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Ethan Allen Country Craftsman

Posted By Mary, 5/15/2008

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I am seeking to purchase Ethan Allen Country Craftsman furniture. Does anyone have any for sale?

Please let me know by sending me an email.



From jacky, 2/11/2011  11:19 PM

hi, does anyone out there have for sale nightstands in the 657 finish. When i bought my 4 poster bed, i foolishly did not buy the night stands! Now i would love to have them. i am in so cal.

From Lori, 2/4/2011  8:35 AM

I am looking for an Ethan Allen Country Craftsman corner curio that hangs on the wall. Does anyone out there have one they'd like to sell?? Thanks, Lori

From Kim, 2/1/2011  12:18 PM

I have a few pieces. The taller armoire has full door with the top divided with 2 vertical panels and drawers under, two drawers then sindgle drwaers. Next armoires is doors on top with one shelf and drawers below, I have added a tv swivel in the top. I have an apothecary chest, and two side tables, One is three drawer and the other is on drawer the two doors. all are in excellant shape except to of apothecary which I have a granite top on.
In central California. Will giveprices to interested persons

From Joe, 1/10/2011  8:01 PM

Mary -- are you the Mary who posted her email address on this forum (above) in may of 2008 and is that still your email address?

From Mary, 1/10/2011  9:54 AM

I would like to see some pics if you have them. Thanks. I'm glad you're in Indiana.

From Joe, 1/9/2011  10:09 PM

We have several pieces of country craftsman that we are offering for sale. The pieces include the desk, a nest of two tables, coffee table, two end tables, dining room hutch, small chest, and the corner cupboard. We are downsizing (house will go on the market in the spring) and have decided to part with the country craftsman furniture. We purchased all of these pieces new in the 1982 era when the line came out and have been the only owners. Non-smoking home. We are located in central Indiana. If there is any interest, let me know and I will send photos. Thanks.

From Rita, 9/21/2010  4:41 PM

I am looking for a Country Craftsman Armoire.

From Mary, 8/4/2010  10:05 AM


Are you still interested in selling the cedar chest?


From kathy, 8/3/2010  5:02 PM

Am looking for the light pine country craftsman corner hutch if anyone has one for sale.

From Susan, 12/12/2009  8:49 PM

I have the Ethan Allen Country Craftsman corner cupboard - shelves on the top with a door on the bottom with shelves behind it. You can contact me at pshunt at gmail.com with any questions. I can send a picture if you send me your email address.

From kathy, 10/10/2009  6:40 PM

I am looking for the country craftsman corner curio or china cupboard. It has selving on top and a cupboard on the bottom. Any stain is fine.

From Marlee Miller, 10/4/2009  2:58 PM

I am seeking two Country Craftsman night tables...or something that will go with a Country Craftsman Queen bedframe.    

From Joanne Mc, 8/9/2009  10:02 PM

I am looking for a Country Craftsman drop leaf table preferable in the dark pine color but would consider the light. I live on Long Island. Anyone out there have or know of one?

From Joan Robinson, 7/11/2009  1:39 PM

Does anyone have any Country Craftsman furniture in the light pine (211) stain? Am looking for a dresser.

From Gail, 11/4/2008  9:59 PM


I am interested in purchasing two ethan allen country craftsman night tables and possibly a dresser.    Thank you.


From Danielle Lowe, 10/7/2008  1:42 PM

I have a Country Craftsman bedroom set, with queen size bed. Also an armoire, triple dresser w/mirror and two nightstands. Danielle

From Mary Schoonmaker, 9/22/2008  1:24 PM

I have a country ctaftsman china cabinet and hutch. I live in Chicago. Will be happy to send photos and measurements if needed. Too big for my apartment.

From David, 9/20/2008  11:45 PM

I have a Country Craftsman entertainment center, dark pine finish, that I am interested in selling (due to planned move). It is in very good condition.

From jean ellis, 5/28/2008  8:07 PM

ethan allen country craftsman\

From Jean Ellis, 5/28/2008  8:03 PM

Ethan Allen Country Craftsman
dining table - trestle
2 arm chairs
4 side chairs
decent condition
upstate NY (Schenectady)
just a bit too big for new apartment

From Mary, 5/28/2008  1:10 PM

Barbara Briggs,

Would you please email me info about the cedar chest?



From May, 5/23/2008  7:55 PM

I am interested in purchasing the cedar chest. Would you tell me more about it. How much? Where are you located? Any damage to it?


From Mary, 5/23/2008  6:32 PM

I would be interested in the cedar chest. Do you have a pic? How much? Where are you located? Any damage to the chest?


From Barbara Briggs, 5/23/2008  4:01 PM

I have a Ethan Allen County Craftsman blanet cedar chest that I want to sell.

From jellis, 5/16/2008  7:45 PM

I have a dining table and 4 side chairs and 2 arm chairs for sale. They are just a little too big for my new apartment.

The table is 70 x 40, has 2 leaves, and is in good condition. A few loving scratches from a generation of kitties, and the chairs can use some glue on the rungs.

I've loved having this set for 23 years, and hosted many happy family meals. I live in upstate NY.

Are you interested??

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