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Caswell Runyan Cedar Chest

Posted By Lynn W, 9/6/2008

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Does anyone know how to determine the date of manufacture or age of a Caswell-Runyan cedar chest? The company closed it's doors 50 years ago. The only information that could give a clue to it's age is stenciled on the back of the chest: CAT. NO. 4929     NO.3 TRAY     LOT.-NO. -1139
If anyone can help please send an e-mail to senjisilly@gmail.com. Thank you, Lynn


From Marlene, 7/22/2014  9:03 AM

Has anyone found out how to tell the value of the Caswell-Runyan Co. Cedar Chest.  Mine is CAT No.:  9342, LOT E40, PAT No:  2975791, made 4/6/37.  I see one listed like mine, and could love to know the value.  It is in PERFECT condition, just missing the key.  Two pull out draws on the top, and the paper still stapled to the lid, stating it cost $250.

From sty, 11/25/2011  3:07 PM

ours says cat 8401 lot F 40 on back.we lipped it upside down and found tag in corner by leg 45x19x17 70% red ceder complies with govermental registrations.10-5-40

From Lynn W, 8/5/2011  3:27 PM

well i have a question my gmas chest ive had for about 10 years now and the cat# 3314 and the lot #k-45 and thats all there is on it if u can please anyone tell me how old and how much its worth bc i have the sisterto it and i need to get rid of this one thank u

From Lynn W, 7/20/2011  11:11 AM

My husband and I just purchased a Caswell-Runyan cedar chest, cat # 3011, tray # 9, lot B-41. It is in great condition and it has the key and moth warranty card still attached to lid. We haven't been able to find a date anywhere on it. How can we find out the date it was manufactured? Thanks!

From Sidney Bonvallet, 6/18/2011  5:46 PM

I have a Caswell-Runyan Cedar Chest with swing out top drawers. Mfgd April 6, 1937, Pat. #2975791. It is in great condition and for sale for $400. not including Shipping.

From gary, 5/15/2011  11:50 AM

i found a caswell runyan cedar hope chest cat#8329 Lot # c-40 with a little drawer at the bottom does antone know what the value of this item and what the drawer is for?

From greg wilson, 4/10/2011  2:43 PM

my wife & I purchased a caswell-runyan cedar chest @ an estate sale in Michigan for $37.50. It is in excellent condition & has original paperwork warranty in lid. The numbers on the back of the chest are cat. no.3030 no. 9 tray lot no. B-41. We would like to know when this was made and the value of it today. Thank you.

From Jodi, 3/20/2011  5:03 PM

I have a dark redish color ceadar chest Caswell Runuon it has brass hardware for the hinges and straps from the hinges on the top about inch wide and about 6 1/2 long and a total of 5 copper bands in the front, It was my grandparents. the stamp on the bottom is 7017.There is a oraange label on the top inside right hand corner with Caswell Runyon informaion on it. Can anyone provide me with more information on it manufacture date, worth ect.

From Tim Rupple, 3/18/2011  5:39 PM

My late mother owned a Caswell Runyan cedar (treasure)chest I just opened after being told me to not only turn the key but to push on the button. It really is a beautiful piece. On the back was stamped Cat No 2074, No 10 Tray, Lot No D-41. Upon opening I found it to have the orange tag,a letter from the C-R with the moth proof guarantee dated December 1941. Until I saw the much higher lot numbers here I was sure the lot # coincided with the manufacture date. I looked everywhere incl. under the drawer for possible dates.no help. I'd like to refinish it, but not certain if I'm dealingwith veneer or not...any ideas?

From david, 3/1/2011  7:00 PM

i got caswell runyon cedar chest style no. 5105 ser 080631

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