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Advice for resolving stress-related challenges at work and at home for Furniture World readers

Posted By George Chen, 10/8/2012

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George Chen

I am contributing a series of articles aimed at helping sales people, service professionals and managers in the Furniture World community to learn effective ways to apply mindfulness, visualization and related practices to business and personal life. Article links can be found at furninfo.com/series/MindfulSkills

Please post your comments and questions regarding the articles, or any stress-related challenges you face at work, to this forum. I will offer practical suggestions to help you navigate difficult situations with co-workers, managers, employees or clients. 

-George Chen, Founder, Mindfulness Skills LLC.


From , 9/27/2013  8:52 PM

That would be great! Thanks a lot for your nice offer Sir George! Many would take interest on that topic. -wwwdotappliedergonomicsdotcom

From bardiqian, 10/9/2012  7:51 AM

Thanks.George. we are really in the pressure for the marketing our furniture website.

From Russell, 10/8/2012  3:18 PM

Thanks for the offer George. I hope that Furniture World readers will take advantage of your kind offer. Russell Bienenstock, Editor-in-Chief.

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