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Posted By Guest, 1/7/2002

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Not having much luck finding information on this company on the internet. I have a dining room set that appears to have been made by this company and I was trying to find information on the manufacturer and possibly the approximate age of the set. Any assistance you could provide would be appreciated. The tag on the chairs indicates that the manufacturer was Doernbecher Manufacturing Company out of Portland Oregon and the retailer was Peterson's Furn. & Uni. Co. out of Ontario,


From BarbaraB, 3/22/2012  10:25 PM

Members of my family worked at Doernbecher Mfg.; I offer these insights into the history of the company.  The building used at 1100 NE 28th Avenue still stands; it is a storage facility (U Store East) now.


"Doernbecher Manufacturing Company - the company was established by Frank Silas Doernbecher, President and Manager. Doernbecher was a pioneer in mass production of furniture with a traveling assembly line, five miles long. Production was devoted to mainly bedroom and dining room furniture. In WWII, Doernbecher produced furniture under government contracts for Army and Navy needs. The plant was located at 1100 NE 28th, Portland, Oregon at the Union Pacific railroad crossing in Sullivan's Gulch and employed approximately 1,000 people. This plant was later operated as Barker Furniture."

source: http://www.volgagermans.net/portland/employers.html


"B.P. John Furniture - The plant was located on the east side of SW Macadam across from the current John's Landing, in Portland, Oregon. John's Landing was named for B. P. John and was the "landing" where the logs for the factory were dropped. B.P. John was originally a vice president at Doernbecher Furniture before starting his own business."

source: http://www.volgagermans.net/portland/employers.html

From Claudia, 6/6/2011  4:55 PM

We sold the double bed at a garage sale several years ago. We still have the dresser (2 large drawers, 2 small) and the chest of drawers (4 large drawers, 2 small). Doernbecker Furniture plate in small drawer and 851-WAL on back of dresser. Any idea of value now or pictures to view? We need to sell; the pieces are sturdy but show wear. We're in San Antonio, TX.

From Rick, 4/30/2011  9:38 PM

I have a Dorenbecher 6 drawer chest of drawers with a mirror on top. There is a model number 3010 written on both the chest and mirror. It came out of an old Cabin at Priest Lake, Idaho we bought about 30 years ago from the original owners. It's in super shape and we would like to sell it. It is located in Spokane, Wa.
Rick 509-994-0178, rjeddy@aol.com

From Kenneth H, 3/18/2011  6:08 AM

I am attempting to gather information on the material and patterns used on dining chair seats in the early 30s by Dorenbecher, I have heard it was white fabric with broad green and rose colored stripes, I have a dinning room set that belonged to my grandmother, and would like to get it back as original as possible. The set is Black Walnut Number on the chairs are NO 99 D-1 The table is 99 -D-6ft
I understand it had a armed chair as well in the original set however apparently that was broken years ago. If anyone has any information or old sales catalogs from Dorenbecher Portland Manf. I would greatly appreciate it.

From Carol Martin, 1/11/2011  10:45 PM

I have a small 13.5 x 23 h 18 table with the metal Doernbecher tag. It also has a Walla Walla WA furniture tag on it.

From gloria, 12/21/2010  2:16 AM

I have a dresser drawer with 1 left side door next to 2 small drawers and 3 large drawers. This beautiful piece of furniture has a few nicks and scratches. I am trying to see if this is valuable. It has a number stamped on the back. My husband and I bought it sometime in 1976.

thanks for any info

From Barb, 8/26/2010  8:19 PM

I just bought today from an auction house a Dorenbecher double sleigh bed with matching rails in really pretty good condition (bits of the veneer at the bottom of the footboard legs has chipped off) along with the matching 5 drawer dresser w/ attached mirror in great shape. I paid $300 for both pieces.

From Cami, 8/24/2010  11:59 AM

I live in Portland, OR and am familiar with the Doernbecher name of course, due to the wonderful children's hospital. I was surprised to find the name, Doernbecher Manufacturing Company on the underside of my beautiful 40's, rose upholstered, Sway back lounge chair. I am looking to find the value or any possible buyers. cami_anderson@yahoo.com

From louise, 7/31/2010  11:26 PM

i have three dornbecker dressers that i have had for 35years i would like to find out if they are worth any thing i tryed to find out more about the company but not much so if any one knows what they are worth let me know please.

From Susan M. Smith, 7/14/2010  8:01 PM

I have two Doernbecher Mfg Co twin beds that I think are mahagony. The bedposts are carved pineapples. The tag reads Doernbecher Manufacturing Co. L. A. Peterson Furniture Co., Turlock, CA. These beds were my grandmothers. I grew up in Turlock, CA. I'm sending them to a Turlock consignment store on Friday and am wondering about their value. I'm guessing they date to the late thirties or early forties. Can anyone help me?     

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