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Saginaw expand-o-matic table/buffet combo

Posted By Alex, 11/8/2006

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I am interested in purchasing an Expando-matic table/ buffet combination made by Saginaw. It is sometimes called a telescoping table. Please advise if anyone has one for sale. I live in Missouri. Thanks. Don


From Guest, 8/16/2011  4:55 PM

Looking for a Saginaw Expand-O-Matic desk to buy. I'm in the Minoneapolis, MN area but willing to travel to surrounding states. Please contact me at gmnineagan@yahoo.com

From Guest, 8/14/2011  2:18 PM

I have an expand-o-matic buffet/table - it is completely in tact and in great shape - it has 6 15" leaves that store in the bottom of the cabinet and a silverware drawer. It was made by Saginaw Furniture. We are moving and must sell. Please email me at angjack2008@yahoo.com.

From Guest, 7/29/2011  6:39 PM

I have an expand-o-matic buffet/table (9ft!) for sale. It is completely in tact & original and in great shape. Has EVERY last piece/knob/peg/leaf/etc.
I have a TON of pictures online, but please email me for the address (the message boards won't let me post a link)
My email address is SchaumburgTeacher@gmail.com
I live in a NW suburb of Chicago

From Guest, 7/20/2011  5:43 PM

I no longer use my Saginaw Expandway (telescoping buffet)table. Used it once or twice a year but now my children do the holiday honors.
Will sell for $250 and I have pictures. The table opens to 6'10" plus the additional 16" top of the buffet. It is all 39 1/2" wide. Has one hidden drawer for silverware. It is in excellent shape. Quoting the enclosed tag, "The durability and beauty of this surface resists cigarette burns, scuffs, scratches, alcohol, cosmetics and is unharmed by normal household chemicals. The surface will withstand heat up to 275o
Marion, Ohio

From Guest, 7/11/2011  8:54 PM

forgot to post my e-mail and phone # teajess@aol.com (405) 613-9377

From Guest, 7/11/2011  8:51 PM

i have a saginaw telescoping buffet/table has 4 doors 3 drawers 6 leaves very pretty i am in oklahoma city okla.

From K. Johnston, 6/21/2011  12:53 PM

Good afternoon! I am looking to purchase a Saginaw Furniture Expand-O-Matic telescoping buffet/table and chairs, if available. I am in the Detroit, Michigan area, but will travel to pick up and/or am willing to have an item shipped. Please contact me with any availability on this item at kjohnston@plunkettcooney.com

From Robin, 6/1/2011  11:37 AM

I'm looking for an expand-o-matic table and I live in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. I'll be willing to drive to surrounding states to pick it up. Let me know if you have one! Thanks.

From Mary, 5/28/2011  11:56 AM

OOPS! That is Saginaw, not Sagninaw!

From Mary, 5/28/2011  11:45 AM

Do you have a Sagninaw Expand-o-matic Table for sale? I am in the Detroit/Flint/Ann Arbor area of Michigan. I'm willing to travel to pick up the table in a neighboring state. Please email me at mayor61666@gmail.com

Looking forward to hearing from you!

From Sondra, 5/17/2011  12:18 AM

Ann, I saw your post for the Saginaw telescoping table. It is beautiful and very well priced. I have just bought one that is the same style as yours. Mine has a formica top and I think the leaves are formica. It also looks to be lighter in color. Hope yours sells soon.

From Ann, 5/16/2011  3:42 PM

Sorry, I forgot to post my email for anyone interested in buying my Saginaw telescoping table in dark wood with storage on one side and six leafs in the other. In good condition. ann.armour@cox.net

From Ann, 5/15/2011  6:02 PM

I have a Saginaw telescoping table/buffet It is dark wood with 2 large doors with six leaves inside one side. The other side is for storage. I live in Chula Vista Ca.

