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"Chez Michelle" by Henry Link (Lexington)

Posted By celi, 5/18/2007

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Trying to find and buy the Queen size French Quarter bed, which includes the headboard, footboard, siderails, and slats. The "French Quarter" style is from the bedroom group "Chez Michelle" by Henry Link" (Lexington). It is made of wormey maples and cherry veneers (cherry finish).

Any info where I can locate this bed to buy would be most appreciated. THANKS!!!!!


From Sherryd, 12/27/2017  9:44 AM

I am in need of Lexington Chez Michelle King Bed, Cherry finish, 157 series and one night stand. Located in North Carolina. sherry.dockery@icloud.com

From Ccsdayton, 2/12/2017  7:22 AM

I have the king cherry bed, king cherry sleigh bed, queen bed and many other prices in this collection I am willing to sell.


From jtaylor, 6/12/2014  1:31 PM

I have the French Quarter queen bed but need to find a king size bed to match the Lexington Chez Michelle series 157 (cherry color) I bought the complete set about 20 yrs,. ago and it's in excellent condition.  I'm getting ready to buy a sleep number bed in king size and I'm having a hard time finding the king bed in either the French Quarter or carved post spindle bed to match the rest of my set.  When I find a king bed, I'll be ready to sell my bed that you're looking for.  There is not a scratch on it and can send a picture but don't want to sell it until I find a king replacement.  If I can't find one then I may have to get a headboard and have it covered to match my comforter set as a last resort.  I'll keep you posted on my queen bed but if you find a king size in that 157 series, let me know.

From ilamarca, 5/14/2012  5:56 PM

I've got a Chez Michelle Lexington queen size bed frame complete with head and footboard, sides and slats. I've also got a 8 drawer double dresser and 5 drawer desk and hutch with light and 2 shelves. Offical description can be found below:

Double dresser 8 drawers 56x19x34.5H
Desk 5 drawers 44x18.5x30H
Hutch w/light 2 shelves 44x11x45H
Spindle headboard/footbard

Please email me at domlamarca@gmail.com for pictures and more information.

From Alicia B, 8/24/2011  1:52 AM

Is your set still for sale?

From celi, 8/16/2011  10:04 AM

I am looking for a chez michelle nightstand and dresser/chest of drawers in cherry.

From celi, 8/9/2011  8:45 PM

Looking to sell Chez Michelle bedroom set in antique Bisque, very good condition
Dbl/Qn sleigh/day bed#258-189C with head and matching footboard, slats, siderails, etc.
Tall, mirrored Wardobe#258-311
Bachelor Chest#258-513
Hutch with light#258-541
Photos available upon request
For more information and pricing please email me at betsy@westelco.com
Located in DC, Annapolis, Baltimore area
Many thanks!

From celi, 7/17/2011  5:19 PM

I'm looking for a Chez Michelle 157-513 Bachelor's Chest, cherry veneer. I'm in the Frederick, MD area, contact me at wfcja@verizon.net

From P Smith, 5/16/2011  1:11 PM

Looking for twin size headboard, footboard, siderails, and slats Chez Michelle by Lexington.

From Anne Nicolas, 5/14/2011  12:02 AM

Trying to find and buy the King size French Quarter bed, which includes the headboard, footboard, siderails, and slats. The "French Quarter" style is from the bedroom group "Chez Michelle" by Henry Link" (Lexington). It is made of wormey maples and cherry veneers (cherry finish). Would also like to find the dressing mirror, bookcase and the 3-drawer commode night stand.

Any info where I can locate this bed to buy would be most appreciated.

From Allison, 4/25/2011  3:15 PM

I'm selling a cherry finish Chez Michelle five-drawer dresser base (157-221) and its matching ornate oval mirror with three jewelry drawers (157-210). They're in very good condition. I'm located in the Seattle area and can be reached at allison17@centurytel.net.

From Lynn, 4/1/2011  3:46 PM

Looking for Queen Headboard in Chez Michelle cheer. LOcated in the Southeast. Please contact @ LPBama@comcast.net

From Debra, 3/31/2011  4:59 PM

Looking for the cherry Chez Michelle queen headboard/bed. Please reply to dblogan@cox.net. Thanks.

