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Starting Independent Online Retail Store

Posted By First Son, 1/31/2013

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Hello everyone.  I am new to the board, but I have been juggling this idea for a few months now.  I am looking to open an online retail store.  I want to sell strictly online.  I have contacted a few suppliers and they say I need  a sales tax permit, which i am in the process of obtaining.  I want to start with suppliers located in the US.  Is it difficult to make a profit when using American Suppliers/manufacturers?  I know I can get better prices from China, but I don't know that I am ready to start importing right now.  Also for anyone who runs an online store, how difficult was it to get some traffic to your website and receive orders, how often did you have to deal with returns and damaged furniture; what forms of advertising did you use?  Any random advice or information would be highly appreciated.  Thanks!


From satelight, 7/3/2014  9:15 PM

If you're planning to import from China, you get what you pay for. Better off going local and selling as high end or at the very least selling as locally made. People love local products and trying to return broken goods to China is a pain and costly. 

From zhongjiachair, 5/8/2013  8:10 PM

Do u plan to what kinds of furniture online?
If you plan to sell office chairs,desk chairs or other commercial seating,you can find me.We are office chair manufacturer with many years.

From awaiskhan30, 2/18/2013  5:03 AM

We are a furniture manufacturer for 25 years and we export to many countries. To make good profits in this business to have something really exclusive and not something that people can get at Ikea or walmart. I would strongly recommend you against Chinese furniture. I doesn't last and you will end up having a bad name in the market. It is the same furniture that you can get from walmart for $30-$50. Profits are low and quality is really poor.

Depending on what class and area you want to cater you might want to stick to American made furniture or import European furniture.

I you are interest we can provide you furniture at wholesale price and terms can be discussed. Email my you details awaiskhan30@gmail.com.

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