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Hiring Sales people

Posted By Juli, 11/21/2012

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I am a corporate recruiter who is looking at taking a recruitment position with a furniture retailer in the NY/NJ area. How many furniture store commission-only sales people is realistic to hire in a week? A month? People that will stay past 90 days?  The expectation from this company is 4-5 a week, however this number was was picked at random. I feel it is more realistic that the number is 4-5 a month. I want to set the correct expectations if I should take on this position and need some documentation to show the company in order to set a realistic expectation.

Thank you so much for taking the time to help me and for your insight.


From Chris Sorensen, 12/18/2012  3:57 PM

This is a great question and I understand why you feel this way. It seems like too often in the furniture industry we hire folks and see if they are going to sink or swim on their own, or at best, with minimal assistance. 4-5 a week? Crazy! If people receive exceptional training they will stay and will make a decent paycheck and will become an asset to the company. It all comes through training people. How intimidating would it be to get hired by an airline and then thrown into the pilots seat without having any training? We do the same thing to new hires all the time. Good question.

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