From Debra, 3/31/2011  4:58 PM

Looking for a cherry Chez Michelle queen headboard/bed. Thanks.

From Nancy Bruce, 3/6/2011  2:37 PM

Am looking for lexington piece 157-623 - am using as a nightstand. I believe it's cherry Chez Michelle. Also have 157-303 (chiffionier), 157-311 (armoire with drawers and mirror door), triple dresser and sleigh bed if that helps identify. Please contact me at nbruce@wi.rr.com. Thanks.

From kim g., 3/4/2011  9:45 PM

I'm looking for king size rails, head & footboard for chez michelle set in cherry. Thanks.

From Jay, 3/4/2011  4:30 PM

Looking for a footboard and side rails for a queen size Lexingtonm Chez Michelle bed in the woodtone color (I guess like a Pecan color). Please reply with any help Thanks.

From Gina, 2/22/2011  12:54 PM

Looking to buy Chez Michelle twin sleigh bed in Antique White finish. Please e-mail at gtaglia7@aol.com

From David, 2/7/2011  6:26 PM

I'm looking to find the side rails and footboard to the Lexington Black Ice king Size Graphite leather Platform bed. bed reference #332-134C, any help would greatly appreciated.

From leeann, 1/22/2011  4:55 PM

Commode no. 258-621 in antique bisque (white wash)

I am looking for one -thanks

From Leeann, 1/22/2011  4:52 PM

I have one night stand with 3 drawer but need another one or will sell my one to buy 2 matching from another se(deleted) off white "Chez Michelle" by Henry Link (Lexington)

From susan, 1/13/2011  1:30 PM

please contact me @ susank323@yahoo.com is you have the king size cherry bed you would like to sell

From susan, 1/13/2011  1:29 PM

Looking for the king size cherry bed - complete set or headboard - I have a queen and want to go larger

From Jade, 1/10/2011  6:31 PM

I'm looking for the Cherry King Bed and the Cherry Dresser in the Chez Michelle collection. My email address is Jader1@aol.com

From Lou Ann, 1/9/2011  5:43 PM

Please contact me for the above message at: louannphillips@att.net

From Lou Ann, 1/9/2011  5:39 PM

I am looking for a new king headboard and footboard in the Chez Michelle French Quarter by Henry Link and Lexington furniture. The queen bed has grown too small.

From Andie, 1/6/2011  6:44 AM

looking for dresser drawer stops and or glides for Chez Michelle small dresser. contact acpresnell@yahoo.com

From Michelle James, 12/31/2010  6:16 PM

I found your inquiry re Chez Michelle Furniture and was wondering if you found what you were looking for? If so, do you still have your contact information? I'm looking for a king size Chez Michelle bed and nightstand. I'm not sure who to contact. Wondered if you had some ideas? Thanks!

From Pam, 12/28/2010  7:12 PM

I am seeking a Chez Michelle night stand or commode in the cherry wood finish. Thank you. pam_f4@yahoo.com

From Debbie Lilly, 12/19/2010  4:51 PM

I have a queen size bed, mirror, two dressers, two night stands by Chez Michelle, cherry wood, real. How much would a suite like this go for? Its 20 years old in perfect shape. Thank you

From Gloria Tomaras, 12/13/2010  9:19 PM

looking for chez michelle, Commode no. 258-621 in antique bisque (white wash)

need 2

please email

From Joe C, 12/6/2010  8:02 PM

Looking for King sized Chez Michelle Bed in cherry finish.

From Matt, 11/20/2010  11:23 PM

Looking for a Chez Michelle nightstand -- preferably in Cherry. This is the 3-drawer nightstand that does NOT have a door on in. Contact me...

mjlutz at embarqmail DOT COM

From Tracy, 9/23/2010  11:27 AM

I am seeking a Cherry nightstand from the Chez Michelle bedroom set. The small nightstand with a single drawer and a door with a shelf. Please let me know if you have it available.

From liz, 9/4/2010  8:44 PM

I have a queen size Lexington Chez Michelle bed and the dresser and mirror. Let me know if you are still looking.

