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L'Etoile Bar - Thomasville E. Hemingway Collection

Posted By DeniseFields, 10/12/2012

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I would like to sell a E. Hemingway E'Toile Bar that I purchased new over ten years ago.

The bar is in excellent condition, rarely used.

Please email me if interested at


From mimosagallery, 3/18/2013  9:03 PM

HaHa - you know they were all a little different.  A few people who came into our gallery and fell in love with piece, purchased the same model from Thomasville.  The painting on the pieces were similar but never the same.

From DeniseFields, 3/18/2013  7:35 PM

I don't miss the man with thw stick for an arm though!

From mimosagallery, 3/18/2013  6:09 PM

I paid $3000 in 2005 and was hoping to get at least $1500

I know what you mean about moving the piece.  I've moved it twice and the last time the movers said they were hoping they'd never see it again.  I have a contemporary fine craft gallery and use it to display wine glasses.
But I'm making changes in the floorplan and don't need it any longer. 

From DeniseFields, 3/18/2013  4:59 PM

I sold it on Craig's list sorry i did!  I let it go for 400.00. It was a monster to move!  I wish i hadn't sold it but nobody could handle moving it for me.

From mimosagallery, 3/18/2013  4:19 PM

I have a L'etoile bar from the E. Hemmingway Collection that I purchased new in 2005 and would like to sell - have you been able to sell yours yet?  Do you know what it is worth.  Mine is in excellant condition.

thank you

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