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PAINE Furniture Co Bostom Mass Bedroom Set

Posted By sue, 7/5/2009

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I have a complete bedroom set made by PAINE Furniture Co Boston Mass. 2 Twin Beds with head and foot boards and wide wooden side rails, a 72" 3 drawer dresser with big matching detached mirror, and 2 bedside tables. I have no idea what kind of wood.
All the pieces are sort of ivory cream beige. The footboard has painted on it a scroll flower design on a black background. The mirror, headboard and footboard have a decorative carved looped piece of wood fastened at the top.
It was my grandmother's. She had it since the early 30's, according to my mother.
All the pieces are in good condition, except one of the metal hooks in a bed rail bent and broke.
The set has been in protected storage for the last 25 years.
I am asking if this set has any monetary value.


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