From Bob and Marlene, 9/2/2010  10:58 PM

We seek a White Wash King Size headboard, footboard and railings for a Chez Michelle bedroom set by Lexington. If all you have is a headboard and that is it, we can settle. We have a White Wash Queen Size headboard, footboard and railings available for sale or trade in GREAT Condition. We purchased it new at Burdings/Macys If interested, please email us at fexcept@comcast.net. In the subject line write "Lexington Chez Michelle Headboard".

From Brooke, 8/30/2010  10:50 AM

I am interested! Please contact me, as I do not see your contact info.


From Kerri, 8/27/2010  9:06 PM

Is anyone interested in Chez Michelle (bisque) twin bed, desk, and mirrored wardrobe?

From Peggy, 8/19/2010  9:38 AM

Looking for Chex Michelle antique bisque (white) dresser preferably the double dresser or the bachelor chest. I live in the Pgh area.

From Brooke, 8/15/2010  11:36 PM

Looking for a twin Chez Michelle French Quarter bed. Any color. b_godeaux@yahoo.com

From Carol, 8/15/2010  1:39 PM

I live in Indianapolis, IN and have the Queen size Chez Michelle French Quarter bed in warm cherry for sale. $400. firm. In great shape.

From Trudi Hays, 8/11/2010  9:06 AM

I have a Chez Michelle Lexington Twin Bed headboard, dresser and desk, including a top piece that you can put on either of the latter that includes 3 drawers and a beautiful oval mirror. anyone interested in buying? Thanks, lovetosing@verizon.net   8/11/10

From Michele, 8/10/2010  6:32 PM

I have a king Chez Michelle French Quarter headboard in the cherry finish for sale. Contact me at IrieFeelin@gmail.com.

From Martie, 8/9/2010  2:27 PM

Do you still have the nightstand? And, any idea what the shipping would cost? Please email photo. Thanks.

From Guest, 8/9/2010  1:12 PM

Lexington bedroom furniture: 0157-621 Is this the Chez Michelle Lexington Collection? I have cherry dresser and Tiffany mirror, nightstand, full/queen solid headboard, and tall chest of drawers. I would like to sell as a set but if there are buyers for just pieces I would consider that.

From Jane, 8/6/2010  4:05 AM

Am seeking a Lexington, series 257, antique basque, chiffonier that is still in good condition. I live in Orange County, CA Can contact me at jtroop@fullcoll.edu

From Colleen Peace, 8/2/2010  6:37 PM

Looking for a Queen Size spindle headboard in the Chez Michelle Cherry finish. If you have one to sell, please email me at colleen.peace@sbcglobal.net. Thanks!

From Providence, 7/25/2010  10:28 PM

I have a Lexington (Chez Michelle) queen size headboard for sale if anyone is interested.

From Linda, 6/17/2010  1:28 PM

I have a Chez Michelle bedroom set in the cherry finish. Twin headboard, footboard and matching rails. Bureau with oval mirror and the wardrobe. Set is in excellent condition. Contact me at BLKJD@aol.com. I can provide pictures.

From John, 6/15/2010  8:48 PM

I have a complete queen size French Quarter set in cherry finish if you are still interested. Pieces include:
head/foot board
double dresser with oval mirror
wardrobe with mirror door
nightstand (2)

Please call 843-509-5090 ask for John.

From Debbie, 4/25/2010  1:29 PM

I'm looking for one Chez Michelle 3 drawer nightstand (commode #157-621) in cherry.   Please email me at dltussing@ucdavis.edu.

From Jen, 4/24/2010  2:14 AM

I'm looking for a chez Michelle queen sized head board or sleigh bed. Please email me with pictures if you have one. jenijapan1999@yahoo.com

From Debbie, 4/23/2010  10:20 PM

I have an entire bedroom suite of Chez Michelle in Bisque for sale. King mansion bed, triple dresser with mirror, amoire, 2 nightstands and vanity with mirror. I am located in Atlanta, GA. Please E-mail me at debbieg4935@gmail.com if interested.

From Joe, 4/18/2010  9:49 PM

I'm looking for Henry Link (Lexington) Chez Michelle cherry finish headboard/footboard full size bed or may be queen. Please e-mail jkaczmar@pol.net. Thank you.

From Pam McDowell, 4/11/2010  9:00 AM

I have a Queen size french quarter bed, cherry finish, from the Lexington Chez Michelle collection. I will probably list this bed on Craig's list, but have no idea of what to ask for it. Can someone give me an idea of a reasonable asking price? You can respond on here, or email me at bmcdowell@carolina.rr.com. thanks!

