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Posted By Debbie Galbraith, 3/23/2001

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I have what I am assuming is a bedside table. metal plate on inside of drawer says KLING Mayville New York. No dates on this anywhere, can not seem to find any info on Kling factories. is there any where to get information on the KLING factories please.


From John Hoag, 5/20/2011  9:03 AM

I have a Kling Solid Cherry knee hole type desk That is from the 50's. It has always been in the same family (my wife's). It is a 4 drawer desk with 3 drawers on the left side. Trying to get an idea of it's value. Want to sell. Label in drawer is red border, black background with red and white lettering "All exposed hardware guaranteed, Solid Genuine Cherry, Kling Means Solid, Maple - Cherry - Mahogany, Kling Industries Mayville, N. Y."

From Tony G., 4/26/2011  3:33 PM

Hello, I have a beauitiful KLING desk.
It has 7 draws all with locks that had the same
flat key. On the left side in the smaller draw it has a
small metal plate that says 'Kling Mayville,New York'
No other markings just writting that says 144. It was bought 10 years ago for a great price because it had
no keys. I took it home and a "Stash Hook" on the inside
had 6 keys on a ring. I lost the hook with all the keys in a move :( Please Tell me anything (anyone) can about this desk and were can I get a key. Thank you,Sincerely
................... Tony G.

From Chris, 11/21/2010  3:35 PM

I have a Kling Secretary Desl, Number #411 1-2 Wal. Desk and am wondering if I can get an approximate date and price on it? Thanks in advance.


From weston, 10/24/2010  6:41 PM

I have two mahogany kling endtables. The numbers on the inside of the drawer are 239. Both in really good condition. Anyone have any idea of what I might have?

From diana, 4/11/2010  6:45 PM

I have received a Kling Olde
Orcharde Maple series Dresser. Was wondering if anyone knows how much it is worth?

From Jack, 4/10/2010  10:58 AM

I am needing the footboard and rails for a Kling maple poster sleigh bed.

From michelle, 4/5/2010  4:03 PM

I have a night table with a drawer labeled with a rectangular metal tag in the drawer and the number 239 on the back. Will sell if someone has a better use for it. Email me at amodie24@comcast.net

From ROGER, 3/31/2010  9:07 PM

My wife has a Kling Colonial piece. A four door top. Somehow 1 of the curved glass windows got broken. I can e-mail a photo. I realize it is a Ethan Allen piece but can you give me some direction for parts?

From Jessica, 3/22/2010  11:13 AM

www. klinginfo.com they may be able to help you acquire replacement pulls/knobs.

From judy, 3/1/2010  11:02 AM

Looking for replacement knobs on Kling Furniture. There is a metal tag on the inside drawer that says Kling. Has anyone had luck finding drawer pulls?

From Bill Kling, 1/8/2010  10:31 PM

For information on Kling Furniture prior to 1962 go to klinginfo.com    If it is labeled "Kling Colonial" it was made after 1962 when Kling sold out to Ethan Allen

From Terry, 10/29/2009  11:46 AM

have a 1940's pineapple post bedroom suite made by Kling Furniture Brocton, N.Y. full bed, dresser with mirror and stool, night stand and tall chest of drawers with 10 drawers. I would like to know the value of this bedroom suite. It is in perfect condition.

From betsy, 9/20/2009  10:02 PM

I am hoping to PURSCHASE a Kling Nightstand in Maple with metal tag probably around the 1950s or 1960s. Anyone interested in selling?..betsyjaindl@yahoo.com

From jim, 8/2/2009  1:38 PM

You can get info on your funiture by emailing James.Kling@yahoo.com

From maryann martel, 7/25/2009  5:05 PM

Anyone interested in buying Kling furniture purchased 1971, please contact me. My mother died and I have to disposed of this stuff.

From Dianne, 3/20/2009  1:26 PM

I am looking for a kling maple king size headboard. Preferably pineapple post. Any clues?

From Gina, 3/3/2009  8:50 AM

I have a Kling Colonial Buffet from 1970-1971 as well as a Kling Cherry Bedroom Set (King Sized) with headboard, chest, dresser, and mirror (1965 or earlier). Is there any way that I can get an estimated value for these? Thanks!

From andrew, 8/19/2008  9:02 PM

Here is the grandson's email address, his grandfather started the business, there is a number on the back of your furniture, you will need it, when you ask him questions about it, barbillk@yahoo.com

From keith, 8/19/2008  12:42 PM

i bought a dough box table at a flea market . this is not somthing i have ever seen . the top is hinged in the center and opens like a picnic basket . the boxes are about 18 to 20 inches deep it also has like a book rack on the front .oak is the finish and it dose have kling colonial stamped on the bottom . i have not been able to find any thing like it . can some one tell me what it is worth .

From pat, 8/1/2008  6:18 AM

try klinginfo.com

From Glenn DeBoey, 7/16/2008  10:56 PM

I have a circa 1960 Kling maple bedroom suite, consisting of a dresser, chest of drawers, night stand, mirror and headboard. I would like to sell it but am unsure of the value.

From Shelly, 5/24/2008  3:08 PM

My mother has a bedroom suite made of Mahogany from Klings Furniture there were plates on 2 of the drawers numbers on bedrails very lightly used the man she got this from was over 80 years old and this suite belonged to his grandparents. Can anyone give me any details on its age and worth please.

From Bill, 5/21/2008  2:56 PM

Klinginfo.com is a new website opened and operated by the Kling family to assist people who own Kling furniture obtain information and research data.

