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Kincaid King Size William Lenoir Bed...

Posted By Melissa, 5/15/2009

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Brass label on bed reads as follows:
Kincaid Furniture Company Inc.
The General William Lenoir Bed
Limited Edition

Bed includes headboard, footboard and siderails and posts. You can unscrew the top of the post and screw directly on bed if your ceiling are too low to have post. With out post its 4 ft tall with post its 7 ft tall. Its 6'9 wide. PLEASE MAKE RESONABLE OFFER:)


From Mitzi, 9/11/2010  1:30 PM

What are you selling this bed for?

From LINDA HEWELL, 7/9/2010  9:39 AM

I would like a picture of the above bed

From Laura, 11/17/2009  2:16 PM

Looking for king size Kincaid General Lenoir cherry bed.

From Lynda, 10/23/2009  11:51 PM

How much is the king size limited edition General William Lenoir bed worth at this point in time?

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