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Douglas Furniture Bankruptcy -How To Get Parts Now?

Posted By Susan Kaveny, 8/6/2008

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Russ, I heard that douglas went under. Heard anything? I've been told that instead of parts, we can offer the customers a gift certificate and special pricing on a new purchase. This is a bad thing for items that are under warranty and that I can't get parts for. I don't plan to participate in this, but told you so that you'll know that my company is deadly serious in believing that douglas in in fact out of business. I would like to know whenever you hear what is going on. I want to tell my customers it's all a joke, really, but know that isn't going to happen. Thanks, Sue Kaveny


From susan kaveny, 6/18/2013  12:02 AM

Jamie, if you're still out there, the one you need has the same length of cable from the hook to the frame as the original.  You may have to measure it.  Otherwise you could just get both and go from there.  They're not real expensive.
Carol, you might be able to match the chair base from a Chromcraft set.  They are so similar in some cases that it's hard to tell them apart.  There is a link on the thread later on where there was a company that makes parts for the bases, but they're very difficult to change.
Sandy J., What you need is to get your leaf repaired.  There isn't going to be any real chance of a replacement leaf  and by the time you have one made, yours could have been repaired over and over.  If this is a formica type finish, you might just be completely out of luck.

From Sandy J, 12/30/2012  11:19 AM

I own a Douglas cherry dining room set and need a new leaf. Any suggestions on where/how to begin my search?


From Chris Buckingham, 1/25/2012  12:21 PM

So I am trying to get some of these "J44" cables from Leggett and Platt and the person I talk to says they have 2 versions of the cable.  Anyone happen to know which version I need? 

Thanks in advance for the help,

From Russell at Furniture World Magazine, 1/1/2012  12:13 AM

Susan, or anyone who could possibly help me,

We have a Douglas dinette set, leather with caster chairs. One of the chairs broke off the base and of course the metal piece is now bent.  Where do I find the metal piece, and how can I get the chair base fixed?  I think I need an upholsterer? It's such a beautiful set, I am so sad to hear they went under.

Also another chair has a loose arm, we keep fixing it but it keeps getting loose from the underside, I think that has broken there too.  Any info on that?

Thanks so much,


From Krissy, 6/13/2011  4:36 PM

Hi Sue, might you also be willing to offer some advice here, please? I'm beginning a hunt to find a replacement part for a side chair by Douglas Furniture (model LM0523-2300). The part I'm looking for is the little platic with felt tiny pad at the base of the metal chair leg, there to avoid floor scratches. Do you know where I could find one (I need 4) to fit these specific chairs? Replacement cups I've found at Home Depot did not do the job. Thanks!

From Susan Kaveny, 1/31/2011  6:54 PM

Hi Jim,
They are "J44" cables from Leggett and Platt. Whoever you talk to there should be able to get you the right part, as they are generic to all former Douglas models.
Leggett & Platt
Street: 16040 Stephens St
City of Industry, ca 91745-1721
Phone: (626) 330-4150
If they can't help you at that number, try contacting the main office in Carthage Missouri. They still make the cables, and the cables are used on some current Albany furniture models.
You will have to dump the piece over and release the mechanism manually to install it. Be careful not to have your fingers in the mechanism. You can do it by pulling the cable with a vice grips from near the hook or by tripping the lever with a screwdriver or your fingers. Do this with your body close to the piece so that the ottoman part hits you and does not extend all the way out. You can then release it slowly. The piece that goes through the frame isn't going to come off in one piece. Go ahead and rip it up. You're gonna pitch it anyway.
Good luck Jim,

From Jim, 1/31/2011  3:34 PM

Trying to find replacement cables for a Douglas Furniture sectional. The receipt from Levitz Furniture indicates the vendor stock number as "PEGGY RAFREC LS" and "PEGGY ARMLESS REC.". The handles of both release cables has broken off.

From Susan Kaveny, 11/22/2010  1:02 AM

The wedge doesn't come apart. In other words, the one piece that is a huge problem to get through a doorway, is permenantly assembled. The rest of it slips apart, as there is a bolt attachment where the head of the bolt sticking out of one piece slips into the slotted receptor on the other. Most of the backs just unclip, like you can see.

From Keith, 11/21/2010  11:44 PM

Sue, you seem to know what you are talking about. I have a Douglas 3 pc sectional and can't figure out how to take the pieces apart. We are moving and taking it apart would be helpful. The back to the wedge is not accessible, as it is on the two side pieces. Do you know how to take it apart, or where I can find the information? Thank you.

From Susan Kaveny, 11/16/2010  7:19 PM

"You can't" is the short answer. Maybe you can if you can either find a set that is used or is in the dungeon of some furniture store's warehouse, as you are looking for an out of production item. There's a nice link a few posts back from this one on how to replace the insert in one. Otherwise, you could have a leg welded or whatever else it needs. Really, you should look into repairing the one you have.

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