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American Signature West Indies Collection For Sale

Posted By jfristoe, 3/4/2013

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Hi All! 

I have almost the entire West Indies set for sale, here in Ocala, FL. King bed, 2 night stands, 2 dressers, dining table (rectangular), 6 chairs, dining hutch, sofa end table, coffee table, 2 end tables, mirror, 4 bar stools, entertainment center, flat backed curio and corner curio. Email me for pics/prices, details. All in excellent condition!  jfristoe@hotmail.com   Jennifer. 


From Romanov88, 1/28/2015  11:08 PM

I am looking for the bedroom, Does anyone have one they would like to sell?

From Tegabelle, 2/18/2014  12:25 AM

Forgot to mention I am in Orlando, Florida. 

From Tegabelle, 2/17/2014  9:34 PM


I have the West Indies bedroom set and 60" entertainment center for sale. Bedroom furniture must be sold as a set, includes King bed with Canopy,  2 nightstands, long dresser with mirror (jewelry drawers), tall chest of drawers, and long table with glass top (for foot of bed or window table).  All pieces are in mint condition. 

Bedroom set - $6,000
Entertainment Center - $2,000

From srlassen, 11/27/2013  5:52 PM

Is this set still available?

From jfristoe, 7/30/2013  6:24 PM

All pieces from my collection have been sold.  Thank you!

From ddebneeld33, 3/17/2013  2:54 PM

i would love to see pictures of them.  if they are the ones i think they are, i defintely want them.  after checking on packing and shipping, my husband and i discussed it and i think driving down to get them would be the best thing.  it will be cheaper and i can be sure they are taken care of properly.  if you can send the pictures to my home email that would be great.  it is ddebneeld33@aol.com.  after seeing the pictures i will forward my telephone number and we can discuss when i can come and get them.  thanks so much, debbie

From jfristoe, 3/16/2013  9:25 AM

Hi Debbie!

I don't mind shipping, however, I do not have the means/ability to pack and haul the items to a shipper. You would have to prepay for someone to come and pack / ship them for you.

I would sell all four stools for $850.

Please note, if you choose to have them shipped, I will not accept returns or give any refunds. I will send plenty of pictures before they are shipped so you can see that they are in excellent condition.  But I can't be responsible for any damage incurred en route. 

Hope to hear from you!


From ddebneeld33, 3/16/2013  3:36 AM

hi, we have everthing you have with the exception of the bar stools.  i have literally been trying to find them for over a year.  they used to sell them at value city furniture in indiana for $250.00 per stool.  if you would ever consider selling the four bar stools and shipping them to jeffersonville,in(we are just across the ohio river from louisville,ky), PLEASE let me know.  i would of course, pay for the shipping.  just let me know if this would be possible and how much.  thanks, debbie

From jfristoe, 3/13/2013  12:42 PM

Just FYI, I am not selling individual pieces from parts of each set.  I.E. The bedroom set must be sold as a set. Dining room set as a set, etc. I will sell the entire collection for $11,000.  Thank you!!

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