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Saginaw expand-o-matic table/buffet combo

Posted By Alex, 11/8/2006

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I am interested in purchasing an Expando-matic table/ buffet combination made by Saginaw. It is sometimes called a telescoping table. Please advise if anyone has one for sale. I live in Missouri. Thanks. Don


From Guest, 8/16/2011  4:55 PM

Looking for a Saginaw Expand-O-Matic desk to buy. I'm in the Minoneapolis, MN area but willing to travel to surrounding states. Please contact me at gmnineagan@yahoo.com

From Guest, 8/14/2011  2:18 PM

I have an expand-o-matic buffet/table - it is completely in tact and in great shape - it has 6 15" leaves that store in the bottom of the cabinet and a silverware drawer. It was made by Saginaw Furniture. We are moving and must sell. Please email me at angjack2008@yahoo.com.

From Guest, 7/29/2011  6:39 PM

I have an expand-o-matic buffet/table (9ft!) for sale. It is completely in tact & original and in great shape. Has EVERY last piece/knob/peg/leaf/etc.
I have a TON of pictures online, but please email me for the address (the message boards won't let me post a link)
My email address is SchaumburgTeacher@gmail.com
I live in a NW suburb of Chicago

From Guest, 7/20/2011  5:43 PM

I no longer use my Saginaw Expandway (telescoping buffet)table. Used it once or twice a year but now my children do the holiday honors.
Will sell for $250 and I have pictures. The table opens to 6'10" plus the additional 16" top of the buffet. It is all 39 1/2" wide. Has one hidden drawer for silverware. It is in excellent shape. Quoting the enclosed tag, "The durability and beauty of this surface resists cigarette burns, scuffs, scratches, alcohol, cosmetics and is unharmed by normal household chemicals. The surface will withstand heat up to 275o
Marion, Ohio

From Guest, 7/11/2011  8:54 PM

forgot to post my e-mail and phone # teajess@aol.com (405) 613-9377

From Guest, 7/11/2011  8:51 PM

i have a saginaw telescoping buffet/table has 4 doors 3 drawers 6 leaves very pretty i am in oklahoma city okla.

From K. Johnston, 6/21/2011  12:53 PM

Good afternoon! I am looking to purchase a Saginaw Furniture Expand-O-Matic telescoping buffet/table and chairs, if available. I am in the Detroit, Michigan area, but will travel to pick up and/or am willing to have an item shipped. Please contact me with any availability on this item at kjohnston@plunkettcooney.com

From Robin, 6/1/2011  11:37 AM

I'm looking for an expand-o-matic table and I live in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. I'll be willing to drive to surrounding states to pick it up. Let me know if you have one! Thanks.

From Mary, 5/28/2011  11:56 AM

OOPS! That is Saginaw, not Sagninaw!

From Mary, 5/28/2011  11:45 AM

Do you have a Sagninaw Expand-o-matic Table for sale? I am in the Detroit/Flint/Ann Arbor area of Michigan. I'm willing to travel to pick up the table in a neighboring state. Please email me at mayor61666@gmail.com

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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