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Pulaski keepsake Collection 1980"s

Posted By Ann, 4/21/2008

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Pulaski keepsake Collection had a special edition that was carried by the JC Penny Co in the 1980's...(1983?) It included several pieces like a small roll top desk, glider rocker, oak bar with carved lion heads and a brass top with matching bar stools, a wash stand with mirror.   There are several more pieces that I would like to know if anyone has pictures of or is wanting to sell.
There was also an Oak bedroom set made that was slightly oversized that had lion head carvings on the front of the dressers and nightstands.Does any one have pieces to sell? I need a headboard to match this set and I'm also looking for information on this collection that would include pictures.
thank you. anntag321@aol.com


From Jskakie, 10/17/2016  11:37 AM

I have the Pulaski Keepsake Queen oak bedroom set for sale including the head and footboards, side rails, two night stands with cut glass inserts and top drawer and the dresser with mirror. Everything is in very good condition but one 6.5 inch bale has a broken nipple that can be repaired with the right tools. Downsizing our home so unfortunately need to depart with the set which should stay together.  jskakie@ymail.com

From boo1010, 11/29/2014  6:33 PM


I'm interested in the Saloon Mirror.  Where are you located?

From Jonna, 11/29/2014  10:47 AM

If anyone is still interested, I own two of the bars with the lion heads, claw feet, etc. one has the matching saloon mirror and the other has the glass rack on the four posters that sit on top of the bar (beautiful). Also have the matching four swivel bar stools. All in excellent condition.

From boo1010, 3/3/2014  11:10 PM

Lizz1--Where are you located?  I am interested in the saloon mirror.

What is your email address?  Mine is blueonionlady@yahoo.com


From Gretchen788, 12/14/2013  11:38 PM

I have several pieces of the Keepsake collection. I have the corner hutch, small roll top desk and a end table. My pieces were purchased in 1982 and 1983.  I recently was at a Goodwill store and found the Pulaski large hutch and purchased it for $150.00.  I do wish I would have purchased the 8 cane seat chairs and they were only $5.00 a piece but I had no place for them.  I also have a oak table with 4 leaves and originally purchased 4 chairs. This set was actually in the furniture store with the keepsake collection but it is made by Cochran out of NC.  I was able to order 3 additional chairs about 6 years ago.  The oak color is different due to age. 

From Brycealley9, 12/13/2013  10:13 AM

G&K could you e-mail me pictures of the arm chairs that you mentioned? My email is brycealley9@gmail.com

From Lizz1, 10/30/2013  3:36 PM

I have four (4) solid oal swivel bar stools and a wonderful saloon mirror with shelves from this collection in excellent shape.  This is from the Keepsake Collection.  Will e-mail photos if interested.

From g & k, 10/4/2013  3:49 PM

We have the following pieces from the Keepsake Collection, all in very good shape:
Round oak table, ball-type pedestal, with ball-and-claw feet, and 12" leaf
4 arm chairs for the above table, leather cushioned seats, with rounded wicker backs.
Small desk and matching chair, wicker seat.
Bedroom dresser/mirror, chest of drawers w/mirror, 2 night stands.

I can email photos of all if interested.  Located near Denver.

From Ann, 8/16/2011  12:26 PM

Need one arm chair that goes with the round keepsake
oak table with clawfeet. The cane tore out of one,
and I am devastated.

From Ann, 8/15/2011  1:13 PM

I have the Pulaski Keepsake's Lions Claw pedestal table, 6 side chairs, 2 arm chairs, the Lions Claw Curio Cabinet as well as the China Cabinet. Please email upscaleliving@yahoo.com

From Ann, 8/15/2011  12:57 PM

Gail- I live in Atlanta and have one for sale. You did not post your email address, but mine is upscaleliving@yahoo.com

From Ann, 8/15/2011  11:40 AM

I am looking for the Keepsake dining room table (from the late 70's-early 80's) with the ball and claw foot pedestal. If you have one for sell please let me know. I live In Georgia.

From Ann, 8/10/2011  10:35 AM

I also have the Pulaski Keepsake Dining Room Table with the big ball and claw foot pedestal, 1 leaf and 4 armchairs with the wicker type seats. I have 2 additional chairs that are not Pulaski, but blend with the set. I also have the one piece large curio/china cabinet. It has 2 curved glass doors on the sides and the front is large curved front glass. It has 4 curved glass shelves and 4 claw feet. These are substantial pieces in very good condition. We purchased these new in the early 1980's. Would like to sell. We live in the Kansas City, Missouri area. Please email bbishop@kc.rr.com if interested. Thank you.

From Ann, 8/9/2011  6:14 PM

I am in Bethesda Maryland. Purchased my pieces in the 1980s too. Wish to sell the Pulaski tall oak Curved China Cabinet with lion's clawfoot with three curved glass shelves. Excellent condition. I also wish to sell the magnificent Lion's Head Buffet Server. It has the oak heavily carved full head of the lion on both sides of the curved glass china display case, two drawers (lined in the newpaper print) and attached curved mirror. I will be selling these on ebay and craigslist as well. I will send photos to anyone who is interested.

