. The cost in 1981 was about $3000 I believe.

From Shirley, 4/27/2010  11:23 AM

I found a Howard bent wood couch in the alley. It was painted black, so I stripped it. Someone stole it from the back of my building. I am interested in finding another. Can anyone send me pictures of their couches so I can see if I can find another one?

Please put "Howard couch" in subject line. Thanks for reading!

From Bill, 3/27/2010  7:21 PM

I have a couch the cushins are tan in color the frame is oak great condition if interested make me an offer I live in Sac. Ca.

From david, 3/10/2010  2:49 PM

I was just given a howard (what seems to b a den)couch which was actually painted over.Looking to sand it down and refinish it! in one little section i can see the wood and the grain! What a tragity! Would love to find a price guide link!! doehmen73@yahoo.com

From Kris, 3/4/2010  2:55 PM

I have the bent oak furniture as an original owner (1978) I have digital pictures as well. It's wonderful! I have the round coffee table, the sofa, two D shaped rounded back chairs, two full round side tables, the round ottoman on wheels. The neutral cream & bone upholstery has seen it's better days so I'm having slipcovers made of natural cream denim or duck canvas (still debating) These will be removable & washable. Love the idea someone cited about using leather but that might be pretty expensive and I have a dog and a cat that love cozying up on it. Nonetheless, it's rock solid furniture and gorgeous

I might consider selling it but probably not. We use it everyday and there isn't anything out there that I've seen that could stand up to the past 32 years like this has.

From char, 2/15/2010  1:58 PM

have a nine pc living room suite sofa, chair, ottoman love seat, half moon end tables, cofee table,two lamps bent wood frame does any one have pictures?

From Mike, 2/13/2010  6:50 PM


Saw Howard Bent Oak Furniture as a prize on "The Price is Right" TV show soon after I purchased it.


From Mike, 2/8/2010  11:29 PM

I bought this set in 1982 in Vancouver BC. sofa, love seat, chair, ottoman, coffee table and 5 end tables. Some of the spindals broke and have been replaced. Need to have new upholstery done. Timeless furniture. Really like it.

If anyone is in the Vancouver area and have any of these pieces for sale, let me know.

From Dee, 2/6/2010  11:54 PM

I was given my parents bentwood set when they purchased a new set. My fabric seems to be different from the plaid it is brown and gold leaves on a off white background. My set consists of couch, love seat, chair, ottoman on rollers, 2 crescent end tables, a round cocktail table. Would like to purchase 2 end table, & a coffee table. My children would like to have my furniture they"ll have to wait until my will to find out who gets it. Maybe i"ll give it to one of my grandchildren. Dee 702-286-7899

From melissa, 2/1/2010  9:21 PM

Well to some of the previous replies. I have been doing alot of research on this company and since they are no longer in business it has not been easy. I will tell you I have had my set for 20 yrs or better. Went throught kids and grandkids and just plain living. It is still beautiful. I had it recovered in leather a few yrs back and I love the warm look with the light oak. I have bought another couch and chair because I thought I wanted a new look. It is not made near as well. I am fixing to pull the howard set back out. However my kids keep telling me they want it and they are in their 20's so it has something thats worth rejuvinating. It is not cheaper to buy a new set, we used a small local upholster that did a fine job and even made extra pillow at no cost. Pleather is another option durable yet very close to look of leather noadays.

From elaine allegrini, 11/14/2009  4:18 PM

I too have the Howard bent oak furniture. It was purchased in 1981 prior to getting married. The set consists of a sofa, love seat, chair, hutch, ottoman, round coffee table & 2 side half moon round tables. We also have the matching round card table & chairs.
I wanted to reupholster everything with something more updated but was told it would be cheaper to buy a new set!
I love my set and didn't think it would be such an issue to find someone to upholster it.
Any suggestions .. does anyone really think this type of furniture is still in style 'cos I've been told it's not...by a few decorating consultants....

From Mariez, 11/5/2009  7:35 PM

We inherited a wonderful living room set from a friend. Very timeless and classic. It was a big step up from my husbands This End Up stuff. We were left the chair with the ottoman on casters, love seat, couch, round coffee table and three of the half moon side tables. My friend rarely used it and it is in pristine condition.The upholstery is unusual. Very well made.
We want to thank our friend Ann and it will be well taken care of.
I have a picture to share if you would like.

From Tom, 10/26/2009  8:35 PM

reply with heading " bent oak furniture "           ;           ;Have living room set Howard bent oak furniture . Couch/Love seat/ chair / ottoman with wheels pillow / two half moon end tables all original fabric , cushions ,.. the group is # 5500 plad colar . Researching the value . It is wonderful strong beautiful furniture , shame all not made half as good as this ! If you can help me please respond . Thank you

From Lynne, 9/6/2009  7:38 PM

I have a complete living room set, I think. The pieces were purchased at a yard sale. Couch, love seat, chair, ottoman, round coffee table, and two quarter moon end tables the cushions have been slip covered, but other than that they are in beautiful condition. They are beautiful and timeless. It is wonderful to learn more about them.

From lilly, 6/20/2009  10:03 PM

i also have 2 Howard oak armchairs, i have owned them since 1996 I purchased them secondhand.--they are beautiful pieces.The cushions are in perfect condition so I don't know if they are the original--they are tones of brown,gold,&tan plaid, I wonder if anyone has anything similar.i would like to find out the value of these chairs--does anyone have any idea about how to value them?

