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Posted By Jas0n Simps0n, 5/20/2002

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Hello, My name is Jason Simpson and I recently purchased an antique dining table and chairs. On the bottom, a stamp of "Lex Chair Company" is seen with serial numbers, department, etc. After doing some research, I discovered that there was a Lexington Chair Company in Lexington, NC. However, I have not been able to find any other information. I am looking for some type of history that might explain the origins of the company, founders, employees, etc. The stamp suggests the piece was manufactured in 1939. Is there any information available about this organization? ANY help would be much appreciated! Thank you, Matthews, NC .


From tarheel1991, 2/24/2013  10:41 AM

I to have a drop leaf dinning table (1863, Lex, Chair Co) from Lexington Chair comapny.  Does anyone here know how much it's worth? 

From 554lirui, 1/23/2013  6:40 PM

I bought chairs </a> last week and it was great. I think it was worth trying.

From Jas0n Simps0n, 7/6/2011  8:17 PM

I have a drop leaf table with brass on the feet.Stamped 1903 MAH Lex Chair Company chalk writing 213.How do you get info on pieces and or find out their worth?

From Anna, 10/17/2010  2:35 AM

I have 3 harp back chairs, each with a sticker reading "Lexington Chair Company". I, too, wish to know their age. Brian, all have '134 mah' handwritten on them. The wood is lovely. Don't know if it's original finish. Seats have been recovered many times. Michelle, your table sounds gorgeous. Have you found any chairs yet? My sticker also has an address typed on it: MIDWEST FURN. & APP., MITCHELL, SO. DAKOTA. Trina, I don't know if that could be of any help to you. I'll check back here occasionally for new posts.

From Michelle, 7/18/2010  10:27 AM

I also have a table stamped 1872 Lex. Chair Co. The table is a Duncan Pyffe style table made from mahogany with harps on the base of the legs. It has been in my husbands family for awhile. Beyond that I don't know much about it. I am currantly looking for the harp back chairs to match it.

From Alex, 11/25/2009  8:56 PM

I just aquired a table and chairs.
The table also is stamped 1939 LEX CHAIR CO.
I refinish wood anything and was also interested. Lots of questions, no answers it seems.

From Trina, 11/17/2009  9:02 PM

I have a dark wood drop leaf table stamped Lex. Chair Company with "1927" stamped on the underside. Movers just damaged it and I'm trying to ascertain its worth.

From don, 9/9/2009  1:54 PM

I have a telephone(gossip) table stamped Lex. Chair Co 4005 Oak. Appears to be from the 40's or 50's light oak with Green vinyl seat cushion. Trying to find out more about it.

From Jayson, 9/5/2009  4:33 PM

I have a stamped Lex. Chair Co. and Edward Malley Co. child's chair and cant seem to find any thing like it or about it I would like to know a price range if anyone has any idea. Thanke Jayson

From Sarah, 8/10/2009  3:38 PM

I just received a dining table from my aunt that has "1939 Lex. Chair Company" stamped on the bottom. It folds down on both sides and seems to have brass covering on the feet. I would love any info regarding this company! Thanks ~Sarah

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