From Debbie, 4/8/2010  1:36 AM

I have an entire king suite of Lexington Chez Michelle (in Bisque} available. Includes Mansion bed,triple dresser and mirror, armoire, vanity and two nightstands. Please reply via E-mail if interested.

From Liz, 4/7/2010  6:11 PM

I have a Chez Michelle buffet and china cabinet I am looking to sell. Live in Chicago area. Email at monsonfamily@sbcglobal.net if interested.

From Becky, 4/1/2010  6:06 PM

I am looking for any of the dressers, chests, or wardrobe in the Antique Bisque finish of Chez Michelle. I am also interested in the desk chair(I already bought the desk).I am located in Dallas, Texas. Thanks!

From Cherie, 3/30/2010  5:59 PM

I am looking for the Chez Michelle chest of drawers in cherry or the lingerie chest or the king size bed. If you have any of these items are close to Columbus, OH at all please email me at cherie.clevinger@gmail.com Thanks!!

From Candis, 3/5/2010  12:42 AM

I have the Chez Michelle, Henry Link entertainment center, still in great condition. Must sacrafice. Accepting offers in Sacramento, CA. It's upstairs; please bring your dolly.

From Mark Luebbe, 2/9/2010  11:27 AM

I am looking for Lexington Chez Michelle series #258 (Antique Bisque)dresser. Not sure of how many different models of the dresser they made so let me know what you have. Currently have other pieces in the twin set and need this to complete. I am located in Michigan. Please contact me at mlluebbe@juno.com. Thanks!

From Dick Chalfin, 2/9/2010  1:19 AM

I am looking for two Lexington Chez Michelle series #258 twin Spindle or French Quarter Headboards or twin beds. I am in Michigan. Please contact me at dickchalfin@hotmail.com Thanks

From Laura M., 2/8/2010  10:38 PM

I am looking for the Lexington Chez Michelle King Size bed in Cherry. I have the whole set with a queen and want a bigger bed. Please e-mail me if you have one for sale.

From Larry B, 2/8/2010  4:33 PM

Hi, have for sale a new-looking Chez Michelle French Quarter bed, I in Queen size, with wood side rails and footboard. Warm cherry finish. Austin Texas area. Nary a scratch!

From meg, 1/19/2010  2:18 PM


I am also from Ohio and am interested in your Chez Michelle cherry dresser. I did not see your contact information. Please email me at megdeals@ymail.com.


From Dennie, 1/16/2010  6:58 PM

I am in the Tampa Bay Area and interested in a dresser and mirror in the Chez Michelle cherry collection for my daughter. If I can't find one then I might sell the daybed & trundle, lingerie dresser, and standing full length mirror from the same collection. If anyone has a dresser &mirror or is interested in the purchase please e-mail me at dcrooks@tampabay.rr.com    

From Dewey, 1/11/2010  6:47 AM

I'm in the Cincinnati Ohio area and would be interested in your Chez Michelle collection. Can you please e-mail me at dewey@asylumrc.com ?

From Renae, 1/10/2010  10:16 PM

I am in Washington State and live south of Seattle. I was happy to have found this site.

I have a 5 piece bedroom set in twin size Lexington Chez Michelle Series in the cherry finish that I want to sell.

Twin Headboard.
Night stand.
9 drawer dresser.
Oval Mirror with 2 hooks and 3 drawers that sits on the dresser.
6 Drawer chest.

Still in very good condition with normal ware on the nightstand and dressers. Any help and info about where I can sell this set would be appreciated. Thank you so very much.

Email me at lcacn@aol.com

From Renae, 1/10/2010  10:13 PM

I am in Washington State and I was happy to have found this site.

I have a 5 piece bedroom set in twin size Lexington Chez Michelle Series in the cherry finish that I want to sell.

Twin Headboard.
Night stand.
9 drawer dresser.
Oval Mirror with 2 hooks and 3 drawers that sits on the dresser.
6 Drawer chest.

Still in very good condition with normal ware on the nightstand and dressers. Any help and info about where I can sell this set would be appreciated. Thank you so very much.