From Ann, 7/17/2011  5:12 PM

I have a Pulaski solid oak bar, lions on corners. Copper top, brass foot rails. Saloon mirror, and two stools. I purchased from a friend in 1986, he paid $2600.00 for it. I have carried this very heavy piece from S.C. to CT. to Va. I am interested in selling. I am currently working on photos to post.

From Ann, 7/15/2011  9:53 PM

I have a keepsakes Dining room set with 6 chairs curved glass china and the double china along with the ice box coffee table with Lions claw and end tables. I also have the bedroom set with the chifferobe and dresser along with the mirror and two wash stands in mint condition for sale.

From Ann, 7/3/2011  6:52 PM

I have a Pulaski keepsake small rolltop desk, it has a newsprint type lining showing 1875. There is no lions head as I see in above messages. Does anyone know what year and collection this would be? I just paid $20 for it and it is in good condition. Just curious about the history of it. Any help would be appreciated!

From Ann, 7/1/2011  6:07 PM

We have a very nice Pulaski golden oak keepsake dining room set with round table and extra leaf, 4 side chairs and 2 end chairs, 2 piece china cabinet, large curio cabinet and an Emporer triple chimes grandfather clock. It is all in excellent condition and it was bought brand new by mom in the late 70's. We are in the process of moving and really don't have the room for it in our new home as it doesn't have a dining room. This is a VERY nice set and we will take $2500 for all of it. We absolutely hate selling it as we planned on keeping it and passing it down to our kids. I can take pics and email if interested.

I WILL ENTERTAIN AN OFFER ON THIS VERY NICE SET. I HAVE IT IN AL between Montgomery and Birmingham off of I-65. Need to sell quick as I do not want to store it.


From patty gugin, 6/20/2011  12:13 PM

I'm the only owner of a bedroom set Keepsake I think I bought it in the early 80's. Queen bed headboard and foot, night stand tall 4 drawer dresser also long dresser with two long drawers and two small with mirror on top. Would like to sell I live in Wa. state. My email is pateanne90@hotmail.com

From Larry, 6/12/2011  12:29 PM

I have a oak keepsake china hutch with bowed drawers glass upper doors and leaded glass on lower unit. lights above and below. I have matching oak claw leg table with two leaves and 6 wicker seat chairs (2 with arms). It was purchased in the mid to later 70s. Outstanding condition. Will sale. ph. 563-320-5770.

From Mike, 6/5/2011  12:59 AM

I have a Pulaski chest of drawers that I believe is part of the keepsake collection. It has 6 drawers with lion head handles (with rings), faux keyholes, and the newspaper lining. Anyone know exactly what collection this is? I'm trying to figure out how to price it and the best place to sell.

From Susy, 5/28/2011  9:02 AM

We have Pulaski Keepsake dining room furniture that I am planning to sell. We have a pedestal dining table, six arm chairs with leather seats, a large curved front two-piece hutch, and a curio/secretary piece. Does anyone know the value of these pieces? Thank you.

From Bonnie, 5/14/2011  7:46 PM

Reply to Ken I am also from Oklahoma and have Keepsake to sell. Canou help me?

From Roger, 5/6/2011  1:34 AM

I am interested in purchasing a curio china buffet from the keepsake edition. Anyone have any pictures or one for sale near Utah?

From Jack, 4/28/2011  8:53 PM

I have the small roll top desk by Pulaski. It's in great condition and I would sell it for $375.

My email is Jacksmatz@aol.com

From Barb, 4/26/2011  9:09 PM

What is your email address/

From pam, 4/24/2011  7:03 PM

we have the solid oak lion head bar with brass top and 4 matching chairs, also roll top desk and 4 poster bed and dresser set. Just inherited and are considering selling, but having a problem finding current value.
Is anyone interested. and does anyone know value

From Janet, 4/15/2011  9:57 AM

I am looking for a Pulaski round diningroom table
(on a great big pedastal) with 1 or 2 leaves. It
was part of the Keepsake Edition, that I believe
came out in the late l970's.

From Barb, 4/3/2011  10:00 PM

Can you send a picture?



From Trista, 4/1/2011  3:52 PM

Hi, I have a large Keepsakes China Cabinet/Curio which I believe is from the 80's. It was given to me by my mother in law and I have no idea as to how much it is worth. It comes in two pieces - top has bowed and beveled glass with 2 glass shelves, the bottom piece has 2 small drawers and 1 large above a small cabinet. It is an absolutely beautiful piece but we are military and move a lot and I would rather see it go to a good home over seeing it get broken in a move. Any one have any idea to how much it's worth?

From Teri, 3/20/2011  9:06 PM

I am looking for a twin Keepsake headboard. I have one that I bought in the late 80's and would like another headboard to match. I have a flyer with the Keepsake Treasures collection. I am located south of San Antonio, TX.

From Guest, 2/22/2011  2:41 PM

Maddoxdram@yahoo.com... 70's Pulaski corner curio tradtional oak for sale.

From Christa, 2/22/2011  2:37 PM

I have a beautiful Pulaski corner curio. It is tradtional oak and my grandparents purchased it in the 70's. I am located in broward county fl please email me if interested.

From Becky, 1/23/2011  3:34 PM

I have a partial Pulaski Keepsake edition bedroom set from the early 80's, looking for chest, dresser or armoire to match.

