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Posted By JC123, 1/30/2013

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 I'm looking for a Saginaw Expand-O-Matic Buffet table with or without chairs - Thank You 


From crackedvessel, 9/4/2013  5:08 PM


I'm not sure whether you found your table, or where you live, but I have one at my shop in Southern California. The store is called Cracked Vessel Vintage, I'm not sure what the etiquette of posting on this forum is but you can reach me at crackedvesselvintage at gmail dot com if you're still looking. Thanks!


From Michigan Resident, 2/7/2013  8:54 AM

Michigan Resident again here: I checked over my paperwork again, and what I have is a 'Richmond' Roll-out table. Saginaw and Richmond are similar Table Units. I think the difference between a 'Saginaw' and a 'Richmond' is that the Saginaw has additional 'Leafs' and the 'Richmond' has one continuous / roll out Table. Good Luck finding a 'Saginaw', I know the 'Richmond', that I have, is no longer made. They are both very good pieces of furniture, and well worth any amount you end up paying. I am selling mine, the 'Richmond', because two people don't have any need for a table that size.

From Michigan Resident, 2/5/2013  11:25 AM

Dear JC123 ~ I have the following listing on this site: Selling: Vintage 56 yr old Roll-Out Table & 4 Chairs I have a 1956 Pull-Out Table (we called the 'Credenza') Unit that is in Excellent condition, for it's age. It is a one piece unit in Fruitwood (medium brown), that will set 2 to 7 people. There are two doors below the Table section, that opens to access the 2 storage shelves. There are 4 wooden, Burgundy upholstered chairs with 'Harp' styled backs that match the Table/ 'Credenza' Unit. (These chairs are from 1956 and do not fold up like similar chairs of today, that I see advertised. These are straight back Dining Room Chairs that were used with the Unit.) The Unit does not state "Saginaw Expand-O-Matic", but it looks exactly like the pictures of the "Saginaw". (I do have a picture of a "Saginaw" for reference.) I originally advertised the Set for $1000.00, but the price can be negotiable. If interested, please contact me at: DragonLadyPhoenix@att.net. I can provide Photos of the Unit and 1 of the 4 Chairs. The Buyer would have to pick-up and transport this heavy set. (Please make mention of this Unit in the e-mails "Subject" line, as I do screen my e-mails and also it might go automatically to my Spam Folder. // Michigan Resident

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