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Le Brun Bros mystery

Posted By Alex Johnst0n, 8/3/2008

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Looking for any info about the maker of a bedroom set; oddly, cannot find ANYTHING online! A label in each of three pieces says SOLID CHERRY, Le Brun Bros., Inc. Greensboro, North Carolina. Tall dresser, wide dresser with large mirror, and a nightstand. Ever heard of the company?


From GuilfordCyndi, 5/27/2018  4:01 PM

Oh, that's awesome to hear! Syd is going on 94 and has had some health problems recently. I shared your kind comments with him and I know he'll appreciate your appreciation for his life's work. He is very proud of the quality of their furniture! 

From cmm2104, 5/27/2018  2:19 PM

That is amazing that you know the man responsible for such fine funriture! I just found a 2 tiered end table, sadly on the curb, with solid cherry Le Brun bros stamp inside the drawer. I refinish furniture for a living,  rescue those "ready for the dump" pieces..and I'm super excited to give this side table a top to bottom makeover so it can live another few decades in a loving home! Thanks for the info! 

From GuilfordCyndi, 1/14/2017  5:09 PM

Hi, Alex - 

It's been 9 years since you posted this question... I hope you get this reply!

Le Brun Bros. Furniture company was owned by Sydney and Bernard Le Brun, two brothers from Long Island who moved to Greensboro after World War II (both were veterans) to start this furniture company. They began by making cedar chests, and then graduated to finer case goods like hutches and bedroom suits. They are known for their cherry furniture. The company was small, and they made everything from start to finish - lumber went in, furniture came out. The business ran until the early to mid 1970s when the brothers retired. 

Syd is a good friend of mine: I'm helping him write his life story. He's very proud of his business, so I think he'd like you to know where those pieces came from. He's 92 years old, still lives in Greensboro, and is sharp as a tack. 

I hope this reply helps! - Cyndi Briggs

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