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Posted By Alex, 11/10/2003

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Hello Russ, I have read many postings on your message board, it seems you are definitely THE man with the answers! I am trying to put together a 12 month sales forecast for a new, 2000 sf modern furniture and accessories store (very competitively priced). I have researched the internet for what I thought was a relatively simple question and have not yet found an answer. Can you tell me what months of the year are considered “good” sales months for furniture purchases? Are there certain months of the year that are considered slow or just plain “dead”? Also, I am trying to find out what annual furniture sales are in the metropolitan Chicago area. Is there a formula that would help me figure out what my projected annual sales could be, based on sf of selling space. I guess I would feel better with some kind of formula instead of just pulling a number out of thin air! Thank you very Much! rose


From Rose Tejeda-Navarre, 6/23/2004  12:13 PM

Dear Russ, I apologize for not thanking you for your response earlier. Things got hectic! I did speak with some furniture salesmen that stated that the following months are good sales months in the Chicago areaSept-Oct-Nov. and Jan-Feb-Mar. The slowest months being June and July. Thanks again, Happy New Year! Rose Tejeda-Navarre

From Russell at Furniture World Magazine, 6/23/2004  12:12 PM

Dear Rose, I don't have any hard figures on this, but there are certain times of the year that are better for specific product categories than others. Certainly the fall is a good selling season... especially for dining rooms and other categories as consumers plan to entertain, and spruce up their homes for the holidays. Recliners make a good Father's Day gift and Outdoor furniture sales in Chicago in January, are pretty poor. Especially bad weather can take its toll and the hot summer months can be a bit slow. Upholstery, especially leather upholstery sales tends to be more constant. I forwarded your message on to Dave Mink at Trax Sales. Dave sells a sales tracking and customer follow-up software package that includes a traffic counter. He may have a really good idea of how seasonal fluctuations affect sales in the Chicago area. I will also post your inquiry so that Chicago area retailers and reps can respond. Please let me know what you find out. -Russell/ FURNITURE WORLD MAGAZINE

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