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Flourescent fixtures in Showroom

Posted By Jerry Mallmann, 2/18/2013

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I have been using a combination of T8 Flourescent lighting with 75 watt Halogens for accent lighting in my furniture showroom.   I am looking for suggestion for what type of T8 bulb to use for my general lighting in the showroom.  In the past I have used the normal Cool whites which give a slightly yellow cast.  I recently ordered a V-Lux 95 bulb that most closely resembles daylight.  My first impression is that it throws a bluish cast into the showroom.  What is the right type of light to use in my showroom to give me the truest colors?  Keeping in mind that I am still using the Halogens as Accent lighting to my individual items "pop"

Jerry Mallmann


From sandrahiatt, 2/27/2013  7:19 AM

I go to the one's that makes me comfortable.

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From Russell, 2/20/2013  1:24 PM

Hello Jerry, was Monte's answer helpful?

He didn't specifically mention it but Service Lamp is an excellent resource for lighting consultations, bulbs and re-fixturing. They show in Vegas and in High Point in the Retail Resource Center. -Russell

From MonteLee, 2/20/2013  11:44 AM

Interesting that you perceive a yellow cast from the cool whites Jerry. The two qualities we consider in lighting are color temperature and color rendering. The color temperature of a cool white is 4100 degrees Kelvin (scale). The higher the number the greater the presence of blue tones. I assume the V-Lux 95 is 5000 degrees which is the nominal color temperature of noonday sun. The table lamp color we like is 2700K because it has more red. Those bulbs at 2700K will have a ‘yellowish’ look while 5000K appears to be more white or bluish.

My recommended color is 3500K, kind of in the middle and regarded as neutral. They go well with halogen or LED at 2700K because of the way we perceive light. When you look at the bulbs installed they will appear more yellow compared cool white or daylight but I personally don’t notice any color change to a white surface. In a T8 lamp you will generally find a color rendering index greater than 80 on the 100 scale. Most of us can’t tell the difference between 83 and 86 in color rendering which are common ratings.

Typically you will find “835” in the lamp ordering code which means CRI = 80+ (the 8) color temperature 3500K (the 35 part). Manufacturers may just put 3500K on the bulb and “800 Series.” The meaning is the same. The V-Lux 95 probably has a CRI of 90, which sounds like a good thing but the 5000K really doesn’t work for earth tones and wood. If you need anything else just give me a call at 800-222-LAMP (5267).


From tanyaward87, 2/20/2013  6:30 AM

I used anything, as long as I'm comfortable with it.

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From Russell, 2/19/2013  7:10 PM

Hello Jerry, I've forwarded your question on to Monte Lee at Service Lamp. Monte has written a number of authoritative articles for Furniture World on store lighting and I'm sure he can answer this one. You can also reach him through the company website at www.servicelamp.com. -Russell/ Furniture World Magazine

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