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Thomasville Hemingway Paris L’etoile Bar Cabinet

Posted By TLC, 11/3/2009

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I have a L'etoile Bar Cabinet from the Hemingway Paris Collection by thomasville for sale if anyone is interested. (DFW texas area).


From edmundisaac, 2/5/2016  2:31 PM

I know it's been a long time but I have to ask...Is this bar still available for sale?

From tlcagain, 9/9/2012  4:05 PM

Hello Jack, yes I still have the bar in storage. the bar is in great shape has been stored all this time so has not been collecting use wear tho is missing the glass insets for the shelves that were lost in a move. (easy enough to remedy!).  I had posted my number before it is in the responses you can call and leave a message or contact via email junkclaw@aol.com tracey (have had issues logging into this forum to reply and have to register over and over as it never works right but I am the original poster.)

From jackbooher, 8/26/2012  6:38 AM

I need one of these l'etoile bar cabinets... is yours still available?

Thank you


From murexalabaster, 11/13/2011  10:01 AM

Hello, I have been looking for this piece for a long time. I wanted to know if you still had the piece and what condition you would say it was. if you have had it in storage I would say close to new unless it was used/heavily used while not in storage. but Thomasville is very durable. Thanks please e-mail or text message. thanks

thanks Merrell

From Tracey, 4/21/2011  10:18 AM

hello, you can call me at 817.891.5875. thank you, Tracey

From Liam A, 4/20/2011  4:41 PM

Please provide contact information to discuss this piece further. Thank you.

From TLC, 4/19/2011  11:30 AM

Yes I still have it in storage. It is in great condition. The paint has an antiqued look and finish to it that is how they made it- so it has the look of being older than it is.   thanks, tlc

From Liam A., 4/18/2011  5:35 PM

Is your L'etoile bar still available? I am familiar with the piece, but can you provide a description of its condition?

From Tracey, 3/30/2011  10:10 AM

Hello, I do still have the bar (March 2011), sorry I did not see your post from Oct Sheila. I do not know who the artist was. All the info on the bar just says they were hand painted. there is possibly a signature somewhere on it but I have it stored away in my storage unit and cannot get to it to check. If I do anytome soon I will post it. Thanks for the interest. It is truly lovely but I do not have a place for it now and am storing it. tc

From Bettye Donovan, 3/29/2011  4:02 PM

Do you know who the artist was?

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