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Thomasville Mystique pieces

Posted By Gloria, 8/3/2008

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I am looking for a king sized lightbridge and headbroad for the Thomasville Mystique collection. I have the queen set and I love it. I just purchased a king sized bed and would like to keep my bedroom set if at all possible. Does anyone have any information on where I might find these pieces? I purchased it in 1990. glospeaks@aol.com


From Alina, 8/7/2012  10:06 PM

Gloria, I have a Thomasville Mistique complete bed for sale,with bridge, tall boys on both sides. I live in Jacksonville, Florida. 
You can email me at Alina.martinez@gmail.com if you are still interested. 

From Gloria, 8/6/2011  7:13 PM

Looking for Thomasville Mystique King bed. Live on west coast of Florida. Traveling up to East TN soon.

From Gloria, 7/11/2011  9:03 AM

I would love to find a single Thomasville Mystique nightstand.

From Nancy Gorman, 4/21/2011  7:15 PM

I have a Thomasville Mystique Dinning room table with two leaves and 4 side chairs and 2 captain chairs. I also have a servilier that matches as well. I have matching protection covers for the table. I am interested in selling these pieces. If you are interested in purchasing these pieces - email me at ngorman@hawaii.rr.com

From santa o'farrill, 4/3/2011  8:46 PM

I have bedroom pieces mystique stile from Thomasville. I'm looking for "armoire" in the same stile. I boath in 1993 in NY store at 26th st.

From santa o'farrill, 4/3/2011  8:41 PM

I'm locking for armoire Mystique stile

From Ann Buitrago, 3/30/2011  1:24 AM

TO DONNA DALY: I have Mystique splat back (not cane) chairs. I know of a great drop shipper who could move them. I have 4 sides and 2 arms. EMAIL me directly with your number and I'll call you.

From DONNA DALY, 2/8/2011  1:38 PM

I need dining room chairs for Mystique... pecan... not the cane back.. I am located in NJ

From Carole Meyer, 1/21/2011  5:02 PM

Looking for Mystique living room end table or tables and possibly a sofa table. Please email me at allegro96@yahoo.com.
Note to Bo 11/21/2010: Are your pieces still available?

From Maureen Hayes, 1/17/2011  10:20 AM

Note to Scott. For some reason my email is not accepting your address. I don't want to break up my set. I only want to sell the whole set.

From Scott F, 1/16/2011  10:59 PM

Note to Maureen Hayes - I'm interested in your Mystique dining chairs, especially the two armed chairs, and possibly the entire dining set. You can email me at skflora@yahoo.com. Thanks.

From Sal, 1/13/2011  11:31 PM

i have a Thomasville Mystique China cabinet. It has interior light, mirror. It is in excellent condition. I have a two bedroom house, which is too small for this cabinet. Located in Kane County Illinois.

From Maureen Hayes, 1/12/2011  11:48 AM

Wanting to sell Mystique dining room set-table with two leaves and custom pad,8 cane backed chairs-two have arms,china cabinet with light bridge- nine feet wide with mirror and serving cart- fold open top. All in excellent condition. located in SE Ohio.

From Bo, 11/22/2010  10:52 PM

Looking to sell Mystique dining room table with two leaves and custom pad, 6 cane backed chairs (4- w/o arms, 2 w/arms); China cabinet, buffet, serving hutch, 2-living room end tables, sofa table, 2-side chairs, sofa, and coffee table. All is excellent condition. Located in Schaumburg, IL (near Chicago)

From Marilyn, 8/9/2010  1:19 AM

If you can help with my search for a Mystique night stand, dresser, or chest, please email me at marilyn.stember@ucdenver.edu

From Marilyn, 8/9/2010  12:25 AM

I am looking for one more Mystique night stand and another Mystique dresser or chest. Hopefully you might not live too far from Denver, Colorado.

From SK, 8/2/2010  5:29 PM

Looking to sell Thomasville Mystique king size bedroom set. Set includes four mirrors, lightbridge, headboard and two side units. In South Florida. All in excellent condition.

From Margie, 7/30/2010  2:50 PM

Looking for two Mystique nightstands. Hope someone can help. Thanks.