Email me at lcacn@aol.com

From Theresa, 1/8/2010  4:19 PM

I have a Chez Michelle bedroom set in the wormy maple that I'd like to sell. I have a queen spindle headboard, footboard, siderails and slats, a triple dresser with a tri-fold mirror, and an armoire. I'm not sure what to ask for it. Could you refer me to a web sight or some kind of price list? I am in the metro Detroit area...between Toledo and Detroit. My email address is tess2hrt@aol.com

From Annie, 1/8/2010  5:50 AM

I have an 8 drawer Chez Michelle cherry dresser plus an Princess ????? armoire for sale. They are in Columbus, OH. Very good condition.

I am looking for two 5 or 6 drawer dressers in cherry from same set.

From Amy Bunce, 1/5/2010  6:54 PM

I am looking for a Chez Michelle by Lexington (Henry Link) twin spindle bed or full/queen bed, within decent driving distance in North Carolina. I am in Fayetteville, NC.

From Robyn, 12/27/2009  8:16 PM

I wanted to add my email, for the Chez Michelle Queen bed. It is qwerty007@hotmail.com

From Robyn, 12/27/2009  4:17 PM

I am looking for a Chez Michelle Queen size bed, we live in the Dallas area, Texas. to replace our Chez Michelle trundle bed, which is available to sell.

From Amy, 12/4/2009  10:43 PM

I have a Chez Michelle Henry Link Vanity and stool (H157-584) approx. 25 years old which I am going to sell, but I am not sure of reasonable asking price. Any insight is appreciated: abaldri@hotmail.com.

From Darcy, 11/29/2009  1:43 AM

i am looking for one Chez Michelle nightstand in Antique Bisque. Preferably located near Seattle, WA.

From Michael, 11/28/2009  6:51 PM

Sorry, I forgot to put my email address in on the Chez Michelle bedroom set for sale. shafe9900@att.net
I'm located in the San Francisco Bay area

From Michael, 11/28/2009  6:44 PM

I have a bedroom set of Henry Link Chez Michelle, consisting of a Queen French Quarter Bed #157-130, Dresser Base #157-221 Oval Mirror #157-210, Chest # 157-307 and two, Door Commodes that we use as nightstands #157-623. all for sale. I have pictures of each.

From Pam, 11/19/2009  6:23 AM

I have a cherry Lexington chez michelle french quarter bed for sale..queen size and live outside Charlotte, NC.

From Sandi, 11/2/2009  9:45 PM

HELP! I have an 11 piece set of Henry Link furniture in cherry. I think it may be the Chez Michelle line; however I haven't seen any pictures. I am going to sell everything, but want to be sure of what I have and what it is worth. Does anyone have pictures for me to compare my furniture to?


From Rhonda, 10/24/2009  8:20 PM

I am looking for a queen or king bed to match the chez michelle series w/cherry finish. Not sure of the item #s. If you have one you would like to sell please email me with location, pictures and asking price at rhonda@magnets4you.com. Thanks.

From kristi, 10/23/2009  1:08 AM

Looking for a king size French quarter headboard in the Chez Michelle collection. Please contact me at kspohr@q.com. Also any ideas on how to modify to accept mattresses requiring platforms? Thank you!

From Nancy, 10/12/2009  11:53 PM

Looking for a king size bed in the French Quarter style in the Chez Michelle collection. Please contact me at nancylrogers@comcast.net if you can help. If found, might sell the queen size that we currently have.

From Jen, 9/18/2009  7:06 PM

I am looking for the Chez Michelle tall dresser/highboy in the antique bisque finish.

From Bill, 9/11/2009  7:41 PM

For Don who has the queen sleigh bed in cherry for sale. Please email me some pictures and how much you are asking. How far from Buffalo NY are you located?

From Don, 8/24/2009  8:28 PM

Hi, I have the queen sleigh bed for sale in the Chez Michelle Lexington in cherry. I live in NY state. I am looking for hardware for the pieces I'm keeping. I need one small round knob with the flower, 1 hook for the mirror, 1 key pull for the nightstand and 2 small pulls for the small drawers attached to the mirror. I might be interested in any other hardware--maybe I could move it around to make sense.

