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Bissman furniture

Posted By Rebecca, 4/7/2008

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If anyone has any information on Bissman walnut furniture, I'd love to know more about it, and possibly purchase some more pieces. Thank you!


From hollohead, 11/2/2011  4:46 PM

i have bissman furniture, 2 end tables, coffee table, and a corner piece, solid walnut, and a number.  i am looking for someone to purchase.  i live in Tucson az..... reply if interested

From hollohead, 11/2/2011  4:42 PM

i have bissman furniture, 2 end tables, coffee table, and a corner piece, solid walnut, and a number.  i am looking for someone to purchase.  i live in Tucson az..... reply if interested

From Rebecca, 7/7/2011  3:25 PM

I have 5 pieces of Bissman, a double bed, mirror, 2 night stands and an 8 drawer dresser, with the sliding tray.
Im located in the Marietta, Ohio area, and will entertain any reasonable offer.

From Jack Crabb, 5/12/2011  6:13 PM

How much for the 2 night stands and the 7 drawer chest?
Could be interested
I have a bed and dresser

From Debbie, 5/7/2011  10:11 AM

I have many pieces of Bissman walnut furniture I need to sell in the next six months. 2 headboard/footboards (one with bookcase), 2 8-drawer chests of drawers with mirrors, 2 nightstands, 7-drawer high-boy chest, 2 coffee tables, 3 end step tables, 1 corner step table. Most are in mint condition. Any ideas on pricing and best way to sell them?

From mike, 3/31/2011  7:21 PM

Carl Bissman never made king size beds. Carl died in a hospital not at home. Carl made some furniture with a blonde finish but no mahogany wood.

From adie, 3/16/2011  4:44 PM

I just bought a bissman 1961 walnut 4 drawer dresser in Springfield, MO. Someone had donated it to a thrift store of all places! It's lovely! How much do these pieces go for? I'd love to know if I got a deal. I just loved it and couldn't believe I happened upon a piece of Springfield and American history.

From Carol Bonham, 2/21/2011  2:44 PM

On March 6th, 2011, we will be selling at auction a Bissman chest of drawers. The style is chest on chest with three drawers over four drawers, solid walnut. A picture can be viewed at www.BonhamAuctions.com. We take absentee bids by phone or email.
Carol Bonham

From Amanda, 2/13/2011  5:15 PM


I am interested in your table and four chairs if you still have them? If you have them I would love to see pictures and know what you are asking for them.


From Cory, 12/8/2010  1:12 PM

I have a 5 piece dining set (table and four chairs), it is dated 1956, it does show some wear, but overall it's in good condition. It also has the slides manufacturer stamp and some original stickers on the chairs.

Up until a couple of years ago the original tapestry was still on, but I replaced it with a newer/cleaner fabric.

Please let us know if you are interested. I would love for these pieces to go to someone who cares about the antiques/deco and who would take care of them.

From Mary Angela, 10/11/2010  11:39 AM

My father was a friend of Elizabeth Bissman and took care of her when she was in the hospital in Kansas City. When she became ill and was in a Springfield, MO hospital, she contacted my father and invited him to come to her home and choose whatever furniture items he wanted.

My mother tells me that we have in our possession, the modern styled, walnut bed in which Carl A. Bissman died. From their home, we also have a modern-styled walnut dining room hutch, a pair of walnut twin beds and a double, pineapple post bed. I think that one may be mahogany.

Over the years, my family has also obtained other Bissman pieces.

At this time, I am posting this note to see what interest there is in obtaining any of these items. If YOU are interested or know someone else that may be, please contact me at mamulthauf@gmail.com.

From Kathleen, 9/12/2010  12:22 PM

I have a children's doll bed that is stamped C A Bissman Furniture Co. Springfield Missouri. Would like to know more about it.....Can anyone help?

From Jessie, 8/30/2010  7:31 PM

I have a Carl Bissman dining table and 6 chairs with a matching buffet/hutch. It is in great condition and we have listed it on Craig's List, but we were hoping to sell it to someone who actually cares about antique/special furniture. This is one of Bissman's last pieces before his death. Please contact me if you're interested in buying this set or know of a way to get in touch with someone who is.

From Larene, 7/9/2010  2:33 PM

To Sherry, I would be very interested in your furniture. Do you have photos?

From Larene, 7/9/2010  2:31 PM

To Sherry
I would be very interested in the bedroom set, Where can it be seen?

From sherry, 7/1/2010  12:07 PM

i have a matching walnut headboard, nightstand and dresser in mint condition for sale nightstand still has orginal paper tag

From crystal, 4/20/2010  3:09 PM

i have 4 harp back chairs made by carl bissman they are tagged and marked. how much do they go for they are in awesome shape.

