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Seeking Chateau d’Ax Derek Group

Posted By BJ, 8/24/2006

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I was saving to purchase the Chateau D'Ax leather furniture group from Foley's department store named "Derek" (Dallas,TX.. Now that Macy's has sucked them up and there is no more Foley's and they decided to discontinue that line. I wasn't aware that they had clearanced it out as they were making the transition from Foley's to Macy's until I got my new Macy's card and checked with the furniture department to see if they still had it. It is a dark brown grouping very Art Deco in appearance. I've looked on their website,Chateau D'AX but, have had no luck. I wish to purchase the sofa and two side chairs. They also have a bench that would work as a great coffee table or end of the bed bench. I would appreciate if anyone has any clue as to where I might purchase this line. Thanks in advance.   


From pjsfuncrafters.com, 11/28/2013  2:15 PM

I am looking for those fasteners as well. Did you find then?
Thank you

From rog, 6/4/2011  2:58 PM

dont buy chateau dax name sounds fancy but quality sucks just left a site with hundereds of complaints

From ib thompson, 11/29/2010  1:18 PM

I advise everyone to stop looking for this furniture...I have a very expensive recliner that cannot be repaired...The cable has broken for the second time and they now make a cable 4 inches longer, so I'm out of luck...Chateau d'Ax not helpful at all..In fact, rude...His advice was to start looking for repair person...My question is "if cable is no longer available, how is that going to help me"? Yes, recliner is 7 years old but I bought it to last...The leather is still in great shape but has always been a little "wobbly"..I am so mad about this...

From Shelley, 10/30/2010  12:40 PM

I purchased a Chateaux D'AX cocktail ottoman in South Florida and have decided to purchase the sofa. Unfortunately, I live in Central Florida and cannot seem to find a Chateaux distributor locally. My ottoman is CD Blake Square Cocktail Ottoman Beige, sku #2690080, C705JX Cover: 319 Can anyone help me locate a store in Central Florida that carries Chateaux?

From Susan, 3/5/2010  9:50 AM

4/21/09 reply for Helen
RE: Luke Collection at Macy's
sku#62281 Sofa
sku#62307 Chair
sku#62299 Loveseat
color #3851

From Steven of NYC, 2/9/2010  11:07 AM

For all those considering a Chateau d'Ax Divani (Model name?) corner sectional, here's the what.....June 2005-Macys in Herald Square....this is a smart looking sectional with a chaise at one end. Quite comfy for short stints round the telly. But the soft slipperiness sends you sliding to a total recline before too long, but that's ok, right? The curved center section is fairly useless, neither fish nor fowl (you can't sit on that part or have a lie down)
The problem we found was the hardware bits that connect the three pieces. They've torn away from the side of the furniture and now each piece is unconnected and you end up pushing the pieces apart if you sit in the wrong area. (The downward pressure pushes them apart without these little locking bits holding the three pieces together) Phoned a parts dept in N.C. (336-885-9777) hoping for a return call but nothing so far.
We inspected these connecting hardware areas closely and could see the poor workmanship there. The rest of the lot has held up well for nearly 5 years.
My old lady was never to hot for this furniture in the first place since she seems to hit the spot that won't stay together quite often and I get to hear what a piece of crap I chose.
If I can just re-install these bits that hold the thing together I might add some joy to our after work relaxtion ....anybody got a clue where to get these parts?
"Colezione Divani" wanted little to do with my inquiry

From Dee, 1/18/2010  5:18 PM

Has anyone heard of the Divani Avery line.   It has baseball like piping stiching?

From Don, 1/8/2010  10:31 PM

We really like the Chateau D'ax Milan that will be on sale at Macy's this weekend.

Our one concern is the the workmanship seems to be a bit inconsistent on the floor samples. Has anyone had any problems with their Milan? I am especially concerned with
the straightness of the stiching on the arms (it is a high
visibility/detail area).

Any thoughts will help as the sale is soon.

Thank You!

From Adam, 12/28/2009  9:26 PM

I purchased a queen sized leather bed frame from Macy's iin 2004 called "Divani" I believe by Chateau D'Ax. It is by far the best manufactured and best designed leather bed frame I have ever owned. In fact, it still looks new.