From thays, 8/21/2009  8:33 AM

I have a Chez Michelle soft brown cherry finish Lexington Dresser with mirror (H157-221) a Lexington desk (H157 534) and a headboard for single bed that I need to sell. Our house is too small and my daughter would rather have the money. We live just outside Washington DC in Virginia.

From lisa, 8/17/2009  3:40 PM

I am looking for nightstand from lexington collection chez michelle #157-621 please send any info on obtaining new or used item thank you

From Jen, 7/13/2009  7:02 PM

I have a Lexington Chez Michelle cherry bedroom set approx 25 yrs old but in good condition that I am willing to sell. Located in central NJ. Set includes 3 pieces:
1) Long dresser (6 large drawers) w tall mirror
2) Vanity with tri-view mirror
3) Tall lingerie dresser (6 small drawers)
If interested contact me: mcgrath251@yahoo.com.

From Katherine, 7/1/2009  7:02 PM

PATRICIA: I am located in Miami, FL. I am looking for a night stand to match the one I already have. It is Chez Michelle 157-621. Does this number match the one you have? Please contact me if it does at: kayberry83@yahoo.com Thanks!

From Laurie, 6/26/2009  10:20 PM

I have the Lexington Chez Michelle Princess Anne Armoire (157-318) and the Vanity (157-534) with tri-view mirror (157-534) and vanity bench (157-536) all in the cherry finish. They are in very good condition. I would be willing to part with them and I am located in Seattle. If interested contact me: laurie.7@comcast.net

From Gerry, 6/20/2009  10:37 AM

I'm looking for a Chez Michelle dresser, queen headboard and nightstand. I have a highboy with mirror that's about 20 years old.

From Priscilla, 6/16/2009  1:17 PM

I am looking for the footboard and side rails to the Chez Michelle bed, series No. 157. I have the king size headboard that I inherited but would like to complete the bed. If anyone can help me I would appreciate it. I am located in Canton, Ohio and am able to drive to pick up the pieces. Thanks.

From Patricia, 5/27/2009  10:41 AM

Selling a gently used a bedroom set by Lexington of the "Chez Michelle" collection - king size bed with headboard/footboard/side rails/slats; 2 night stands (3 drawers each) a dresser and the armoire. The collection in located in West Ft Lauderdale, Florida. If interested please contact me. Thanks!

From bob, 5/16/2009  8:01 PM

Looking for Lexington Chez Michelle King size bed, cherry finish, that includes headboard, footboard, rails. Looking for excellent to near mint condition.

Please advise. Thanks.


From Mike, 5/14/2009  11:25 PM

For Sale in Bellevue WA, Lexington Chez Michelle Queen Size French Quarter Bed (can also accommodate a double bed). Headboard, foot board, side rails and slats. Pictures available. Bed is in beautiful condition.

$400 obo

From Robin, 5/5/2009  4:13 PM

Looking for Lexington Chez Michelle Queen or King set in the cherry or bisque finish. I'm looking for the panel bed, not spindle, one nightstand, tv armoir, double dresser with mirror. Thanks

From Colleen, 5/5/2009  10:17 AM

I am looking for a Lexington Chez Michelle King Size Headboard in the Antique Bisque finish. I have a Queen and would like the King.

From karen, 4/28/2009  2:00 AM

Looking for Chez Michelle by Lexington large Dresser in cherry finish.

From tekoa, 3/9/2009  5:01 PM

Available for sale in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Lexington Furniture Chez Michelle Bedroom Set
Series No.258
Antique Bisque Finish (Distressed Country White Washed)
Asking $1200
Local P/U Only
*unless buyer arranges, including all costs and communications, shipping - Seller will not assist in shipping items*

Seven(7) Piece Set Includes:

Spindle Headboard ~ full or Queen ~ # 258-120 ~ 67"w x 50.5"h

Bachelor Chest ~ four drawer ~ # 258-513 ~ 28 x 18.5 , 30"h

Hutch ~ two shelves ~ # 258-540 ~ 28 x 11, 45"h

Desk ~ five drawers ~ # 258-532 ~ kneehole space 22 1/4 x 24 1/4" ~ overall 44 x 18.5, 30"h

Hutch ~ with place for light ~ two shelves ~ # 258-541 ~ 44 x 11, 45"h

Dresser Base ~ five drawers ~ # 258-221 ~ 38 x 19, 34.5"h

Oval Mirror ~ three drawers, two brass clothes hooks ~ # 258-210 ~ plate size 21 x 33" , overall framed size 36 x 10, 41.5"h

Also includes three replacement extra pieces of hardware that have never been used.