From Nancy Erickson, 5/14/2011  4:51 PM

I have a Saginaw telescoping table,
medium color wood with wood grain laminet on top and leaves. The table has two large doors that open for storage of the five leaves inside. Also has drawer inside as well as shelf and small storage area. Table with leaves expands to 8'. Inside label reads: "Saginaw Furniture Shops, 666 Lake Shore Dr., Chicago." Table is is good condition but is very heavy. Being in Hawaii is a drawback for anyone living in CONUS.

From Michele Dailey, 5/5/2011  3:38 PM

I have a Saginaw expandable table/buffet. Sometimes called the Expand-o-Matic table by Saginaw Furniture Co. It is Cherry in very good condition. It has the
extra support leg and 6 leaves which store inside half of the unit. The other half is a storage area and drawer. This table seats up to 12 people. We used it for holidays only. Anyone interested I live in Northern NY near Watertown. My email address is mdaily01@twcny.rr.com

From Aida, 5/4/2011  6:57 PM

sorry I did not post my e mail address aida_diez@intradeco.com

From Aida, 5/4/2011  6:20 PM

I am interested in purchasing a Saginaw expandable table, I live in Miami so anything I buy will have to be shipped. If anyone selling and willing to shipped please e mailed me with pictures.

From Karen, 4/7/2011  9:24 PM

Saginaw Telescoping Table
I have a Saginaw Furniture Expand-o-matic table available in Cincinnati, Ohio. Saginaw logo and patent numbers are stamped on the inside. It's in very good condition and contains six leaves.Contact karen.coleman@gmail.com for pictures

From Julie, 3/7/2011  7:39 PM

I have a dark walnut (?) Expand O Matic table with 6 leaves and a center support that all fit inside the cabinet. We just don't have room for it anymore. When not extended the dimensions are 39 1/2 W x 30 H x 20 1/2 D. With leaves it will seat 10 comfortably.    It is in good condition. We are located in Western NY State. Please email me at wardjulie@earthlink.net

From Matt, 3/3/2011  9:24 PM

I have a 1966 Saginaw Expand O Matic buffet/table. It has 8 leaf sections and 5 folding chairs that fit inside. It is a dark stain colored. Great Shape.
Located in St. Louis Missouri area. Please email if interested watson.matt@gmail.com

From Rodger, 2/18/2011  9:44 AM

I live in Scottsdale AZ and looking for a 6-9 leaf Saginaw Expanad O Matic table. Prefer in dark stain. Contact me at rwilli338@msn.com. Thanks..

From tammy, 2/2/2011  5:06 PM

i have a 6 leaf saginaw shop ,watertown table slide
expandable buffet table great condition a little over 9ft (111 inches) made in the 60's (i think) i live in bossier city la. e-mail me at tammywilsont@yahoo.com if intrsted have pictures on request

From Steve, 2/2/2011  3:53 PM

I have an expandomatic desk with 4 leaves for sale. Its a light color in decent condition. asking 250. I live in Denver Colorado

From Dana Gill, 1/26/2011  8:13 PM


From Dana, 1/26/2011  8:11 PM

I have a saginaw expandle with 6 to 8 leaves excellent condition. I am n Chicago area.

From Kelly, 1/21/2011  1:59 PM

I have a Saginaw Furniture Expand-O-Matic in excellent condition. My grandfather purchased it in the 1950's. It has 6 leaves. It has a maple finish. I am in upstate NY. I am interested in selling the table. Are you interested?

From John Hill, 1/18/2011  1:15 PM

Saginaw Telescoping Table
I have a Saginaw Furniture Expand-o-matic table available in Cincinnati, Ohio. Saginaw logo and patent numbers are stamped on the inside. It's in very good condition and contains six leaves. Contact mrjohnhill2u@yahoo.com for pictures.