From Jessica, 1/12/2011  5:25 PM

Hi I have a 1980's Keepsake player piano with bench and roles for sale for $3000. Please email if interested for more information jessicamarinstout@yahoo.com

From Harry, 1/9/2011  2:45 PM

I have a 1980 Keepsakes headboard I want to sell

From Jen, 1/8/2011  8:05 PM

Oops! I just posted and forgot to include email address for contact: jpopelier@yahoo.com. I am located in central FL.

From Jen, 1/8/2011  8:00 PM

I have a Pulaski oak buffet/curio cabinet with the lion heads and feet for sale. Has mirrored separate top piece and mirrored back to the glass shelves. Drawers on the top and bottom. Not sure if it's a Keepsake edition or not, but if anyone is interested, I have pictures!

From Norman Bedard, 12/30/2010  12:11 PM

I could be interested in the Keepsake piano for the right price. Live in Northern Jersey. Norm Bedard

From Angela T., 12/26/2010  8:38 PM

Hi, I have a Golden Oak Keepsakes night stand with stain glass windows with a towel bar. I would like to know where I can get replacement parts for the towel rack,as one of the holders has broken.

From Stuart B., 12/19/2010  1:05 PM

Hi, I purchased a Hall Tree manufactured by Pulaski Furniture Company Pulaski, VA. according to the tag on the back side of the piece. It is made of solid oak and has mirrors, leaded cut glass in top and sides and is illuminated across the top. I was hoping to get more information about the piece. I picked it up for a very great price in a thrift/consignment store. It is a very good looking piece and in near flawless condition.     

From Barbara, 11/19/2010  2:18 PM

I purchased a Pulaski Hall Tree at an estate sale a few summers ago. It is in excellent condition. I am just wanting to know any history/value of it. There is a paper stapled to the bottom with the following information:
Pulaski Furniture Corp
Cutting # 1-015-3
Item # 03820
Item Description: Hall Tree
No. 727
Thank you for any information or where to obtain any information on it.

From Pam Dillon, 11/18/2010  6:47 PM


From Shane, 11/5/2010  2:23 PM

We have a very nice Pulaski golden oak keepsake dining room set with round table and extra leaf, 4 side chairs and 2 end chairs, china hutch, large curio cabinet and grandfather clock. It is all in very good condition and it was bought brand new by mom in the early 70's. We are in the process of moving from Seneca, SC to just north of Montgomery, AL and really don't have the room for it in our new home as it doesn't have a dining room. This is a VERY nice set and we will take $2500 for all of it. We absolutely hate selling it as we planned on keeping it and passing it down to our kids. I can take pics and email if interested.


From Keith, 11/3/2010  10:41 PM

Have for sale Pulaski Oak Lion Head bar with two swivel stools, and hanging mirror back bar.Located in central NJ. E-mail zigarella@comcast.net

From Danny Carabello, 10/24/2010  7:05 PM

Looking for Pulaski four legged piano bench that went with the player piano.

From debra, 10/13/2010  5:44 PM

email debi1040@yahoo.com

From debra, 10/13/2010  5:41 PM

i have a bar for sale please eamail me

From Anthony, 10/6/2010  11:30 AM

Looking to buy Pulaski Oak Lion bar/foot rail/copper top with two stools. If you are interested in selling please email me at riverajeter@yahoo.com

From Shelly, 10/3/2010  10:25 PM

I have a Pulaski Keepsake Collection Telephone Booth!! I need to sell this item because I just don't have room for it. It is in perfect condition and has been well maintained. I am the original owner and have had this piece for about 25 years. It has a phone hookup and an interior overhead light. I have pictures if anyone is interested. It is located in Cuyahoga Falls, OH and I would like to get $2000.00 for it, but would entertain any reasonable offer. Email me at sicilyshelly78@aol.com if you are interested.

From debra, 10/3/2010  7:08 PM

i havea oak bar with top that has stain glass.top has brass inlay carved lions on each side.

From Kathy Brunson, 9/18/2010  6:14 PM

I am looking for 2 night stands in the Golden Oak Pulaski Keepsake collection. Please let me know if you have or where I might look. Thanks. Indiana

From Dale Davis, 9/13/2010  2:28 PM

I have a Dining Room Set (Pulaski Keepsakes) with the table with the ball and claw feet (solid oak) two leafs, four side chairs and two chairs with arms. The chairs have the cane in the seats. The china cabinet has beveled glass in the doors and glass shelves and two doors on the bottom with stained glass in them. The set is in beautiful condition, never really used. I really need to sell it because I don't have the room in the small house I just bought, I don't have a dining room. What would be a good price to sell the whole set?

From Donna, 9/12/2010  4:01 PM

I am looking for a side dining chair from the Keepsakes Oak Collection from the late 70's and early 80's. Pressed back, cane seat? Or if anyone is interested I would consider selling the dining set which includes the round dining table w/claw feet, with leafs, legs, custom table pad, 3 chairs and china cabinet. Bowed top with lights, straight doors on bottom and leaded center glass panel also with light. Please contact me if interested. 410-876-1669

From Bob, 9/10/2010  2:04 AM

Looking for a Pulaski Keepsake queen headboard. SoCal preferred but NorCal ok too. Will consider further if seller with pack for shipment.