All pieces are in Great Condition, showing slight to normal signs of use.

Pictures are available on request.

contact tekoa25@gmail.com for more info

From Bobbi, 2/22/2009  3:24 PM

I'm looking for a Lexington Chez Michelle Louis Philippe series Lingerie Chest (157-310) or Chest of drawers (157-258-307) in the candlelight cherry finish. Please email me at bhipp1@verizon.net.

From Kathleen, 2/11/2009  1:05 PM

I'm looking for a Lexington Chez Michelle dresser, preferably the tall chest of drawers in the cherry (not bisque). Please contact me at katsaliba@yahoo.com

From Lesa, 1/17/2009  5:35 PM

I am looking for a Chez Michelle nightstandsin the cherry finish?
contact me

From Dale, 12/11/2008  1:35 PM

I am looking for a Lexington Chez Michelle (cherry) Queen headboard or bed. Contact me at: d_glen1@msn.com


From John, 11/24/2008  12:32 PM

I am looking for the lexington chez michelle queen headboard or bed -- I'm in the Chicago area. Thanks!

From Tanya, 11/11/2008  2:59 PM

Do you have any of the Chez Michelle nightstands in the cherry finish? I need one.
contact me: tanyagould@hotmail.com

From Wayne, 11/11/2008  11:05 AM

I am looking for a Chez Michelle king size sleigh bed in light cherry. I have a queen along with most of the rest of the collection. Can you help me?

From Maria, 11/9/2008  10:31 AM

I am looking for a desk for the Chez Michelle collection in white.(if there was one). Thanks!

From Elizabeth, 11/4/2008  7:16 PM

I am looking for a Chez Michelle night stand in the cherry finish. If any one has one let me know.
Thanks, Elizabeth

From Marc, 10/13/2008  1:28 PM

Want to buy king headboard/footboard of the Lexington Chez Michelle French Quarter Bed collection in cherry finish.
May be interested in other items from the Chez Michelle collection.

From Joan, 9/21/2008  2:21 PM


If the Chez Michelle nightstands are still available, please let me know or e-mail me. How much and where are they located.



From Christine, 9/12/2008  2:31 PM

Can you email those pictures of the chez michelle nightstands to me? Also how much each are they?

From Michele, 9/1/2008  12:19 AM

I have two Chez Michelle Single door Nightstands (157-621 Commode)in the cherry finish. These are in good condition. There is some small dings and scrapes on both of them but nothing that can't be fixed easily. If interested I can email pics.

From Alice Reid, 5/16/2008  4:17 AM

Looking for Chez Michelle French Quarter bed in Cherry. Prefer King but would consider Queen. Email asr0536@aol.com

From Bess, 3/27/2008  5:04 PM

I'm looking for almost anything in chez Michelle. Particularly the lingere chest,and dressers. Please email picutres if you have them. Also, REALLY interested in bed rails for the Queen sleigh bed, 157 finish.

From Leslie, 3/11/2008  5:12 PM

I am looking to purchase the French Quarter "Chez Michelle" Cherry large armoire, either the entertainment unit, or the one that can accomodate hangers. I have all of the other components, and need this to complete my set. Email rsvp is leslie.blaker@aol.com Rgds. Lb

From Dawn, 11/25/2007  12:34 PM

I would like to buy a cherry finish, KING size, French Quarter bed in the "Chez Michelle" 157 series by Henry Link (Lexington). I'd love to hear from anyone who has one for sale. spddjd@aol.com

From CRO, 11/25/2007  12:17 AM

I am looking for one, preferably two nightstands and also the lingerie chest in the chez michelle in the cherry finish. I would prefer the one drawer/one cabinet nightstand, but any style will do. I lost these pieces during Hurricane Katrina and really wish to replace them. If anyone has these available in new or good condition, please let me know.

From ann, 11/17/2007  10:17 AM


I am also looking for the side rails for the chez michelle queen size bed.