From donna, 1/11/2011  10:40 AM

I am in south NJ

From Donna, 1/11/2011  10:38 AM

I have a dark wood table that has six leaves. top is laminate. 2 cabinet compartments on one side- leaves store, the other for table linens etc. Is missing front edge and one side edge laminate strip which should be very inexpensive and easy to repair or can stain
If interested email me at vintageandfunky@yahoo.com and I will send pics

From YVES WANZA, 1/5/2011  2:31 AM

I have a saginaw cherywood expandable antique. It had six leaves. MY MON passed it on to me before she passed. She bought it when she first got out of college. My mon was born in1930. Hopefully this gives you some sort of idea how old it is. Serious buyers please contact me at yves.wanza1@yahoo.com.

PS: Iam in Houston TX.

From elizabeth, 12/1/2010  7:26 PM

I am looking to purchase an expanding cabinet for my new home. I am interested in darker color finishes. Please email me with pictures and price if you have any available! I am located in MO. My email is e_herwig@hotmail.com.

From Kathy, 11/30/2010  1:41 PM

I am located in southern Oregon and looking to purchase an expand-o-matic table. Please email pics and price if you have one for sale. Thanks kjmuckey@aol.com

From CJ, 10/20/2010  10:25 AM

I am located in central NC so am looking for an expand-o-matic within reasonable driving distance. Would prefer longer length and with pads, but am open to what is available. Color not important, good or better condition. Please send photos and price. My email is mzbluebird@gmail.com. thanks so much!!

From Debbie Kines, 10/8/2010  3:40 PM

I am in Memphis, TN and have been looking for a Saginaw
expanding table for several years.....please contact me if you have one for sale. It doesn't matter if chairs come with it...........I really need one of these tables! debbiekines@yahoo.com

From Patricia, 10/1/2010  7:56 PM

We are selling our old church building, everything must go. We have a table, the Original Expandway table by Saginaw. Used to be used for women's tea. Mahagony in color, has not been used in years, no damage that I know of. Cannot find anyone who wants this item. It can be yours for a donation to the church, located in Ludlow, KY

From Janet, 9/13/2010  5:44 AM

Please send a picture of table open and closed and with doors open to dischent@att.net Thank You   Janet

From janet, 9/13/2010  5:41 AM

Please send a picture of table open and closed and with doors open. Thank you Janet

From Brenda, 9/12/2010  9:45 PM

DFW AREA (TEXAS): I have a Saginaw Expando-matic buffet table for sale in the DFW area. Measures 9' 2 1/4" long when fully assembled (6 leaves). Accommodates 3 seats on each side and one at head of table (not included). Buffet end is typically used for serving dish area. Bottom was warped and slightly damaged when purchased in 2000. Restored and refinished to current state. Please contact me to view my Picasa Album of photos on the web.     
Sold As Is, although it is very nice with minimal knicks/imperfections/patina. $975 OBO. melawoman2003@yahoo.com

From Tracy, 9/2/2010  5:38 PM

I have a beautiful almond colored Saginaw expand o matic buffet with hutch. It is in mint condition and I have the original felts. Please email me if you are interested so I can get pics to you. tracylynn726@hotmail.com

From jeff, 8/14/2010  1:38 PM

We are looking for a Saginaw Expand-o-Matic table. My email is fotonut@bellsouth.net

From Weston, 4/15/2010  8:53 PM

Betty, if you haven't found a buffet/table yet, I have one that I can offer you. It was purchased in the 40's and I purchased it from the original owner about a year ago. I can offer it to you for $950, including delivery, and I have a handful of folding chairs that, while not purchased with the table, are a good match.

From Lawrence, 3/7/2010  11:34 AM

I have a Saginaw Furniture Shops Expand-O-Matic table for sale in Hudsonville(Grand Rapids),Michigan. It is medium dark wood with a laminate top and leaves. With 6 leaves it extends to 7-1/2 ft.(excluding the console top) to easily seat 8/more adults. When closed it becomes a small console measuring 39-1/2" wide by only 19" deep. Pictures of this table can be seen by going to (www.craiglist.org), then going to Michigan, then to Grand Rapids. Once in the Grand Rapids craiglist site go to (SEARCH CRAIGSLIST) and enter 1631950534. I am asking $350.00 for this table. You can pick-up or pay delivery (table and leaves are quite heavy-150+ lbs. Can contact me at (chijazz@att.net).