From james, 8/19/2010  6:42 PM

I have a complete 1980 Pulaski Keepsake Oak Dinning Room Suite with the Hutch, Ice Box and 3 table leafs. Queen Anne feet, leaded glass in hutch and Ice Box. 2 captains chairs (arms) and 2 without arms. Custom pads for the table with case. Sits up to 10 but 8 very comfortable. closes to 60 inches. Excellent condition. Ice box has water stain on top, very light otherwise the set is near perfect for 30 years. Well maintained and very collectable. Will send pics if interested. Never stored, currently located in a formal dinning room, in my hom e. Located in Evans GA, near Augusta. Buyer pays for shipping. Make me an offer, 954-703-0529

From Debra, 8/14/2010  12:05 PM

I have two keepsake goalden oak spinlde headboards,1 night stand,1 dresser and pivoting mirror. All bought new in the 80's in good condition. I will have photos if anyone is interested. Located Tulsa, Ok.

From Cindy, 8/13/2010  11:32 AM

We have recently broken a side chair from our dining set. I believe it is Keepsakes Golden Oak, Ladder Back with double press back and cane seat purchased in the late 70's. Does anyone know where I can get one?

From Teresa, 8/3/2010  11:01 AM

I have Pulaski Keepsake furniture that I purchased at Moon's Treasure's for Your Homes in Snellville, GA. I purchased a desk, gliding rocker, and an oval (with inserts) dining room table (with 4 claw feet) w/6 cane-bottom chairs.

I am moving soon and need to sell some pieces. I have what I think is called a secretary's desk (?). It's a golden oak desk with carved lion heads on the front sides w/feet. The top has an ornate mirror sided by carved lion's heads. At the end of the lion heads, there are two small drawers on the top sides (white round knobs), then a drop lid-when opened has a deep surface and slots for mail (?). The bottom of the unit has glass doors that open to a double shelf area which is lighted and 2 drawers (w/white knobs) on the very bottom. I am happy to send photos. I have used it as a centerpiece of the room to display antique family photos and antique glassware, etc. The Pulaski tag code on the back of the desk is 025-D-65310. Just email me at teresa.hauck@gmail.com before 9/1/10 if possible. Located Gwinnett County, GA (east metro Atlanta).

From jazzingblue, 8/1/2010  3:48 PM

I have the Pulaski Keepsake Player Piano. It has the leaded glass doors over the roll area, mirror back of keys, and lion head legs. Also have the matching oak four legged piano bench with the claw and ball feet, lift top, and many piano rolls. I have the matching curved-front buffet, also with the lead glass doors on bottom, and mirror top. I have also from this collection the matching round pedestal dining table (with leaf/oval), beautiful base with huge ball and claw legs and four chairs. I live in South Walton County, Florida. Buyer would be responsible for moving. Can provide photos via email. Will sell separate. Piano would make a great decor statement in a restaurant, bed & breakfast, or a bar/lounge.
Please contact me: jazzingblue@hotmail.com

From Ann, 7/29/2010  1:46 AM

Does anyone know how to clean the brass top on the oak carved lion head bar? Mine is discolored and needs refurbished? I'm not sure how to clean it or what product to use. Thanks for any advice or suggestions.

From dschofield, 7/29/2010  12:14 AM

I have the Pulaski Oak Lion bar/foot rail/copper top with two stools for sale. Holland, Michigan area. dksch11@hotmail.com

From john, 6/13/2010  8:47 AM

I have an original golden oak bedroom set series Keepsake 1 for sale, including queen (low) four poster carved head & footboards, side rails, two night stands with brass towel racks and stain glass door plus a large dresser with mirror. I am asking US$1500. I also had a tall dresser made by a true Mennonite craftsman to go with the set. Its a close match in design complete with the curve top drawer. Email me if interested jskakie@hotmail.com.

From Jan, 5/30/2010  7:02 PM

Reply for Denise Prince.
Greetings Denise,
I'm interested in the King bedroom set and desk. We have some parts of the set and are very interested in what you have. Please respond to jraff4t@earthlink.net

From Peggy, 5/22/2010  11:14 AM

I have the Keepsake Player Piano with piano rolls and bench. The matching buffet, both have the lead glass doors. The matching round dining table (with leaf/oval) and four chairs. I live in South Walton County, Florida. Buyer would be responsible for moving. Will sell separate.

From Denise Prince, 5/20/2010  3:32 PM

I have a Pulaski Keepsakes bedroom set from the 1980's that Im willing to sell. It is solid golden oak. I have the king head & footboard, one night stand, the large dresser, the small roll top desk and the hope chest with the Keepsakes logo carved on the front. It is a beautiful set and in great condition considering its age. I would rather sell it as a set than piece by piece. Please post a reply if you are interested. Thanks.

From Robert, 5/18/2010  1:45 PM

I have the curved glass china cabinet from the Keepsake Golden Oak collection. I purchased it in the late 70's or early 80's. Anyone interested, please call me at 210-215-5807 or e-mail: rcmelendez_06@att.net -- I'm asking $900 - location: San Antonio, Tx.

