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Keller Dresser Pull Replacement Source

Posted By Barrett Smith, 11/12/2006

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I have a Keller dresser whereas one of the drawer pulls has broken. It has antique brass finish with a round rosette with the bell(?) attached (vs seperate 2 piece).

Can anyone tell me the name of the manufacturer who provided Keller with their hardware or where I may find an exact replacement?

Please e-mail me with your responses and thank you in advance.


From Susan, 1/16/2007  10:35 AM

The phone number for Keeler Brass is 336-841-4220. I just ordered replacement rosettes and they were very helpful!

So glad to still find hardware for furniture no longer being made!!

From Barrett Smith, 11/13/2006  9:22 PM

Thank you for your response.

Unfortunately Keller has discontinued their furniture line and does not offer any replacemetn parts.

I found a "KO4761 on one side and KBC on the other which I assume is for Keeler Brass Company.

I will try and find them on Google.

Thank you so much!


From Peter Schlosser, 11/13/2006  7:14 PM

Any Keller retailer can order it for you. If it's older, see if there is a stamp in the back of the pull, like KB 4256. Keeler Brass (still in business) made virtually all of the furniture hardware for the industry for years; reference the number when you contact them.

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