From John Kovach, 2/12/2010  1:01 PM

I have a Saginaw Furniture Shops Expand-o-matic table available in Detroit, Mi. Watertown Slide logo and patent numbers are stamped on the inside. It's in very good condition and contains six leaves. Contact johnk@theauctionblock.com for pictures.

From Jane, 2/11/2010  11:51 PM

I have a Saginaw Expand-o-matic in a cherry color I would like to sell. I am in New York City. janekare@gmail.com

From Mike, 2/6/2010  9:03 PM

Betty....adding my email. I thought it would accompany my post... McFries@aol.com

From Mike, 2/6/2010  9:00 PM

This is a reply to Betty. I have one and it's in beautiful condition. Solid mahogany. Please reply as soon as you can. I am looking to sell. Located in Milwaukee, WI. I have one or two pics and can take many more.

From Betty, 2/4/2010  10:49 PM

I live in the Columbus, Oh area and am looking for an expanding table. My parents had one years ago. Should you have one for sale please contact me.

From Dennis, 12/6/2009  4:15 PM

I have a Saginaw Expand-o-Matic in darker wod color (mahogany?). I believe it is in great shape, been covered in family room for years. Only used a few times, I think it is very cool, wife not so much. Unsure of value, am researching now. If interested, email at sudrust@yahoo.com as I'll be taking pics and dimensions soon. I am in the Detroit area.

From Sharon, 10/3/2009  9:27 AM

I too forgot my e-mail. Kennedysl@fuse.net.

From Sharon, 10/3/2009  9:26 AM

I too am interested in purchasing a cherry or mahogany Saginaw Michigan Expando-matic table. I live in the Cincinnati area.

From Marilyn, 9/10/2009  10:47 PM

I'm sorry,

I forgot my email...mjnystrom2001@yahoo.com

From Marilyn, 9/10/2009  10:46 PM

I have been looking for a mahogany expandable table for a long time. Mine burned in a house fire. I loved it and so did my daughter. I think mine had 7 leaves in it. Does anyone have one for sale, in Mahogany, and close to Illinois? I can travel a little ways if the price is right.


From toni, 8/16/2009  5:30 PM

would like to buy chairs that went with the Saginaw expandable table

From Dawn, 8/6/2009  6:05 PM

I have a Saginaw expandable table. It is Mahogany and in very good condition with the original tag.   I can send pictures if you wish. I live l the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. My email is dawnjperrone@yahoo.com If you are willing to pay for shipping, or if you're willing to drive up to pick it up, please email me. Thanks!

From Joel, 8/2/2009  8:54 PM

I live in the Pittsburgh, PA area and am looking for a Expand-O-Matic buffet table made by Saginaw Furniture. I would be interested in one within 150 miles from Pittsburgh, PA.
Please email me at jkruman5@aol.com.

From JOYCE, 7/6/2009  10:43 PM


From jesse, 6/20/2009  1:30 PM

(forgot to add me email
**my email is jesscollard@hotmail.com**

From jesse, 6/20/2009  1:28 PM

I am looking for a Saginaw Expanding table. I'm not too particular about color, but would ideally like a lighter wood. I'm in New England, so if you are within 1 1/2 hours from Boston and have this table for sale, please email me.


From Ellen Ferguson, 5/30/2009  4:49 PM

I have a Saginaw Expanding Cabinet/Table for sale. If you are interested, I can send you pictures and details.
My mom bought it new in the 60's. It has been been used only a few times. It is in excellent shape with no dings or marks. It's maple and the top is a wood laminate. It has 6 - 18" leaves that open it up to serve 8 people easily.
We are located in Bakersfield, CA. We do not wish to ship it so you would need to arrange pick up.
Call me at 661-477-5046 ir email, ellen.ferguson@gmail.com

From Andrea Berger, 5/29/2009  1:46 PM

Hello--Looking for a Saginaw Furniture Expandomatic, Expand-O-Matic, Expanding, Telescoping Table/Buffet, preferably in a darker wood. I have old antiques and a Spanish style home, so not looking for 'modern.' If it is light wood but soft styling, I could have it refinished.