From Arlene, 5/3/2010  12:12 AM

I have a Keepsake player piano from the 80's with the lion legs and stained glass doors over the section where you insert the rolls of music. I have about 18 rolls that are included.

It's in good overall condition, has a few boo boos, but nothing major.   It needs to be tuned, but it does play fine. I'm asking $1,800.00

Piano is located in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

My email is arlenearlene@bellsouth.net.

From Judy, 4/25/2010  1:03 PM

Thank YOu,

From Judy, 4/25/2010  12:56 PM

I am looking for the Pulaski Keepsake Edition BENCH HALL TREE with LION FEET. I have a picture of the one I want if anyone knows where I might find one. Will pay top dollar. Please email me at sjhnjah@hotmail.com.

From GLORIA RENDON, 4/15/2010  3:22 AM

I am searching for a golden oak keepsake edition queen size foot board. It is the one with the sraight spindles.
My grandson and his friend were jumping on the bed and broke the pegs that hold the rails of the footboard. I could just use the headboard with a regular bed frame but the footboard is what makes this bed look like an antique.
My son keeps telling me it's time for a new set but I still love my old set from the 1970's and it has held up
beautifully no broken pieces and it has been through four moves. They don't make furniture like this anymore. Please e-mail me at gren.13@hotmail.com if anyone has one for sale or knows anyone who could possibly repair my footboard. I live in San Antonio,Tx


From Larry, 3/26/2010  10:41 AM

Martha, are you interested in selling the set, where is the furniture located? Value certainly set by condition. thanks

From Martha, 2/20/2010  8:44 PM

I believe I have the bar, stools and a back bar.   The bar is oak and has lion heads down each side on the front with a brass or copper top. ANy idea of value? I bought it in 1987 used for $800.

From Larry or Karren, 2/20/2010  7:51 PM

Looking for Pulaski Keepsake Bar and Saloon mirror within 500 miles of Salt Lake City. For that matter, any other Keepsake items would be of interest. Thanks

From Danny, 2/9/2010  9:17 AM

Just purchased a nearly perfect Pulaski Keepsake dresser in golden oak with bowed center drawer, a cabinet type door on bottom right, and a curved pivoting center mirror. What is the dresser worth? It's missing a little decorative ball that fits on the end of a hinge pin of a hinge on the cabinet drawer. Where can I get the little ball or complete pin? Also, will someone email pics of the other bedroom furniture that was part of the set. Thanks to all.

From Janet, 2/7/2010  9:48 AM

I am looking for a Pulaski Keepsake collection "bar Height" stool with cane seat. I have one and need one more.

From Ted, 2/6/2010  12:30 PM

Trying to find a dining room table & chairs that would seat 10....I have the table & chairs that seat 6.... They probably didn't even make one that seats 10 but I'm hoping.....

From Arlene, 2/1/2010  3:57 PM

I have a Keepsake player piano from the 80's (oak with the lions, etc.), that I hate to have to part with, but it looks like I'm going to have to real soon due to downsizing to a smaller home. It works, but some of the notes are a little off-key, so I guess it needs tuning? Is that expensive ... about how much does it cost? I need to know so I can factor that in to what I should ask for it.

Also, what is the value of this piano ... I saw where several people asked, but I didn't see an answer.

Thanks for any info you can throw at me!


From SS, 1/24/2010  9:30 PM

I have a keepsake two piece hutch for sale.

From robert, 1/17/2010  3:59 PM

i have the pulaski old time player for sale for 2000 dollars obo is this the model your looking for?

From Curt S, 1/10/2010  1:40 AM

I did not include email it is crtsteere@yahoo.com please email if interested or have a suggestion on how much it is worth

From Curt S, 1/10/2010  1:36 AM

I have a pulaski bar brass top from the 70s I am wanting to sell it but not sure what it is worth my mother told me she paid about 1500 for it in the mid to late 70s it does have two heads carved on the sides with squares in the middle it had two chairs but they got separated and i have the bar.

From Mary Beth, 1/9/2010  12:03 PM

I am looking for the Pulaski player piano from the keepsake collection. Many years ago I saw the piano in the furniture store in St. Joe, Mo. I would really like to locate this piano. Please let me know if you have any leads.
Thank you,
Mary Beth

From Glen, 12/5/2009  6:24 PM

I have a Pulaski small roll top desk, assume it is the secretary from other posts, that was my mother's. I do not have the room to keep it. It is in excellent condition but the roll top and drawer knobs had to be replaced. They are close to original design. If anyone is interested, please drop me an email to glen9010@gmail.com. I have some pics that I can send. I am in Northern California.

From Ann, 11/16/2009  11:33 PM

If anyone has pictures of the bedroom furniture I'd love to see them. Were there different styles of headboards and did the bed have a footboard?
You can send pics to anntag321@aol.com

From Heather, 11/15/2009  8:49 PM

Hi, I am so excited to find this group of people who know so much about the Pulaski Keepsake Collection. I have the front bar with the brass top and saloon mirror. I am looking for the back bar only. If anyone can help me I would greatly appriciate it. Please contact me @ Heatherdmason@verizon.net Thanks!!

