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marvel furniture co. jamestown NY

Posted By Alex, 8/22/2009

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I have seen this question many times but no answers. Here it is again. I have a bedroom set that has the label MARVEL FURNITURE COMAPNY JAMESTOWN NY could be Marveli...also on the label is THE A.A.A PATENT DRAWER GUIDE AND STOP WAS PATENTED JULY 28, 1903. My question is. What is it worth? Does it have any significant value? I want to sell it but don't know the value. Thanks for any info you can give me.


From Kimgreen, 11/10/2014  11:52 AM

I have a beautiful complete bedroom set from Marvel or Marveli furniture company in Jamestown NY. It is marked American walnut and has never been refinished.  There is a double bed, tall dresser, a chest if drawers with large mirror, a vanity with a triple mirror and the vanity seat with cane top (beginning to tear) all matching. I am in Erie Pa. Any idea of value?  I am either wanting to sell it or paint it ....thoughts???

From Guest, 7/9/2011  11:52 AM

I have a dresser with and original mirror and pins that attach the mirror to dresser. On the back it also has a yellowed tag with the Marvel F.C logo. It also has a number and a "trimmings" number. Do you have an explanation for these numbers? I'm not sure if it holds value, but I would like to know where it orginated from and how hold it may be. Thanks.

From Eric, 5/1/2011  9:08 AM

Scott--I have a dresser without the mirror--do you still have it and will you sell it. I have the bed and vanity with mirror. Need the dresser mirror. ejoseph5@neo.rr.com

Thanks Eric

From Kathi, 3/22/2011  11:20 AM

Marvel was a major furniture shop in Jamestown, NY. It went out of business sometime in the 1930 I believe. I have a dresser from this company. It was in my grandparents house and obviously does not have much monetary value. An appraiser went through the home in 1974 and wasn't interested in the dresser. I believe their furniture is nice to look at but not considered antique or valuable.

From Rebecca, 1/17/2011  11:44 AM

To Scott, I recently purchased a 5-drawer desk with the same label mentioned. It appears to have had a mirror or some item attached to the back of it, as the mounting/screw holes are present. If I find more info, I will gladly share the info with you.

From Scott, 11/26/2010  6:11 PM

I have a mirror from Marvel Furniture Company that obviously at one time was attached to a dresser. The wood frame looks to be birch. It has the A.A.A. and Patent 7/28/03 label. Also marked:NUMBER 45C, also has intials affixed to TRIMMING. It looks to be late 20's early 30's.   Any info on this you may be able to share?

From Glenn Davies, 10/31/2009  10:34 AM

There were many early furniture manufactures in Jamestown, NY because of the availablity of all woods. AAA is Albert A Anderson who was at one point a VP at Marvel. I have not been able to search and find any real market for this furniture but apparently there is quite a bit out there.

From RML, 9/4/2009  4:28 PM

I'm looking for the answer to the same question. I have a dresser that has the exact same label.

From Drea Chamberlain, 8/24/2009  12:41 PM

Bob/smartass Clearly you know nothing about this furniture or more important the company. I don't have to give a detailed description of each piece since My question only addressed the value of the Company and year it was made. That would be enough info for a response about this particular set if someone new about antique furniture. As for no one will care about the drawer slide? That is what is stated on the label to help identify the furniture set. You moron.

From Robert, 8/23/2009  2:43 AM

Think about what you are asking . You want the value of a bedroom set,yet provide no informatin as to Wood ,style ,size, number of pieces etc. No one will ever care about drawer slide. Set is probaly of little value. Full size beds in little demand ,but condition and detail may help. In general you have a old set of furniture .
Try Craigs list with some pictures,half of the story in used furniture is location and what it cost to move
If you are out in the sticks value will be less than if you are in urban area. On average $500 or less.

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