From betty, 5/13/2008  7:47 PM

i am looking for a night stand for bedroom set 239.

From Nancy Jo Block, 3/14/2008  2:45 PM

Have a solid cheery Kling bedroom. Twin post beds, night stand, Bureau and side dresser, brass hardware most likely from early 1960's. Have no idea what it is worth if much. Looking for an approximately worth so my sister and I can sell it upon the recent death of our parents.   Anyone out there know what it may be worth?

From Judy, 2/19/2008  10:36 AM

I have a 1940's pineapple post bedroom suite made by Kling Furniture Mayville N.Y. full bed, dresser with mirror and stool, night stand and tall chest of drawers with 10 drawers. I would like to know the value of this bedroom suite

From Jennipher, 2/4/2008  5:31 PM

Trying to figure out what I have. I believe it is a mahogany chest of drawers marked Kling number 705. Any info would be appreciated.

From jewell robertson, 1/23/2008  9:43 AM

i have a mahogony dining room set. Table with two leaves and six chairs and buffet and hutch..that we bought in 1971..i would like to know the value...or how to refinish the table and chairs..the hutch and buffet are in great shape..I called a refinisheer and was told it would cost $1,000.00..Anybody know what I can use to refinish it?

From Maryann C. Martel, 8/8/2007  4:58 PM

My mother bought new in the 1970's a 8ft long picnic style table with long benches on each side and two captains chairs, a dry sink, a very large open hutch and I think the coffee table, to living room end tables and a tall bookshelf, they are in storage and need to be looked after but she is in bad health and I am going to figure out how to dispose of this stuff. What can they be worth and where can I sell them or to whom? Thanks for any suggestions.

From angie, 7/31/2007  9:41 PM

Hello all, I just received a dresser with a mirror tag reads 1-#32 De Toilet from Chautauqua Cabinet Co. division of King factories Mayville Ny. would any of you folks be able to help me date this and estimate a price? great condition

From Kerry, 7/29/2007  9:07 AM

Hello, we just inherited a butterfly leaf table, the sides fold down and I think that the leafs are made into it. It is solid cherry and had this number on it 316013. Do you know anything about it? I am just curious if it may have some value.

From Lucie Phillips, 3/26/2007  7:18 PM

For anyone wanting bail pulls for Kling Colonial they are available at Van Dyke's Restorers online.S3149. I paid $475 for my bedroom suite about 20 years ago.

From Travis Henderson, 3/20/2007  7:43 AM

i am having a sale and am selling my dining room table how much do i ask all i can find is #106093p can anyone help

From Dilma, 1/9/2007  7:25 PM

I have a solid Genuine manogamy vanity, with an adjustable mirror and a glass piece on the top. the number is on the top right drewr (#239) i was wondering how much it was worth.

From sharon, 1/6/2007  12:55 AM

I have a solid cherry bedroom set, purchased in the late 50's. ('57-'58) Perfect condition, four pcs. with a mirror over dresser, a night stand, and hiboy (I think that is what it is called) dresser. It is an orange tone cherry. Bought in Paterson, New Jersey at a warehouse - I think name was Rays and Daniels, needed to know someone to get in. Price was $5000, retail $1200 or more. How do I find out the price for today's market? Who are the best people to deal with if sale is to be made?

From Evelyn Long, 1/3/2007  12:02 AM

I have a mahogany desk that has a circular metal seal in the top left drawer. Across the top Kling Factories
across the bottom, Mayville .N.Y.   In the center of the circle Dependable (top), Furniture (bottom) with the initials KF in the very center of the circle. Gold color with red lettering. There is the remins of a sticker stating West Indies, Tropical American and west ------Africa Mahogany Wondering what the value may be.
3 drawers on each side with a shallow center drawer The left top drawer has a sliding top piece with 2 wells in it for odds and ends. Was mom's who was married in 1934, may be older.

From j sanderson, 12/21/2006  12:59 PM

I was just checking this site out; I have a full Mahogany Dining Room set six chairs, Buffet, drop leaf table and china cabinet as well as a solid cherry full sized bed room both from Klings of Mayville NY. They were my Grandmothers bought in late forties I think. I think this stuff was all over the Buffalo area during that time.

From pat, 8/30/2006  7:22 PM

I would like to find the vaule of a dresser with a attached mirror Kling maple.

From Eileen Geisler, 8/24/2006  1:56 PM

I have a Kling Cherrybrook bed (#505) with King Rails. Is there any way of using a queen matress with this bed.

From janet, 8/13/2006  9:08 AM

I have a kling mahogany ( I think it's a bedside table) has a drawer in the front, good condition, just needs a little tidy up. is number 806. just wondering what it's value maybe? any ideas?

From George Mills, 8/3/2006  8:00 PM

I have a complete bedroom set made of hard maple by Kling around 1960.
I was trying to get the night stand refinished. Does anyone know what type of finish I schould use?

From daniel strom, 8/1/2006  12:30 PM

I dont have any more info than Mr. Ahern does,but,I do have a Cherrywood secretary that I am under the assumption is from the 1930's. I too am looking for additional info that might be helpful in valuing this item for possible future auction.

From Ed Ahern, 6/29/2004  11:25 AM

Kling was acquired by Ethan Allen Furniture sometime in the sixties and operated as a separate division until the early eighties when the division was closed.   

From Russell at Furniture World Magazine, 6/29/2004  11:25 AM

I can't find any current information. There is a listing in a 1940 issue of FURNITURE WORLD, Kling Factories, Mayville, NY, Bedroom, furniture, secretaries and desk. AJ Kling pres. That's all there is.


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