From Gary, 11/14/2009  12:42 PM

I have three bedroom pieces of the Pulaski Keepsake Collection purchased around 1976 that I am interested in selling. The three pieces are in Connecticut. I am the original owner and they have been in use since purchased but have been well taken care of.
Dresser - Center mirror, three small drawers down each side, one long curved drawer on bottom
Low Dresser - Curved center drawer and two small drawers on each side, two long drawers on left bottom, door with two drawers inside on right
Night table - two drawers, top one curved, rail on top

Email me if interested - I can send photos

From juliette, 10/29/2009  4:22 PM

I forgot to add my email for responses.. jwilliams@crowncruise.com

From Juliette, 10/29/2009  4:06 PM

I have the Keepsake player piano too with rolls and stool in flawless condition~ as anyone figured out the value? I would like to sell.
I also have queen bed with headboard and footboard + 2 chest of drawers + 2 night tables to match all with the lions claw and ball feet.
+ I have dining set with 8 chairs and china cabinet
does anyone know the values.. these are collectors peices ...
please advise.. all located at this time in Raleigh NC

From Wanda, 10/23/2009  11:33 AM

Sorry, forgot to include my email address:

From Wanda, 10/23/2009  11:31 AM

I have a Pulaski hall tree in excellent condition. I believe it is from the Keepsake collection, as it was purchased new in 1986/87. It has a beveled mirror, marble shelf (real or faux?), two coat hooks, and carved lion profiles book-ending the mirror. Picture available. I am posting on Craigslist today so please holler if you are interested. Location: Los Angeles. Thanks!

From Michelle, 10/9/2009  1:57 PM

I have a Pulaski Keepsake Collection Telephone Booth!! I need to sell this item because I am moving to a much smaller house and will have no room for it. It is in perfect condition and has been well maintained. I am the original owner and have had this piece for about 25 years. It has a phone hookup and an interior overhead light. I have pictures if anyone is interested. It is located in Cuyahoga Falls, OH and I would like to get $2000.00 for it, but would entertain any reasonable offer. Email me at sicilyshelly78@aol.com if you are interested.

From Ken D, 10/3/2009  10:12 PM

Have Keepsake Pulaski LIONS HEAD OAK BAR WITH BRASS TOP AND RAIL. Saloon BACK BAR and 3 Matching Stools. Good condition, Purchased new in the late 70s. Will sell for $1500.00.

From Donna, 10/1/2009  9:43 PM

Pulaski Keepsake pieces For Sale: Small Roll Top Desk (secretary) in excellent condition, no marring/scarring, all original hardware/knobs. Lead Glass Washstand (w/o back splash, didn't come with this model), all original hardware/knobs, excellent condition except for slight finish rubbing on across the front next to floor. Have photo's of both, and original hang-tag showing drawings of available pieces at that time. $150/ea

From Scott, 9/29/2009  11:06 AM

Ken, I have a Pulaski Oak swivel desk chair with arms. It has caning on the back, and a large oak seat. Pictures are available on request, and I am in Arlington VA. I have many more pieces of this line that we are keeping, but unfortunately, there is no room for my Desk and chair.

From Karina, 9/27/2009  3:56 PM

We have two pieces of Keepsake furniture from the 80's for sale. One is the dresser with 3 large drawers on the bottom, cabinet/door on the right and removable mirror on the left. Also the small roll top secretary as well.

Please e-mail if interested and we can send you pictures.

All furniture is located in Denton,TX.

From Bob Michaels, 9/23/2009  8:11 PM

For the Pulaski Keepsake furniture
I am asking: $150 for the mirror
               $850 Bookcase Bed
               $750 dresser
               Men's armoire $900
               Bar $1100
               2 stools $200 each
               Bar Saloon mirror $275
               Piano & rolls   $3000
               Clock/ curio piece $500
I can email pictures of any of the pieces. All the furniture is located in Rahway, NJ

From Bob Michaels, 9/22/2009  8:36 PM

I will be moving from NJ and will be puting some furniture up for sale. I have a Pulaski Keepsake Piano with some rolls, piano bench, Bar with stools and bar mirrors, clock/curio piece. I also have a bookcase bedroom set with a dresser. I can be contacted at rtmichaels@msn.com

From Barb, 8/23/2009  9:07 AM

The piano would be a beautiful addition to a restaurant or hotel lobby. It's a fun conversation piece.

From Barb, 8/16/2009  4:22 PM

We are asking $6,500 for the piano and 100 rolls.
We are in Mears, Michigan, on the Lake Michigan   shoreline between Silver Lake and Pentwater. We would consider any offer, but cannot be involved in the moving of the piano.

From Ken, 8/16/2009  3:54 PM

Barb what are you asking for the Piano and its rolls and where are you located at? Let us know... Thanks

From Barb, 8/12/2009  10:08 PM

Forgot to give you the email address, it's meow@voyager.net
Player Piano
oak ice b0x

From Barb, 8/12/2009  10:03 PM

We have the Pulaski Keepsake player piano. It has the leaded glass doors over the roll area. It has the lion head legs and is in beautiful condition. We also have an oak three legged piano stool with the claw and ball feet. We have many, many piano rolls, a lift top oak piano bench and an oak ice box that is in superior condition. We use the ice box to store the piano rolls. All items are for sale. We would want to sell all together or at least the piano first. Email us for more info.

