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Norquist coronet chairs

Posted By mcmmom, 12/9/2012

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I would like to locate 8 Norquist Coronet folding chairs - mid century or danish modern in design.  I believe model #220.  In reading past posts I see some members purchased large quantities from funeral homes and were looking to sell.  Please email me if you can help:  thosemoes@att.net


From philipk, 9/25/2015  2:33 PM

Hello, I have four Norquist folding chairs with card table. They are from the 50's and i excellent condition. I am unable to find a model #. The table even has the original cover. If interested let me know and i can send pictures.

From Jenniemash, 9/5/2014  7:21 PM

Hello, wondering if you were still looking for the wooden Coronet folding chairs? I have four.


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