If you have one you are interested in selling, please provide me with all the measurements, including completely extended, detailed information about its condition, etc. I am in California and would be happy to make arragements for shipping.

Here is my contact info: 760) 272-5719, or my email, Realtors@dc.rr.com

Thank you for reading this!

From Mary, 5/14/2009  2:44 PM

I am also interested in purchasing one of these tables. I am looking for one that expands to seat at least 12 people, preferably with a medium tone wood. I live in the Chicago area.

From becky, 4/8/2009  9:47 AM

I just purchased a expandable buffet table. I am interested in chairs. If anyone has pictures or chairs for sale please e-mail me. Also would like information on researching the age of the table. I am so excited to find this wonderful table here in Nevada.

From Joan, 3/9/2009  7:26 PM

We have a light wood Saginaw Expandomatic Table which extends to seat about eight. Any offers? Only drawback is we are in Canada (near Winnipeg)

From T Phillips, 3/4/2009  9:45 PM

I am in Kansas City and have an expand-o-matic table that is light wood and in good condition. There is a label that says Saginaw Furniture Co. It has been in my family for over 40 years and no longer have a use for it. This is a great space saver and extends out a long way. I am looking to sale this and taking offers. I can provide pictures if requested. Send emails to tphillips100@kc.rr.com

From Tim, 1/9/2009  9:15 AM

Sorry my email is sqhurt@yahoo.com if anyone is interested. I am in central ohio thanks

From Amy, 1/8/2009  12:01 PM

Sorry, my email is rrigbyjr@stny.rr.com

From Amy, 1/8/2009  12:00 PM

I grew up using one of these tables at all Holiday gatherings, would like to get one for my own family. I am near Rochester, NY if anyone has one in good condition I would love to hear from you.


From mike, 1/3/2009  4:53 PM

i have one that has 4 leafs and extends out to 82" and has 3 drawers is a dark finish
email for info and pics nikbrit1234@att.net
60140 IL possible delivery

From Tim, 1/1/2009  5:53 PM

I have a dark wood expand o matic table. It is in good condition. Has four chairs that fold up an go under it. Email for price an pics thanks.

From Larry, 12/28/2008  10:58 PM

i was wondering if anyone knows where I can get a expanding table like that for my family. I live in MN

From Kathy Schneider, 12/15/2008  9:45 AM

I have a Saginaw Expanding table with 4 leaves for sale. The desk has 3 drawers (one felt-lined) down the left side.
I will have pictures shortly. It is lighter wood than many I've seen and more "Moderne" in style. The table is in fabulous condition. The leaves are in their original box. I will deliver within 300 miles of Cape Cod, MA. Please email me for more details: KSchnei962@aol.com

From chandler, 12/14/2008  7:26 PM

I thought I posted this somewhere a minute ago but lost my spot and can't find it. Anyway, email for pics of Saginaw Telescoping Buffet Table. I live in Dallas, Tx so I don't know how you'd get it????



From Curt Pieper, 11/30/2008  6:08 PM

I am also looking for a Saginaw Expanding Table. I live in Harrisburg, PA, and would appreciate hearing from anyone who has one and is interested in selling. Thanks.

From Pat Smith, 11/23/2008  7:36 PM

This might be helpful....uplate409@comcast.net....sorry!

From Pat Smith, 11/23/2008  7:34 PM

Also looking for one of the expanding tables. I live in the Chicago area. Please send me pictures!

