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Dining Table Brand as seen 0n sopranos

Posted By estelle, 2/8/2007

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Hi I am looking for the brand of furniture and more specifically the china hutch that matches the table and chairs as seen on the tv show the "Sopranos". I currently have the table and chairs but at the time of buying it I didnt buy the China Cabinet/Hutch and would now like to find it. Thank you.


From lgig, 8/18/2013  6:16 PM

Hello are  you still interested in dining room set as seen on sopranos?  

From reinabunch, 5/4/2013  6:43 PM

I would LOVE to purchase the hutch for this table.  I FINALLY have room for it, so if anyone is selling PLEASE let me know!    Thanks - reinabunch@aol.com

From reinabunch, 5/4/2013  6:43 PM

I would LOVE to purchase the hutch for this table.  I FINALLY have room for it, so if anyone is selling PLEASE let me know!    Thanks - Cindy

From Leslie Slade, 5/5/2011  3:48 AM

I have the china cabinet hutch liken new in excellent condition for sell make me an offer.lslade1@optonline.net

From Leslie Slade, 5/5/2011  3:43 AM

I have the whole set with 6 chairs and the china cabinet
excellent condition barely used great quality.I live in piscataway nj

From John, 5/3/2011  9:57 PM

I have the whole set. I am either looking to purchase two to four chairs or sell the set. It's in perfect condition. I have four chairs, never been used, which is why I want to purchase more chairs, or if anyone is interested, I'll consider selling. It also includes the china cabinet. davenport791@hotmail.com

From Keily, 11/4/2010  11:15 AM

Hi, I am need the chairs from the set. Who wants to sell?

From cheryl, 4/7/2010  3:38 PM

hi interested in the chairs from the set...Does anyone have them and want to sell them??

From Joe, 3/28/2009  6:04 PM

I have the sopranos dining room set with china closet, table leaf and six captains chairs all with arms. Would like to sell as a complete set. Mint condition. Located in egg harbor township, south jersey. email joester@comcast.net   Thanks!

From debbie, 3/12/2009  5:43 PM

Danielle could you please send me a pic of the dining room set? email is ovajoyed@yahoo.com. Thanks

From Danielle, 3/6/2009  11:35 AM

I actually have this dining room set along with the china cabinet. Is anyone interested in buying this?

From Camille, 1/13/2009  7:59 PM

Sorry, forgot to mention, will sell whole set, if interested, not just the china closet, same set as seen on Sopranos.

From Camille, 1/13/2009  7:56 PM

I have the china closet for sale, excellent condition

From Camille, 1/13/2009  7:54 PM

I live in Old Bridge, New Jersey. Looking to sell dining room table, four chairs, leaf, table pad and china closet, anyone interested, email me @ cnapol143@aol.com

From Dina, 9/24/2008  1:09 PM

I have the complete set (extended table, 4 side chairs, 2 captain chairs with arms, and china cabinet)in mint condition (barely used, just on display in my formal dining room). Anyone interested in purchasing the set, feel free to contact me, I'm located in South Jersey.

From Massiel, 5/30/2008  12:16 PM

I have exact same table and 6 chairs (mint condition) from the Sopranos for sale. Available immediately. I am in Manhattan, NYC area. Please e-mail me if you are interested at massiel.ortiz@citi.com


From Cheryl, 3/11/2008  10:10 AM

I am very interested in the whole dining set that looks like the one from the sopranos. I am in NY and can pick up ASAP. Pls let me know the price...

From Chris, 2/13/2008  8:17 AM

Does anyone know the original price of the Dining room set from the Sopranos. I'm looking to sell the piece to a friend of mine. I have the table, 6 chairs and the china cabinet. All in excellent condition. Can someone please help me, i don't have the original receipt.


From Davine, 1/21/2008  8:48 AM

Iam selling my set as seen on Sopranos, the complete set is in excellent condition--china cabinet/hutch,table,leaf, table pad, and 6 chairs.Ready for immediate pick up in South Jersey area, may consider selling items seperately,

From Ellen, 1/16/2008  10:25 AM

I have the same dining room set and I'm looking to sell it. I have the table, chairs, extensions and custom pad cover. I'd prefer to sell it all together. The chairs are in very good condition (just removed the original plastic shipping covers from the seats about a month ago.) The table is also in good condition as it's maybe been used about a dozen times total since we've owned it. If anyone is interested I will email you pictures.

From Davine, 1/7/2008  11:21 AM

just went in search of matching chairs for diningroom set as seen on Sopranos and came across your message. I know it's been a long time since your posting but I'm hoping you still have two or four chairs left to sell.

From marcy, 4/15/2007  9:18 PM

if you have not yet sold them i would be interested in two of the chairs, if you can' sell them to me do you know the brand name so i might find them on my own?

From Cheryl, 4/7/2007  1:24 PM

To D McGahran, I will purchase the chairs, email at cheryl@broadstar.net.

From cheryl, 4/7/2007  1:22 PM

Someone on Ebay is sellng the hutch/china cabinet. Just search for San Giacomo Marble, you wll see it there. I am on the other hand looking to replace my chairs from that same set. Any leads?

From D McGahran, 3/20/2007  8:33 PM

Hi. We have this set and we are looking to sell it. only used on Christmas. table, 6 chairs and China cabinet

From Michelle, 3/18/2007  8:52 PM

Hi, I'm in the same situation. I have the same dining room set as the sopranos. However, I would like to find a matching hutch/buffet for it. I do have the china closet.        I found my original receipt from 7 years ago. I know the maker was Sang and the model was Vivaldi. However, when I do search for this on the internet nothing comes up. Have you found what you are looking for???? If so please pass on the information.

Thank you so much.
Michelle (NJ)

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