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Thanks To Joe Capillo

Posted By Alex, 7/27/2011

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As usual I am the first person in the store. I am scanning articles, looking for guidance. How can I motivate them? What is going to get them excited this morning? How can we hit that goal?

I started reading your articles a little over a year ago. "Understanding Sales Performance Metrics" This was what I already knew but could not articulate! I was fascinated. I read it 3,4,5 times. Before the meetings, after the meetings. In the morning and before I went to bed. The owner I worked for had me doing all the things you advised against. I pleaded with him, argued with him, even showed him proof!!! All for nothing. As any underappreciated individual should, I found something better. So I quit. I walked on him, no doubt I was the best salesperson that had ever worked for him, I was also the only person willing to invest that much time and energy into his sales staff.

I am currently 7 months in at a store in New Orleans. I have been given the freedom to implement a process and have turned this sales force around in that amount of time. Almost all of them are older than myself and have many years experience but I walked in here earned their trust and I am coaching them to success! In this amount of time I have brought the store from delivering at a 42% gross margin to over 48%. This year they have sold more protection plans year to date than all of 2010. It's working. It feels good and I just want you to know I learned most of what I practice and implement by stumbling upon your articles. Even though I am in the middle of your book right now I still scan for articles on Saturday morning and find myself saying.." man this makes so much sense!" only to realize it's YOUR article again. Thank you.


From Russell, 8/20/2011  3:01 AM

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From Guest, 7/27/2011  11:36 AM

Thanks Marshall. The Sales Metrics articles are among the most widely read at the magazine after nearly ten years, and as as I work in retail environments today, everything still applies.

There is one additional thing that has become clear over my 40 years in retail management in our industry. Things are seldom what they appear to be. We live on return visits by customers working on the same project. Getting them back is, and should be, the goal of the first visit. You have to do the right things to make it happen, but those salespeople with the highest percentage of "be-backs" will always be the top performers. Keep reading, and feel free to email me anytime with questions or new thoughts.

Thanks again, and all the best to you.

Joe Capillo
Top Line Strategies

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