From rich, 11/20/2008  9:26 AM

Shawna, please provide email about saginaw expand-o-matic tables. rbodnar@woh.rr.com

From Shawna Martel, 11/13/2008  5:34 PM

I have 2 of these Tables. Are you still looking for one? I am in Conway, Arkansas

From Jane, 10/2/2008  7:58 PM

October 2008- I am interested in seeing/buying an Expand-o-matic table. We live near Washington, DC. If you have one for sale, please send pictures: janeandbrian@verizon.net. Thanks!

From ellen, 7/29/2008  2:21 AM

Skippy, please provide me with your e-mail address so I can request photographs. Thanks, Ellen

From don, 6/11/2008  9:07 AM

Skippy, please contact me or provide e-mail address.

From SKIPPY, 6/10/2008  9:20 PM

I have a Saginaw Expanding table for sale that was purchased in the 1960's by in-laws. Dark wood and very good condition. E-mail for photos. it is very heavy; any purchaser must pick up in St. Louis, MO area.

From Mark, 6/10/2008  2:33 AM

I have a telescoping buffet/table. It belonged to my grandparents. It has 4 leaves, 5 chairs. Silverware drawer lined in red felt. Two storeage shelves below inside double doors. Manufacture date was: Oct '53. I cannot find any specific info, or manufacturer label. Lots of scribbling on all the chair bottoms. Looks like: 'RH6S, Adrion wine Mah 8F'. I wonder what this is?

From Dan, 5/27/2008  9:18 PM

Sorry ,I forgot to leave my e-mail address (oweir3@frontiernet.net

From Dan Weir, 5/27/2008  9:16 PM

Hi, We have a Saginaw Expand-o-matic in good condition with four leaves For Sale. We live about 125 miles south of Chicago Il. If anybody is interested in it please E-mail me and I will send pictures.
                            Thank You

From Bob, 5/16/2008  10:29 PM

I am looking for a Saginaw Expand O Matic. I live in Chicago area so if you are within 200 miles, email me some pictures and an address and maybe we can make a deal. Thank You, email is b.janski@comcast.net

From Mary, 5/9/2008  1:10 PM

My e-mail address is mjlulgjuraj@comcast.net. THX

From Mary, 5/9/2008  1:09 PM

I am looking for an expand-o-matic in good condition. I would be interested in any for sale with pictures. I live in the Detroit area.

From Marla, 3/28/2008  12:46 PM

My Saginaw Expand-o-matic piece is lightly scratched/small peeling of fininsh on top (reflected in price)and needs to be painted or the top needs to be refinished. Solid construction, perfect for "small space" living or extra table for guests.

Highly crafted in mahogany, the hardware is original. Three drawers on the left give extra storage. Interior label “Saginaw Furniture Shops, Inc. Expand-o-matic”. Full extension of table section is approx. 82”L x 32”W. Setting dimensions (not extended) is approx. 42.5”L x 31”H x 21.5”D.

For sale for $275 in Denver area - or you can arrange to have it shipped to you. I can email photos to anyone interested - inspectorkiley@hotmail.com

From Bill, 1/1/2008  11:02 PM

I have just puchased a Saginaw Expandable Table. Interested in any pictures,information, or prices anyone can share. I purchased the table at an Antique Mall in Oklahoma. Wondering about the history and market value. I am going to use the piece in my apartment where floor space is limited.

From Surrah, 1/1/2008  10:35 AM

...An important detail to add...we are looking for the 2 Saginaw expanding telescopic tables in a cherry, walnut or mahogany finish. Darker woods preferred.
email surrahmft@sbcglobal.net

From Surrah, 1/1/2008  10:27 AM

Happy New Year!
We are still looking for 2 Saginaw telescoping tables...one for the Los Angeles, CA area and one for use in Philadelphia, PA. Only interested in tables in good/excellent condition. Thanks!
email   surrahmft@sbcglobal.net

From Patti Crapo, 12/24/2007  12:22 AM

I am looking for a Saginaw telescoping table /buffet. I lost one in a house fire, that belonged to my mother. If any one has one for sale contact me at bcrapo@fairpoint.net. Thanks PAtti