The trouble is we just bought a king sized mattress (December 28, 2009). I need to buy this Chateau D'AZ model in a king size leather bed frame. We can't find it at Macy's. Any ideas where to find it in the Los Angeles area? Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Any ideas?

From Jim, 11/6/2009  12:17 AM

I just bought a Chateau d'Ax sectional from an estate sale. I'm not sure what "model" it is, but I'm looking at the tag which is underneath each piece.. It says delivery date March 2001. LENTATE S/S (Milan). And yes, it states the Body and Seat cushions are Polyurethan foam and Polyester fiber... which is fine.
My issue is that the Seller didn't have the "connector" pieces which connect each piece together and hold them tight together. From the looks of it, it looks like one side is a screw type, which the other looks like a USB input (flat insert). I've spent a few days searching online for a local (Phoenix, AZ) parts provider, and online in the US to order 6 of these "connectors" and no luck! Any suggestions?? Thanks!

From Rosie, 7/11/2009  4:11 AM

I purchased the floor sample of the Cherise Chauteau d'Ax leather sectional, with ottoman, at Macy's in Scottsdale, AZ two days ago. Before making the decision to purchase, I asked the saleslady to verify that the sectional was actually leather, because none of the tags that were attached to the sectional indicated that it was. She advised me that she called the CD rep and he told her it was made of top grain leather with split grain on the back and sides. I had the sectional delivered on Thursday (by private party) and so far my family and I have noticed a bad smell, like stale deleted in the room; as if a cat had sprayed. We do not own a cat, never have. Another thing is that the leather has started to wrinkle, event hough it's a pretty thick leather (?). I also checked the tags attached to the underside of the sofa and ottoman and there is no mention of leather on any of the tags. Macy's website does not state what the Cherise is made of. The sectional does not smell of leather at all. There's just that awful funky smell. The Macy's saleslady was very anxious for me to buy the floor sample and advised me that the sectional and leather were of very high quality. The set retails for $4,000+ on their website. Additionally, all tags on the sectional and ottoman indicate that they were made in China. I don't know if I have any recourse since my purchase was a Final Sale/As Is Merchandise. The only good news is that I opened up a Macy's account to take advantage of the $100 off and the zero percent financing, so I'm not out any money yet. Any input would be very much appreciated. Thank you.

From Helen, 4/21/2009  6:32 PM

Would anyone know the sku# for the LUKE Collection by Chateau D'ax? It's available only at macy's but it's still very expensive. I need a sofa, loveseat and 2 chairs. Any information would be appreciated.

From Laurie P, 3/28/2009  6:30 PM

I was thinking of purchasing a Chateau D'Ax sofa and loveseat at HOM furniture in Minnesota. Their style name is "Phoenix" (sofa SKU # 2621565). It is dark brown, though available in other leather colors. The back has cross stitching with a single tuft in the middle. HOM indicated it is one of their most popular leather sofas. Does anyone have any information about this sofa? Thanks.

From Anjanika, 3/8/2009  10:38 PM

I bought Chateau D'Ax leather furniture in 2002. It is brown colored and has what is called a pub back. The sofa has a pull out full sized sleeper. It does not have any ornamental nails. This is one of the best sofas that I have owned. I don't know what group it belongs to, whether it is a Derek or Divini. I had bought the whole group from Macy's. I have been looking for a loveseat or chairs to complete the set. Wonder if anyone on this thread could help me?

From Rebecca, 3/3/2009  11:58 AM

I have a Leather Section in wine Chateau d'ax. Mint Condition. Purchased 6 months ago.

From Joshua, 2/24/2009  9:59 AM

I am not sure if you have a Raymour and Flanigan Furniture store in your area, but they carry an extensive line of leather furniture from Chateau D'ax. I just purchased my sofa there.

From Walescka, 12/1/2008  1:35 AM

I bought a whole livingroom set back in 1999 from Foley’s stores in Dallas Tx and I still have it I’ve never have had any issues… The sofa it is the most comfortable piece everyone that comes to my house and sits there falls asleep truth be told must of my guest do not want to use the bed or the air mattress, the ottoman is so comfortable that anyone can sit there with no issues OH and the loveseat it is so spacious... I love it …. I can not find anything wrong with any of the pieces…. I been looking around because we want to buy more pieces my fiance and I are getting a bigger place, so if any knows where I can get them locally here in the states I would really appreciate it.

