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Knob Creek solid wood furniture

Posted By Robert Haywood, 4/8/2007

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Approximately 12 years ago I purchased some Knob Creek dining room furniture. It was manufactured in Morganton, NC---I did not buy the complete set at the time and am now looking for the corner cupboard--Knob Creek was stamped in one of the drawers of the other pieces. Are they still in business---I have been unable to locate this brand---Thanks.


From Robert Haywood, 8/10/2011  10:18 AM

I have the Knob Creek Cherry butler tray coffee table that I am thinking about selling.

From Robert Haywood, 7/1/2011  2:20 PM

I have a cherry butler tray table - hinges are broken! can I purchase four new hinges?

From Myra Sanderson, 11/29/2009  9:23 PM

I am looking for a Knob Creek Bunching China cabinet from the Penn Manor Collection. I have 2 already (from 1993) and would like a third. The cabinet is 36" x 15 1/2" x 81", and is cherry wood in a red satin finish. If Carm still has her corner units, I would be interested in seeing a photo. Thanks, Myra

From Debbie, 10/3/2009  7:44 AM

I have a King sleigh bed, one nightstand, and one armoir.
Knob Creek by Ethan Allen. Anyone looking for this? Zip is 32541

From carm, 4/28/2008  10:51 AM

I have two corner units that are Knob Creek cheery that i would be interested in selling - great condition -I could e-mail picture if required

let me know if you still have an interes

From Michele, 4/7/2008  10:08 PM

I have a white-washed pine Knob Creek dining room set (6 chairs) and china cabinet and two curio cabinets. I don't know what the name of the style is, but it has arches on all the cabinets. It's a beautiful set that I have to sell. Does anyone know the value of the set, what it is called and if anyone is looking for one?

From Laura, 4/13/2007  6:16 PM

I am also looking for a Knob Creek bed. I do know that it was made by Ethan Allen, but is no longer available. Something from Ethan Allen might match what you are looking for.

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