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Drexel Woodbriar Furniture

Posted By Dean, 9/10/2008

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I have several pieces of Drexel furniture that I believe are from the Woodbriar Line that I am trying to sell. I'm new to this website and don't find a way to post any pictures of these pieces, but I do have some that I can send to potential buyers. I'm located near Cincinnati Ohio.

Items were in a bedroom but could also be used for office or familyroom. I believe the finish is Pecan.


From Julie C, 9/12/2010  8:51 PM

Hi--I have what is called a Box-Cocktail Chest from the Woodbriar 1 line and a library table. The finish is yes, pecan. I would love to sell it--it's in pristine condition as it was used in a formal living room. I can send pictures. Sadly, I have seen this furniture in horrible shape in garage sales and second-hand stores. Woodbrier 2 is redder.

I would love to hear from any Woodbrier owners.


From Rosie, 7/31/2009  10:45 AM

I live in Rosenberg near Houston and I have for sale an entertainment center with breakfront desk - antique.

Drop me an email at rosiearellano66@yahoo.com and I will send you pics upon request.

From Lisa, 5/31/2009  1:42 AM

PS- RE: interested in purchasing Woodbriar I- From Lisa (above)- I reside in Upstate NY (Syracuse area) which is mid-way between Albany & Rochester, just off the NYS thruway. No where near NYC :o) Cell ph # provided (above) is EST. I have been checking this posting for over a year, never bothered registering, I can never find seller's contact info!

From Lisa, 5/31/2009  1:38 AM

Attn Woodbriar I Sellers (Bruce, Max, Dean?) I am looking for Woodbriar I pieces to buy to round out a partial set I already have: ie, 907-440-I Woodbriar by Drexel Armoire). I really love the retro look and sturdy construction of this line. I'm interested in any/all pieces from this collection. My email is migraineadvocate@gmail.com, and my cell ph (Verizon wireless) is 315-637-1551. I do not see contact information anywhere here on "Furniture World (on-line) for any individual sellers mentioned above. Kindly contact me directly if you have Woodbriar I items to sell? E-mailed pix would be gr8- And, if you do contact me with items for sale, please, please be sure to specify how I may contact you 8-)

From Bruce, 5/25/2009  8:23 PM

Hi Marge,

I do still have the Woodbrair bedroom pieces available. I have all of what you're looking for and more. If you'd write to my email address I can send you pictures of all the pieces.


From Marge, 5/25/2009  2:04 PM

Do you still have the Woodbriar bedroom pieces for sale? I'm looking for a queen size headboard, nightstand, and a chest or armoire.

From Max, 4/7/2009  7:34 PM

I have a complete woodbriar 7 piece bedroom set for sale.
Located in Austin Texas. Pictures available.
Post a reply to contact me.

From Dean, 10/16/2008  4:31 PM

If you want to contact me at my email I can send you some pictures of the items that I have for sale.

From Patty Dupree, 10/16/2008  4:20 PM

I am new to this web site but am interested in woodbriar furniture - I live in Houston, Texas. Do you have pictures of the woodbriar you have for sale?

From Vanessa, 10/5/2008  11:44 AM

I have a woodbriar II dining table with six chairs and a buffet that I would like to sell.

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