From James Meyer, 5/1/2009  1:04 AM

Wow! I cannot believe I actually found more people with this great furniture! My mother purchased the pieces I have now, in 1978 in Witchita Falls. I have 2 chairs, round coffee table, sofa, rolling ottoman, small round table, and 2 half moon end tables.

What other pieces were available at the time, and does any one have any tips on where to go to get replacement upholestry and springs? If anyone knows where I could get my hands on a chaise lounge or the wall unit, please email me at jameyer73@gmail.com

From Trish, 4/27/2009  1:46 PM

I have the solid oak den furniture made by Howard, couch,love seat, huge rocker and ottoman, plus end tables. I am sorry they are no longer in business, I would love to replace my cushions. After 29 years my furniture looks great and is still stylish.    

From Guest, 4/21/2009  11:26 AM

Lucie : Interesting that someone else found this furniture attractive enough back then to purchase the wall unit with light bridge like myself. Have any of your hinges on the cabinet doors broken over the years? Two of my four hinges broke and therefore one of my doors is no longer on the cabinet. Have not been able to find the identical replacement hinge. One of the wood supports for the chaise lounge broke but there are still four good ones. Strange how the light bridge cord works but cannot be placed in any logical position that will make it not visible. My original fabric is doing just fine also. The end tables have a few minor dog teeth marks in a couple locations which are endearing to me.

From Lucie, 3/25/2009  3:28 PM

I also purchased this beautiful furniture in 1979 while living in Tucson Arizona. I am the sole owner and love the couch, chair, end table, ottoman, and complete wall unit with bridge. Condition is like new and I still have the original fabric on everything. The oak now has a wonderful patina. I bought it unfinished and used oil on the furniture all these years. Sorry the hear the company went out of business. However it is wonderful to share the great love and admiration of Mr Howards rounded oak furniture collection. It is timeless.

From melissa, 2/8/2009  9:22 PM

I have been tring to find out more about the set I have. It includes Couch, Loveseat, Chair, Ottoman on rollers, 2 moon shaped end tables, round coffe table all light oak had them recovered about 4 years ago. Have not been able to find any pictures of any thing close to it on the internet. Hoping that maybe this could be it. It is all in good condition. Does anyone have any pictures to share???

From Lin, 2/4/2009  9:06 PM

I have tried without success to find any other sites for people who are really interested in this discontinued vintage Howard Furniture. The Bent Oak is so beautiful and timeless. I'm having virtually no success at trying to track down more information. Any help would be much appreciated. Ralph Nelson Mullens who responded on this site in February 2008 seemed to be a possible source of information. Is he still out there? Eager to know more! Thanks so much! Any input would be appreciated.

From Lin, 2/2/2009  6:33 PM

Have had our Howard Bent Oak Furniture since the early 1980's. Sorry they are no longer in business. We need to reupholster and replace the seat cushions. It's such a timeless look and so simple. We have the couch, love seat, chair, ottoman, sofa table, round coffee table and 2 curved end tables. Glad to find that someone else out there appreciates good furniture!

From Marie, 1/28/2009  8:22 PM

I have a Howard Furniture couch and loveseat, purchased in the early 1980s. I'd like to keep the wooden frames and replace the cushions and pillows. Is this possible? Do you have a cataloge for new furniture?

From Todd Towlen, 5/13/2008  3:42 PM

Gentlepersons : Purchased my complete Howard Furniture Company living room in 1980 at Mikes Furniture Gallery in Winchester, Virginia. Some of the round contemporary oak pieces were special ordered. Have the sofa, loveseat, chair/ottoman, chaise lounge, coffee table, end tables, cabinet wall unit w/ etages & light bridge. All of these pieces are in brown and tan suede like material. All have been stored since 1996. *Looking for the HINGES used on the door of the cabinet, both of which broke about fif(deleted) years ago.* Have resurrected and cleaned the entire suite and am enjoying all of it once again. I am, Todd

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From Ashley, 4/15/2008  1:31 PM

I too have a piece of Howard Furniture. It is a platform rocker, with ottoman, the arms are thick laminated oak and retangular in shape, would be interested in purchaseing other pieces or may be willing to sell the one I have.

From Doreen Phillips, 3/24/2008  10:56 AM

I have a couch and love seat of Howard Furn. The backs are round. I am interested in selling them. I live in Il. (630) 673-9466

From Stephanie, 3/19/2008  8:55 PM

We have an entire suite including couch, 2 chairs, (deleted)tail table, corner table, and 2 end tables. Oak, very heavy and durable, purchased in 1969 at Rhodes Furnture in Opelika, AL. Paid approximatly $1,000 at the time. I also would like more information about the company.

From Kelly, 3/13/2008  4:09 PM

Hello Ralph, my name is Kelly Arceneaux,I think we have 2 chairs from Howard Furniture MFG Co Inc. they look like they were made from the 1970's I can send you Pics. if you like ! we have them in our den. cool looking chairs let me know


850 685 5209

From Ralph Nelson Mullens, 2/23/2008  1:47 AM

Perhaps I can assist. I know Mr. Howard's only daughter very well and am as well looking for some of his furniture to give to her as a gift. If you have found anything please let me know and I will do the same if I find anything. Also, if you ever consider selling your Howard furniture, please allow me the privledge of making the offer you would like.

From Russell at Furniture World Magazine, 6/30/2004  5:38 PM

You probably have the Circle 80 collection... right? Howard was an advertiser of ours in the 70s but went under... probably 20 years ago. There is probably lots of this group out there in homes across the US, but you would probably have to send out a 260 million piece mailing to find it.

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