From Diane, 9/2/2008  11:52 PM

We have a Chateux D'ax grouping and the leather was damaged on the sofa. We have been working with Guardian the warrany company, for the furniture replacement. I am looking for an "ENZO" sofa. Any ideas? Ours was purchased in April of 2006. Any help is appreciated :)

From Maureen, 8/13/2008  11:44 AM

we just purchased the Cheateau D'ax set (sofa, 2 chair, and ottoman from Sam's Club in Cleveland OH. We got all 4 pieces for $899.00 & love it. They marked it down 30%, plus it was the floor model so it was marked another 10% for us. We're very pleased with it.

From Camie, 7/28/2008  3:00 PM

I purchased a dark brown leather couch and oversized
chair with ottoman from Rooms to Go about 1 1/2 years ago. I am wishing I had bought another chair, however that line has now discontinued. Its called Maggiore Chateaus D'ax USA. It has no real special characteristics that I can mention, other than it is thick leather, that won't scratch and it is more firm than soft. I would be more than happy to send someone a picture of it, I would love to find another chair and buy it to match my set. Thanks, C in Alabama

From Valerie, 7/17/2008  12:20 AM

I purchased a Cheateau D'ax leather sofa, two chairs and a ottoman furniture from Bloomingdales. The furniture looked beautiful in the store, the delivery was made on June 11,2008. The leather is too soft and it starting to stretch and sag already, the pillows are attached and can't be fluffed. Bloomingdales is sending an inspector on Saturday 6/19/08.   I'm very disappointed in the quality. Unfortunately, it looks good but will not work for me.   

From virginia, 6/12/2008  8:40 PM

i have been looking at the vice/vera set at macys for over 2 months....it is every expensive for us....can anyone tell me if they have bought it and how its holding up.....it goes on sale for 3799 every other week.....thanks ,v in florida

From kewlly, 5/27/2008  8:09 PM

Has anyone looked at or purchased the Reprise modular sofa from Macy's? It's supposed to be identical to the Vice Versa collection, but I liked the higher seat height and the leather quality felt higher than the Vice Versa collection. On the fabric swatch it says Cat 3 leather. Anyone know what quality that corresponds to for a Chateau D'Ax piece?

From Carly, 5/2/2008  6:28 PM


Texarkana, Texas is our closest Sam's. We went ahead and bought the set soon after my post. We bought the last set they had, and I got them to knock another $100 off b/c there were a couple of scuff marks. (We got it right off the display). I had seen the set back in January sitting in the middle of the store listed for the $1684 price. I don't know why they marked it down. Maybe it just sat there too long.

We are enjoying the furniture. It's very comfortable, but you can tell where the last person was sitting because it leaves little wrinkles...not a big deal to us.    

From Don, 4/24/2008  7:14 PM

Also interested in opinions on the Bennington collection @ Sam's.....need to buy something in the next 2 weeks....Carly, um....which Sam's is your local Sam's?...as the set is $200 more by me....

From Carly, 4/20/2008  1:02 PM

We are also looking at the Sam's club 4 piece Bennington Collection...which is $1484.37 at our local Sam's. Does anyone know if there is a matching loveseat available?

From Boca, 4/8/2008  9:16 PM

ok, I am going to repeat what has been asked but ignored several times in this long posting.

Does ANYONE know where one can purchase replacement cords for the recliners? They tend to break rather easily, and I have moved the one good one from my couch to one of the chairs that broke. It has since started to frey and I need to find a set of 4.

any help would be appriciated..
thank you

From Jo Lynn, 4/1/2008  10:40 PM

I just purchased a Primo Chateau d'ax leater couch, chair, and ottoman from Macy's on close-out. I saw one person post a comment regarding the Primo line. Did anyone else purchase Primo furniture that is holding up well? After reading comments about the quality of the furniture, I purchased the warranty from Macy's. Was that a mistake??   