From DEANNA, Eastern Washington, 11/19/2007  12:18 AM

~*~*~ I am looking for an Expand-o-Matic Table. I am willing to travel... Washington & Idaho, possibly Oregon or Montana. Please email me with pictures, dndwills@aol.com Thanks! ~*~*~

From Lynn, 7/30/2007  11:46 AM

I am trying to sell an expand-o-matic desk that pulls out to an 8' table. Looks like a regular cherry wood desk with 3 drawers but top drawer false & pulls our to a table.
I am having trouble determining value and market,any info a help

From Shirley, 7/25/2007  12:22 AM

I am interested in purchasing a expando-matic table and chairs if available. Please send me pictures, price and location for pickup. My email address is shirley4742071@yahoo.com. Shirley

From Judy Herrera, 5/15/2007  1:15 PM

5-15-07 I have an expandomatic Saginaw table with 6 chairs that I am interested in selling. It is a cabinet with 2 large doors with brass pulls on them in a dark wood (mahogany?) and when opened has 6 leaves with a support leg that will seat more than 6 (having 6 chairs with the set). The chairs are matching wood with a dark ?leather upholstery and the entire set in in excellent condition. If interested I am in Arizona and am not interested in shipping this piece as it is unmarked so far and could get damaged in shipping. Please reply to 520-586-4433 evenings. My e-mail is roaminjil@yahoo.com
Jude Herrera

From Jeanine, 4/26/2007  7:04 PM

Oh sorry, forgot my email.

From Jeanine, 4/26/2007  7:00 PM

I just purchased a Saginaw telescoping table/buffet. I know nothing about it but I'm interested in learning more. Could anyone tell me when they were made and maybe sure pictures?

From Donald, 4/26/2007  6:48 PM

Could you email me pictures of your table?

From j segasture, 4/20/2007  6:22 PM

How large will the table be with all leaves installed? I would love to see a picture.


From DONALD, 4/7/2007  7:54 PM


From Jackie, 3/1/2007  5:08 PM

My update on telescoping table upon looking at the table it has a couple of nics on the front where it pulls out.. Can be repaired I suppose.. I did not notice them before but they are there none the less...
Thanks... moosejlb2000@yahoo.com

From Jackie, 3/1/2007  1:12 PM

I have a expando-matic telescoping table that has leafs to it I believe mine is from the 1940's because it appears to be diffrent design then the one I seen from the fifies. If you would like pics please e-mail me.... I do not and never have had chairs to this... I live in Michigan..It is a nice piece have used it during holidays for family and friends always is a conversation piece that is for sure... moosejlb2000@yahoo.comÊ Thank- You

From Shar, 1/20/2007  9:31 PM

We have an Expand-O-Matic table by Saginaw Furnature. When it is expanded it can seat about 12 people-it has 6 leaves. When it is closed, it looks like a buffet. We think that the wood is mahogany. It is for sale, and we live in Rochester, NY. The condition of the buffet is excellent. Pictures are available as per request. My email is sbebluemerlow@yahoo.com

From Amy V, 11/24/2006  6:41 AM

My husband and I recently purchased a beautiful Saginaw expandable table/china cabinet/hutch at an antique store. From reading many postings on this website, it appears as if these tables once came with folding chairs. Does anyone have a photo of a table with chairs? If so, can you please email us photos of the chairs? We would like to try to replicate them. Thank you. My email is: amyvcmc@optonline.net

From b lacy, 11/9/2006  9:41 AM

Forgot to add the email info above.

From B Lacy, 11/9/2006  9:20 AM

I have one you may be interested in, It is modern style and in untouched condition. We just bought it at an estate sale and had no idea about it until I started doing research. It is a light colored wood with chrome drawer pulls (retro) 3 drawers. It does have some veneer damage to the top about a 4 inch by 4 inch on one corner. Will be glad to send you some pictures if interested. You can email me at the email listed. We are located in Mississippi. rebel_beck03@yahoo.com

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