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Cushman Colonial

Posted By Drew, 1/29/2013

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I need some input from  a fellow Cushman Colonial Creations collector regarding name plate details.  Do the following timelines regarding the metal name plates seem correct ?  As far as I can tell, the rectangular brass plate with no black paint was used only on the earliest pieces, 1933-35,  A rectangular plate with black paint applied to a portion was used 1936-41. Then in 1941 or 42 the change to paper or plastic oval name plate was made, I believe due to the WWII materials shortage...finally, the oval plate made of brass is used from around 1946 through the early 1960's when General Interiors bought Cushman and the name plate was changed marking the end of the original Colonial Creations plates

Drew.  ahayden2222@gmail.com


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