From Edna Lee, 3/14/2010  11:31 PM

I am looking for 2 matching Bissman Solid Walnut Series 600 nightstands. Does anybody have them for sale?

From adam, 1/30/2010  8:24 PM

I've recently been bitten by the Bissman bug. I just bought two end-tables and a matching side table. I'd love to get some more pieces. Does anyone have anything for sale or know where I can get some more? Thank you.

From Teresa, 10/24/2009  9:20 PM

I have a solid walnut dining room table with the patented mechanism that allows smooth expansion of the table with three solid walnut leaves, 6 solid walnut upholstered chairs, buffet, and china cabinet. The weight is incredible and I would cry if I thought I ever had to move it myself. I would love to begin acquiring more of Carl Bissmans pieces for the rest of the house but would invite any information anyone would have on the value. I think I may have gotten it for a steal. Thanks!

From G, 10/14/2009  2:54 PM

response to Jim Dyson's post
I am interested in acquiring a Bissman Desk leave an email if you still have one for sale.

From Edna, 8/22/2009  11:10 AM

Response to Joan's 10/22/08 message regarding Bissman series 600 nightstands for sale. I don't remember which series we have but am interested in adding two nightstands to our bedroom suite. Do you still have them and if so, could you please send pictures? Thank you.

From Darin, 8/2/2009  5:37 PM

Hi Mark

I have pictures that I can email you. Please let me know if you would like to see them. Thanks


From Darin Gofas, 7/30/2009  4:32 PM

Hi Mark

I am working on getting good pictures taken. I have some other people that are asking for pictures as well, so please bare with me. As of right now, we are not sure what to ask for. We have had a lady review the furniture to give us an idea on what to do. She did state to place the furniture on Ebay and let people bid on the furniture, but just not sure if I want to go that route. I am going to take pictures this weekend. Please give me an email address to email the pictures to. I am located in Chandler, AZ.

From Mark, 7/28/2009  12:25 PM

Do you have pictures of the bed and chest? How much are you asking? Where are you located?

From Darin Gofas, 6/29/2009  2:26 PM

To add to our previous message, the dresser drawer has 6 drawers. Thanks

From Darin, 6/29/2009  2:25 PM


We have 2 pieces of Bissman furniture and looking for any buyers out there. We have a (3/4) 4 Poster Double Bed and a Chest on Chest Dresser Drawer. They are Walnut finish (original finish and hardware). Please let me know. Thanks Darin

From G. White, 5/6/2009  3:59 PM

I am interested in purchasing a Bissman desk. Anyone with one to sell please email me with type and shape

From Rick Quary, 4/10/2009  6:57 PM

I am interested in purchasing reasonably priced Bissman furniture. Please let me know what you have, where it is located and how much you want for it. Rick

From Jim Dyson, 3/7/2009  12:52 PM

I have a walnut desk by Bissman if there is any interest out there... it truly has style.

From Howard, 12/23/2008  5:58 PM

I have a Bissman walnut dresser it's about 3.5 wide x 4'.5" tall x 3' deep and head and footboard.

From Howard, 12/23/2008  5:54 PM

I have a king size Bissman walnut headboard!

From Robert Pettegrew, 12/18/2008  8:33 PM

I am looking for a Bissman solid walnut king size headboard (if it exists) and a night stand.

From joan, 10/22/2008  6:24 PM

I have a 6 drawer bureau and two night stands that are Bissman the 600 series to sell

From Rich Crabtree, 10/15/2008  8:08 AM

To find information on Carl Bissman


Click on Carl Bissman - and you will find aot of information on him and his businesses.

From Linda, 5/18/2008  7:43 AM

I have a Bissman solid walnut kidney shaped desk with three drawers that my aunt left it to me. It is a beautiful piece. How would I go about ascertaining the value?

From Rebecca, 4/30/2008  7:08 PM

Jim-- Thank you for posting-- that does sound nice, but we already have our end tables in place. Thanks again, though, for contacting me about them.

John Irvin-- I never heard back from you. I do have a bedroom that needs a set like yours. : )


From Jim, 4/30/2008  7:01 PM

Would you be interested in a nice pair of 2-tier walnut end tables near Omaha?

From Rebecca, 4/15/2008  9:18 AM

Hi John--

Where are you located, do you have any pictures, and how much are you asking for the set?



From John Irvin, 4/15/2008  9:05 AM

I forgot to mention the pieces of the Bissman Solid Oak I have   They are as following

8 drawer dresser & mirrow
4 drawer chest
Complete bed
night table
This is a matching set   John

From John Irvin, 4/15/2008  9:01 AM

I have the complete Bissman solid Walnut bedroom outfit I am going to dell Thanks John

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