From Ken, 8/10/2009  12:12 AM

Sorry but for replacement parts or class try Van Dykes Restorers @ www.vandykes.com

From Vicki, 7/18/2009  5:04 PM

I am looking for a round coffee table,end tables,a bedroom set, hall tree, and would consider a player piano. If anyone is interested in selling these, send me a quote. It is beautiful furniture. Thanks, Vicki

From SANDY ORKIN, 7/15/2009  12:26 AM



From Ken, 7/7/2009  4:59 PM

ken, i have a player piano, curved china hutch and a secretary - pulaski keepsake. do you have any values. please email me at mary@dakotanewsinc.com thankyou.

From Louise Norton, 6/9/2009  3:57 PM

Hi....I have a Pulaski Keepsake dining room set that I would like to sell but I'm hoping someone could advise me on a ballpark figure to list it for.

I have of course the table with 2 arm and 4 regular chairs. The china cabinet has 2 curved glass doors on top, 2 curved drawers in the middle and 2 flat wood doors on the bottom seperated by a stained glass panel.

I live in North Eastern Ohio. The set is in VERY GOOD condition. Thanks to anyone that can help me.


From Ken, 4/13/2009  10:41 PM

Brad, we are looking forward to seeing it.

From Brad, 4/13/2009  7:13 AM

Ken, he has it all wrapped for transport...I will go up there today and see if I can't get him to unwrap it so I can take a pic or two. It is absolutely stunning. Very large...I would say it is 4 feet wide and 4 feet deep and about 7 to 7.5 feet tall. lots of glass and bench inside with, if I remember correctly the old crank type phone on the wall....but I will get pics to you...Thanks

From Ken, 4/13/2009  3:07 AM


It sounds like your have a Pulaski Keepsakes bar. Oak with its brass top and foot rails. Carvings on each front corner.

Then you have a stain glass top on it with its turned round columns and stained glass top. Not sure about a locked cabinet?


Ken Stagg

From Traci, 4/6/2009  10:17 PM

Can anyone tell me the name of the Pulaski Bar I have? Solid oak, turned columns, stained glass across top, holds wine glasses, brass top and foot rest. Cabinet lit from inside. Locked cabinet with shelves. My father bought it in the 80's and I have moved it to three houses hoping to have a place for it. Finally selling it.

From Ken, 4/6/2009  3:26 PM

No Brad, I never seen a Phone booth yet. Please send a pic if you can plz. I just seen a Pulaski Keepsakes player piano for the first time and it sold for $2,200.00        &nb sp; 

From Brad, 4/5/2009  11:43 AM

Hey Ken, any idea what a full sized Oak finish pulaski furniture co. Phone Booth is valued at? Have a friend who is thinking of selling it. Thanks!

From Ken, 1/27/2009  12:20 AM


Most all of the Pulaski Keepsakes edition pieces had the bowfronts type of drawers. Same as with the dinning room furniture from that same line. Your Keepsakes truck or the "treasure chest" is what I call it as it is really rare but it is from the same Keepsakes collection from the late 70's or eairly 80's. Your chest is not the Keepsakes hope chest as it does looks like a real treasure chest with its brass capped corners on it. It should have the newpaper type of linning on its bottom like the Keepsakes dresser drawers have within them. It is the best built treasure chest you will ever find. Hope this helps you,


From Julie, 1/18/2009  6:46 AM

I just inherited Pulaski keepsake, queen head/foot, two night stand and dresster with pivoting mirror with bow front..it also includes a large trunk with leater accents very detailed. I am trying to find the age of this. Would know about how old this bowfront pieces would be?

From Ken, 1/1/2009  8:39 PM


I'm asked that price quistion all the time and I've tried to answer those quistions in the past but I got told I was crazy or I had something screwed on backwards. So now days I just say that "It is worth what you can get out it".... Sometimes just just a case of what you have and where it is located at...


Ken Stagg

From mike, 12/29/2008  5:30 PM

I have a complete Pulaski "keepsake" bar set with saloon mirror and two stools, also a matching halltree and curio cabinet. I would like to know the value of these pieces. All are in excellent condition

From Ken, 12/12/2008  1:33 AM

Mary, There are three different nightstands in the Plaski Keepsake Collection. I would try looking in Gregslist.org under furiture and narrow your search under "Keepsake" within different Cities that are closer to your location. Good luck, Ken    

From Ken, 12/12/2008  1:17 AM

Mike, If it is the large Keepsakes mirror that is that that is about 4ft tall X 4ft wide and triangled shape it is almost impossible to find. To bad you had the "Sallon" removed from the mirror. I just found one recently for a person and they paid $300.00 plus shipping. Good luck. Ken       

From Mary, 12/6/2008  4:20 PM

Ken, Since you know so much about Pulaski furniture,maybe you can help me. I just purchased at auction a Pulaski Keepsakes golden oak bedroom set, but it did not have a nightstand. Do you know where I could get one? I've searched all over the internet. Thanks.

