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Posted By Robert, 1/14/2013

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Hello Rene, I really enjoyed reading your article in the November/December  issue of Furniture World. I certainly agree with the four critical elements of team playing. 

The only thing that you did not hit on was, what do you do witha employee that is not a team player? How do your work withthis person and keep a positive outlook? I have been in furniture sales for a long time. I love my customers and helping people everyday. 

We have a salesperson named Joan who wreaks havoc on everyone from the sales floor to the wharehouse. She does notbother me, she knows I have her number and therefore we are cordial and she avoids me. Almost everyday she brings drama and controversay to the salesfloor which has a adverse effecton other salespeople and I am sure overall sales. 

Back a few weeks ago I was having coffee with the owner and I asked him , when you hire someone do you do a background check or contact a previous employer. I pointed out that Joan has worked for a number of major furniture stores in our area over a 12 year period and seems to have left each one on less than good terms and never has a positive or kind word for them. I added that I see a common denominator here. The owner readily admited that she has problems and comes  with trouble, but adds she is a cracker jack salesperson.

I noted that he has 6 other salespeople with potential to be crackerjack salespeople but he will never know as long as she is here causing problems and drama. I don't think he got my point. Thanks for reminding me about team players and the importance of a peacful enviroment.


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