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Posted By Debbie Galbraith, 3/23/2001

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I have what I am assuming is a bedside table. metal plate on inside of drawer says KLING Mayville New York. No dates on this anywhere, can not seem to find any info on Kling factories. is there any where to get information on the KLING factories please.


From John Hoag, 5/20/2011  9:03 AM

I have a Kling Solid Cherry knee hole type desk That is from the 50's. It has always been in the same family (my wife's). It is a 4 drawer desk with 3 drawers on the left side. Trying to get an idea of it's value. Want to sell. Label in drawer is red border, black background with red and white lettering "All exposed hardware guaranteed, Solid Genuine Cherry, Kling Means Solid, Maple - Cherry - Mahogany, Kling Industries Mayville, N. Y."

From Tony G., 4/26/2011  3:33 PM

Hello, I have a beauitiful KLING desk.
It has 7 draws all with locks that had the same
flat key. On the left side in the smaller draw it has a
small metal plate that says 'Kling Mayville,New York'
No other markings just writting that says 144. It was bought 10 years ago for a great price because it had
no keys. I took it home and a "Stash Hook" on the inside
had 6 keys on a ring. I lost the hook with all the keys in a move :( Please Tell me anything (anyone) can about this desk and were can I get a key. Thank you,Sincerely
................... Tony G.

From Chris, 11/21/2010  3:35 PM

I have a Kling Secretary Desl, Number #411 1-2 Wal. Desk and am wondering if I can get an approximate date and price on it? Thanks in advance.


From weston, 10/24/2010  6:41 PM

I have two mahogany kling endtables. The numbers on the inside of the drawer are 239. Both in really good condition. Anyone have any idea of what I might have?

From diana, 4/11/2010  6:45 PM

I have received a Kling Olde
Orcharde Maple series Dresser. Was wondering if anyone knows how much it is worth?

From Jack, 4/10/2010  10:58 AM

I am needing the footboard and rails for a Kling maple poster sleigh bed.

From michelle, 4/5/2010  4:03 PM

I have a night table with a drawer labeled with a rectangular metal tag in the drawer and the number 239 on the back. Will sell if someone has a better use for it. Email me at amodie24@comcast.net

From ROGER, 3/31/2010  9:07 PM

My wife has a Kling Colonial piece. A four door top. Somehow 1 of the curved glass windows got broken. I can e-mail a photo. I realize it is a Ethan Allen piece but can you give me some direction for parts?

From Jessica, 3/22/2010  11:13 AM

www. klinginfo.com they may be able to help you acquire replacement pulls/knobs.

From judy, 3/1/2010  11:02 AM

Looking for replacement knobs on Kling Furniture. There is a metal tag on the inside drawer that says Kling. Has anyone had luck finding drawer pulls?

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