From Delores Tabor, 6/23/2010  11:35 AM

Wanted to buy: Mystique by Thomasville, dining room chairs, small china cabinet, living room end tables. Pleae reply by emaily to drtabor1@bellsouth.net if you have any of these for sale or know someone who does. thanks

From Lynne, 5/30/2010  7:15 PM

Does the Mystique King bed frame come in a sleigh bed style? If so, we are looking to upgrade from our Queen sleigh bed to a King. We purchased the Mystique set in 1991 and love it! We live near Atlanta, so if Ron Strickland lives near Macon and can find a King sleigh bed frame, we could arrange to pick it up!

Please email me with any news about this.


From Ann, 12/16/2009  7:29 PM

I have Thomasville Mystique dining table with 2 leaves, 2 splat-back arm chairs, 4 splat back side chairs. I also have the buffet with thick glass protecting the wood. I recently sold the coffee table. Contact me if interested at ChicNSavvy@aol.com. I'm in Lexington, KY.

From Linda Yeager, 11/22/2009  5:47 PM

I have a Mystique Queen Size Bedroom with lightbridge head board 4 mirrors trifold mirror with triple dresser and armoir. I hate to give it up but will for the right price

From Sandra DiCicco, 11/9/2009  6:59 AM

I would like to sell my Mystique Thomasville Queen Size Bedroom Lightbridge headboard (4mirrors)
Dresser with trifold mirrors and chest.
Please let me know if you are interested.

From Darla, 10/28/2009  10:34 PM

Ron, do you still have the mystique coffee table. I am desperately looking for one.

From Ron, 10/3/2009  3:00 PM

I'm looking for a Mystique headboard, either a double or queen size.


From Mystique Dining, 8/22/2009  12:03 AM

I have a Thomasville Mystique dining table with 2 leaves, 4 cane-back dining chairs, and 2 cane-back dining armchairs. Please reply at this question if interested.

From Margie, 5/21/2009  3:06 PM

I am looking for two Mystique night stands. If you can help, please email me at margied489@aol.com

From nick hubbell, 3/12/2009  11:13 PM

Just saw your emails. I am looking for two Mystique benches/bunching tables for my sofa table. Also interested in a chairside chest. Please let me know if you can help. My email is nickhubbell@verizon.net

From Diane DeMatteis, 3/8/2009  6:22 PM

Hi. Just saw your reply. I need two Mystique end tables and two or more dining chairs with cane back. Also, fyi, I had a local carpenter retrofit my center wall unit piece to accommodate a 52 inch flat panel. It looks great. Cost about $1500 but allowed me to keep the rest of the dr and lr suite in one big room.

From Guest, 3/8/2009  6:20 PM

Hi. Just saw your reply. I need two mystique end tables and two or more dining chairs with cane back. Also, fyi, I had a local carpenter retrofit my center wall unit piece to accommodate a 52 inch flat panel. it looks great. Cost about $1500 but allowed me to keep the rest of the suite in one big room.

From Ron Strickland, 2/18/2009  2:08 AM

It feels like an inventory. The house is pretty much filled with Mystique. Drives my daughter nuts. Anyway, right now I just have an extra coffee table and an big entertainment unit. I can send pictures if you like.

I am in Georgia... near Macon... center of the state.

I am interested in bunching tables right now to nest under a sofa table. But I have a little bit of room left. Big screen tv's are changing my needs.

I have turned down several pieces recently as I had to take other pieces that I already have. What are you looking for? Perhaps we can share.

From Diane DeMatteis, 2/5/2009  9:52 AM

I am looking for Thomasville mystique pieces and saw that you keep an inventory! Do you have anything on hand and where are you located?

From Ron Strickland, 8/10/2008  1:57 AM

Re: Thomasville Mystique

I do not have a spare king set but I am constantly looking for Mystique pieces. There was a set in California about 3 months ago and one in Texas about the same time. I'll have to see if I can find those listings. I don't think they sold as they were out there for a long time.

Send me your email address and I will let you know what I find. Also, I find things sometimes that I just can't use but have to take the set ... like I have 3 coffee tables now. Perhaps you would like some other pieces. Let me know.

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