From Tami, 3/30/2008  11:14 PM

I'm considering a Chateau D'Ax leather set at Sam's club. It looks well made. Brown leather couch, 2 chairs and a leather bench for around $1500.

From Bryan, 3/29/2008  2:50 PM

To second the question from Ryan, does anyone know much about the Chateau D'Ax Bennington Collection available at Sam's club? It is 1684.37 for the couch, 2 chairs, and an ottoman. It says 100% leather. I looked at the bottom of the couch and it says made in China. It also says Model C644DC. The leather feels nice and thick (is it leather or bi-cast?). Thanks.

From Luke, 3/28/2008  3:18 PM

I am going to an auction **TONIGHT** They have *NEW* Chateau d'ax furniture there that you can see at www.rockinhauction.biz If someone wants to make a deal, I will be happy to bid on whichever pieces... please contact me at lukeandangela05@gmail.com

From Tim, 3/28/2008  1:00 AM

as indicated above, not all leather is the same and there are different qualities of leather used for furniture, with bicast being the cheaper and something called arline (spelling) being the better. i just bought a chateau d'ax sofa and love seat ojn close out from all places, Macy's, not a place i normally shop. have been looking on and off for years for a new sofa and love seat ( to replace my aging 25 year old set) and this one fit the bill. leather is semi arline and soft. received two un solicited compilments from passing employees while picking up the set.

according to info gleened from the web, this firm has plants in Italy, eastern europe and within the last couple years, one opened in china. my set (primo is the name) has a tag indicating made in italy. very attractive. possibly the quality complaints are from the china plant. we all know what is happening there and to our country

From Ryan, 3/17/2008  10:39 AM

I was thinking about puchasing the Chateay D'Ax Bennington Collection at Sam's Club, does any one have any information that might be helpful when making this decision?

From Renee, 3/10/2008  12:01 PM

I have a set of the Divani Chateau d'Ax couches that I need to sell. I have a couch and 2 love seats. They are brown and I bought them in April 2007. I'm in Hudson, Wisconsin so if anyone is interested, please contact me. They are in perfect shape. We are moving and the place is too small for these. Paid $3500 for the 3 pieces. Make me an offer.

From Paul, 3/9/2008  9:32 PM


   We have had the same problem. We are on our second couch and it is starting to do the same thing. When the last one ripped you could tell it was very thin leather. I feel we made a mistake when we purchesed this product. It seems they push the product as being made in Italy when most of the production is in Belguim ( like the China of Europe ).


From janna, 3/7/2008  11:14 AM

I purchased a loveseat and sofa set 3 years ago and the sofa immediately started to wrinkle. The set is the Jackson line of Chateau D'Aux. Macy's did come to look at the sofa and the rep said it was a bad leather so they replaced it. The new sofa started to do the same thing about one year later. I had moved in between time and now the sofa actually ripped where it was wrinkling and they said the warranty is null and void because I moved! Has anyone else had this wrinkling problem with their leather and can anyone help me resolve this? We spent so much on this set and were planning on it lasting forever!!

From elaine, 2/20/2008  7:42 PM

I purchased the Visa Versa set by Chateau D'Ax from Macy's and have had it about 3 months. I am very disappointed. One of the pieces that is used the most is wrinkling - there's only 2 of us seniors in the house. The other day I just covered myself with a throw and the color got onto the leather. All I did was cover myself up. I looked this up and it's called color transfer and apparently it also happens with jeans and newspaper print. I bought Macy's "worry no more" warranty and was basically told that it covers everything. When you register it, you find out that it only covers the mentioned things. I am so careful. This makes me sick. I can't get any help with anything; the saleslady tried to no avail. There's not even a leather repair person in this area. The warranty company is also called Stainsafe and it has loads of complaints on the web. I have decorated my whole great room around this set. At this rate, it's going to look terrible in 2 years. I would have been better off buying couches at $500 each.    

From Amy, 2/12/2008  3:10 PM

Bottom of my set says Leather from Italy, furniture made in China..... go figure. Had our set for a year and a half and the leather ripped in one cushion from the dog, and other sections are beginning to flake and crack. Not impressed with these couches, color rubbs off when cleaning. Two cushions have collapsed, knees up to chin feeling. