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Bedroom Furniture by Young Hinkle For E.

Posted By Alex, 5/3/2007

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Information on this first post not needed any more.... We have furniture that we bought for our son years ago that is a replica of the furniture in Elliot Thomas's bedroom who was in the movie E.T. Does anyone know if this furniture has any value?


From q7laters@gmail.com, 12/24/2016  4:08 PM

For Sale: I have a set of Young-Hinkle Windjammer boys bedroom furniture as seen in the movie "ET". Bunk beds with railings , night stand, 5 drawer chest, desk with hutch top & matching chair, and entertainment center. All in above average condition. Make an offer.  Located near Little Rock, AR

From Enjoiescher, 9/9/2014  9:03 PM

This thread seems dead but I don't know where else to ask this. I have a (mostly) complete bunkbed Windjammer set. Much like maxattack123, just no mattresses and one of the side bars for the upper bunk is missing. I was curious what it was worth and if someone was interested in it. Feel free to contact me if you are. The items are located in the suburbs of Chicago. Thanks! 

From AFacer, 8/8/2012  3:53 PM

We are in need of the sea chest, or toy chest from the young hinkle windjammer line. Thanks 


From maxattack123, 7/18/2012  5:48 PM

I have a young hinkle Windjammer bunkbed suite for sale.  This is the bedroom set featured in the movie E.T.  It consists of 2 bunkbeds, one 5 drawer chest that looks like an ice chest, 1 bedside 2 drawer chest, ladder, rails, and mattresses.  I would like $600.00 for the set.  It's in excellent condition.  
email me at bevolemiss@gmail.com

From cmp2094, 9/21/2011  11:16 PM

Looking to purchase Twin ET bedroom set. Need at least the twin bed set and the night stand. Will consider additional peices. Located in Owensboro KY. E-mail me if you have a set you would like to sell at cmp2094@hotmail.com

From Guest, 7/16/2011  1:31 PM

We have several pieces of the classic Young and Hinkle Windjammer furniture as featured in the deleted E.T., including: 3 drawer chest with Oval swing mirror, tall locker style dresser with bottome file drawer and two drawer nightstand. All are in excellent condition. Pick-up in Sarasota FL or will discuss shipping.

From Martha Yonce, 6/10/2011  1:16 PM

We have a set of "Windjammer" by Young-Hinkle which includes: Bunkbeds/twins with rails, ladder, and bunkie boards, 5 drawer chest, 3drawer dresser with side locker and separate mirror, desk and chair. All in very good to excellent condition except chair. Chair needs seat recovered and re-gluing but is perfectly usable as is. If interested email marthanotstuart@yahoo.com. We live in North Carolina.

From Betty Gardner, 6/6/2011  7:00 PM

I have just purchased 3 pieces, the ice box, full size headboard and 1 bed side table. I would be interested in a desk or possible other pieces.


From Bill marquardt, 6/4/2011  11:16 PM

I have for sale furniture from the as seen in the deleted E.T. 1- sea chest, 1- desk with chair

From Joyce, 5/31/2011  11:17 AM

We have a complete bedroom set of Young-Hinkle Windjammer furniture (as seen in the deleted E.T.) for sale.

The set consists of 2 bunkbeds with side rails/ladder, dresser (icebox style), and 2 night stands.

All pieces are in excellent condition.

If interested please email me at crlmisc@comcast.net

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