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Custom programs for individual retailers

Posted By rmanbike, 1/16/2013

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Or do most retailers prefer to choose from each individual manufacturers selections or offerings for what they want to display on their floors? 
As new manufacture of RTA upholstery, and considering the idea to offer a retailer the ability to design their own upholstery styles plus options and fabrics to meet their particular customer base and location. 


From Russell, 1/31/2013  12:36 AM

I am out of the office this week attending the Las Vegas show. I think it's a topic best discussed over the phone if you are interested next week.

From clarisrousey, 1/30/2013  2:40 AM

Great topic to discuss with. Dealers also helps in making sales, based on my beliefs.

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From Russell, 1/23/2013  1:12 PM

It is true that many furniture retailers carry similar mainstream products and most pick suppliers based on the styles they offer and in some cases the customization options they can offer to their clients.  

It is also true that most manufacturers have broad lines that offer different arm, leg, cushion and fabric options. If you are a smaller start up they wouldn't have to worry (for a while) about competition from the store down the street. 

It all depends on the details. If you want to discuss, give me a call at 914-235-3095. -Russell/ Furniture World Magazine

From rmanbike, 1/20/2013  8:08 AM

So most dealers prefer to sell only the same products that other dealers have. This allows for the consumer/customer to be able shop around the internet and different dealers to find the best price on the same products. And if the dealer really wants that customer, he or she will need to bet other dealers price. Would I be correct? 

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