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Please Help Me : (

Posted By nickn, 12/10/2012

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I burned the chaise on my roommate's sectional and I'm not trying to either fix the burned spots (4 of them the size of a half dollar) or replace the chaise all together. But I cannot find the Chaise anywhere because Douglas does not make sectionals anymore. The type of sectional is called Lido and the color is tan. The "Code" is RSC-R, the cut # is 5719. Can someone please direct me to where I might be able to find the chaise or where I could find the fabric so I can have the chaise repaired. Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! 


From real1tn73, 12/16/2012  1:40 AM

Pay him off ,you can not fix this to match . Recover in a new fabric will cost a lot more than its worth. Old upholstry is dispposed of because it is cheaper to replace than recover.

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