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Davis Cabinet Co., Nashville, Tenn

Posted By janettobolski, 10/8/2012

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I would like to know what year my Secretary desk was made.  It says on the back of it:
Davis Cabinet Co., Nashville, Tenn
625 Secretary desk
Burnished Cherry

Also is this solid Cherry or are they just referring to the stain used on the wood.  If so what would was used.  It is a heavy solid piece .  Has 17 drawers and a pull out board that allows the piece to be used as a desk.  Thank you for your time.


From missyinmontana, 10/11/2012  4:33 PM

sorry it also said sometimes the last number is month and other is year..I want to have a table and chair's re-done to original and am not getting to much information on mine. It also said it will say wood ( mine say's) vintage cherry meaning cherry. Check out the web site however I don't think they have much info listed.  I sent an E-mail to them maybe I will hear back and know what it should look like..Check them out but make sure it is the web site in TN and not a different maker in a different state..

From missyinmontana, 10/11/2012  4:22 PM

. I read on the web site the first number is the month and the last are the year. 

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