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Kent Coffey "Perspecta"

Posted By Judi, 1/23/2010

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I am looking for information on and possibly the value of, the Perspecta line of dining room furniture. I am currently trying to settle my mother's estate, and have a complete dining set including the table and six chairs (2 with arms) and three leaves, a 5' credenza with three doors (one concealing three drawers), and a tall china cabinet with a glass door. All are of solid walnut construction, and in excellent condition. I am looking to sell the set, but need to know what it might be worth. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


From David Hunter, 11/12/2010  3:04 PM

Hi Judi.

Thanks for your reply. Much appreciated!


From Judi Hubbard, 11/12/2010  6:58 AM


I wish I could help, but I never received any replies to my inquiry about this line of furniture. I ended up keeping the set and selling my old dining room suite. Good luck on your search.


From David Hunter, 11/11/2010  5:45 PM

re: Kent Coffey Perspecta furniture


I am searching on information about Kent Coffey Perspecta furniture, and just saw your inquiry posted to this site on 1/23/10. I have a 5-pc bedroom set from this same line that I would like to sell and, similar to you, am searching for info on the value of these pieces. If you came up with any good sources, would you share them with me?

Thanks very much.

David Hunter

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