From Tommy, 11/16/2007  2:49 PM

We are looking for replacement drawer glides for the Chez Michelle Dresser Base (#157-221)and Vanity Desk (#157-534). Our home was flooded by Hurricane Katrina and the metal glides have rusted. We've been able to restore the wooden furniture, but need the drawer glides to complete the restoration. Any ordering and/or price information would be appreciated.

From Lorrie Thomas, 10/20/2007  6:54 PM

This is for Bob - I'm looking for additional pieces to the Lexington Victorian Collection (not white). I'm interested in the armoire, chest, and nightstands. Are you able to email pics? Also, please include pricing. Thanks very much! Email is sdymb@yahoo.com.

From Suzette Webb, 9/30/2007  8:24 AM

I am looking for a king size bed in Chez Michelle by Lexington, Cherry Finish (not the white) and a night stand. I have the lingerie chest, the vanity, 1 night stand, and the tall dresser. If I can not complete the set, then I will have those available to sale. Located in Florida panhandle, but am willing to have shipped in. FOX LANE furniture please email if you have any of these pieces available. suzette370@gmail.com

From bri, 9/19/2007  11:48 PM

need foot board and rails for king size chez michelle by lexington please send to brinette@charter.net if any has this

From Amy, 9/10/2007  7:57 PM

I am also looking for queen side rails in cherry for a Chez Michelle french quarter bed. Did anyone have any available?

From Lee Ann, 8/28/2007  8:20 PM

To Robert Landshof - any chance you have available just the side rails for the queen size Lexington Chez Michelle French Quarter Bed?

From Robert, 8/10/2007  2:16 AM

I still have some brand new old stock of this Lexington group plus many other Lexington and Universal groupes from the 90's

FOX LANE FURNITURE 901 854 8081 Collierville Tennessee

From bri, 8/9/2007  6:57 PM

Looking for footboard and side rails for chez michelle in king size

From MARY, 8/3/2007  12:15 PM


From MARY, 8/3/2007  10:04 AM


From MARY, 8/3/2007  9:54 AM


From Jerry, 8/1/2007  10:00 PM

TO: Georgia Rivera's reply

Please provide email address. THANKS!!!

From Brent, 7/29/2007  12:05 PM

I am looking for the Chez Michelle Sleigh bed with the cherry finish, Queen size or King size. I need a side rail for the Queen bed. So even if you have a damaged set and the side rails are in good condition, I am interested. Please email me at gcva483@yaoo.com. Thanks.

From Marilyn, 7/26/2007  4:08 PM

I need a Chez Michelle night stand in the off white color. Prefer the 3 drawer style; however either style will be conidered.


From david zingarelli, 6/28/2007  7:57 PM

I have the whole Chez Michelle set, queen size bed, head board, foot board, side rails, side dresser, mans dresser (5 drawer) and womens dresser for sale.

In excellent condition.

Contact me if you are interested and I will provide pictures.


From Russell Stoddard, 6/27/2007  12:58 PM

I am looking for any of the three dressers from the Henry Link "Chez Michelle" collection. I have posted a message with the piece numbers and general descriptions on this message board. If you are interested in selling any dresser from this collection, please contact me at russellstoddard@comcast.net. An attached photograph and sale price would be helpful. I am located in Florida, but if the price is right, I would be willing to pay shipping costs from anywhere in the U.S.

From Su Phillips, 6/27/2007  10:22 AM

If you or someone else wants to purchase the queen French Quarter Chez Michelle bed (by Lexington, I have one for sale. Great condition. I also have the small matching dresser for sale. I can send photos. These items are in Seattle.

From Louisa Allen, 6/18/2007  12:18 AM

I am looking for the Chez Michelle dress w/ mirror. I have the king sized bed, chest, chest w/ mirror and the two night stands, I really would like the dresser w/ mirror. Please email me. LouisaAllen@sbcglobal.net. Thank you.

From Georgia Rivera, 6/13/2007  5:07 PM

I have a beautiful Lexington bed including all you are requested. I was told it is from the Chez Michelle collection. I have pictures if you want.

From Celi, 6/7/2007  3:23 PM

THANK YOU for your reply. I will be contacting you by phone.

From Robert, 6/6/2007  10:18 AM

We have a brand new bed in stock Fox Lane Furniture Collierville Tennessee   901 854 8081

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