From Mike, 11/26/2008  11:47 PM

Keepsake golden oak bar mirror; 2 side short shelves along side the center mirror. I had the "saloon" removed as I used it for a bedroom mirror over the dresser.   any idea of value? I am in CA

From Eliz, 8/20/2008  6:50 PM

Seems you know a lot about Pulaski Furniure. Do you have any picture of the bedroom suite "Keepsake' golden oak. If so, can you send me a picture . Thanks Ann

From Ken, 8/18/2008  10:19 PM

Joan, Your bar set is compete. You have Pulaski Keepsakes edition bar with the copper top, the back bar wall marror that says "Saloon" within the mirror. Then you have some bar stools most had the "Cain" within the buttom seat and very few had a soild buttom stools. That is a complete "Keepsake" edition bar set. No other back bar piece was ever made for that set. Hope this help you. If you need a back bar mirror, I do know where one is at. Just let me know. Thanks, Ken     

From Eliz, 8/17/2008  7:15 PM

Hey Ken,
Thanks, for the information on Pulaski furniture,I'll check out the web page you gave me ....

From Ken, 8/16/2008  7:50 PM

Elz, No hardware is availible but Pulaski would refer you to www.vandykess.com. You would just have to get close to the orginal as possible.

From Elizabeth, 8/7/2008  5:35 PM

Does anyone know where I can get some hardware that goes on Pulaski bedroom ,dresser and night stands ,fits on top of those pieces,no other value other than looks.The name of the set in "Keepsake" golden oak, built in the 1980's or before ...Thanks

From Joan, 8/6/2008  1:44 PM

I too have a Pulaski piece that I hope someone has info on. I called Pulaski and Ken is correct. They have no information but thought my piece may be out of the keepsakes collection. It is a bar with a copper top and has a glass piece in front that says "SALOON". It also has four chairs. I am trying to find the back bar. Does anyone have any info for me? Please email me at jdealba@charter.net. Thanks!

From Cindi, 7/29/2008  1:34 PM

Hi everyone,

I live in Ventura County, Southern California, and have several pieces of the Keepsakes Collections (purchased at different stores in the mid '80's). If my great niece doesn't want them I will VERY SOON be selling all pieces. None my pieces have the Lion's Head. I have the Queen Headboard, Football, and side rails. I have a gossip bench, a rocker a dresser with a curvy mirror set between to stacks of drawers on each end, also has a wide (from side to side) bottom drawer. I have Rocking Chair, a very large armoir - 2 doors 3 small drawers and a side to side bottom drawer, I have writing table, I have a night stand that looks like the writing table but smaller. If anyone is interested email me and I'll email you back my phone number.
Blessings to all,

From Ken, 5/26/2008  7:15 PM

Hi Tracy, Nope nothing out here as far as value of the furniture. Just put price that you fill is fair and see what happens. I know what your calling a small buffet and you see them all the time so is not worth much $75 Your dinning table only with the big ball at its base $200-250 with the leaf by itself. I'm only used to a pressed back dinning rm chair that may or may not have a cain in it seats. I haven't seen any with leather so I don't know about them. Are you sure they are Pulaski? Large buffet 200-400. If you can send me some pics and I will tell you what I would ask for them. Where are you locsted at? kenstagg@yahoo.com       

From Tracy, 5/26/2008  5:50 PM

I need help too on this subject. I have to sell my grandmothers nine piece dinning room (pulaski) keepsakes collection. There's a wash table something that looks like a buffet with two small rounded shelves on each side, a large ( heavy) buffet with a mirror on it(the mirror comes off). And a dining room table with a large round thing on the base, claw feet with four captains chairs that have leather on them. The other pieces above all have lights in them pained & leader doors, also brass rods. So here's my problem I can not find a thing about there value anywhere, what can I do?

From Ken, 5/26/2008  1:32 AM

I might add that little roll top desk that you reffered to is not easy to find. I only seen one on eday about a year ago in NC and the guy only wanted $75.00 for it but he wouldn't ship it. Ken

From Ken, 5/26/2008  1:25 AM

Ann, good to meet you. Three different head/foot boards with the Keepsake editon. All queen sizes - one poster bed.

Not really that hard to find the different the headboards. I'm a collector in Okla and seek out the complete line though out the Midwest and the southern regions. It is just a hobby of mine. I now own or have owned most of the peices within the Keepsake edition. I run onto all type of this product line if I knew what you was looking for. Their was serveral different dinning room peices as the line numbered around 200 different peices. Thanks... Ken

From ann, 5/25/2008  9:30 AM

Thanks for your input on the Keepake Collection. I have a bedroom set... lacking the headboard/footboard. How difficult is it to locate a headboard. Do you know if there was a twin made or just full, queen and king?
There was a diningroom set I recently saw online that was very nice.Do you know of any pieces for sale? Where are you located? I'm interested in what you may have or come across. Thanks...Ann

From ken, 5/25/2008  1:22 AM

Yes, It all in the same keepsake edtion. Yes the edtion evolved over the years with some little changes. I know of the bar, a three tried large curo cabnet and a gun cabnet with the lion heads on them.

The small roll top desk and all of the bedroom furniture didn't have the loin heads that I have ever seen that and I go back to the 80's. I buy and sell and rehad all the time and have a house full of the line.

The keepsake line ended before the computer age and Pulaski never keep any specs or pics. They went with the craftmans and the job went to China.            

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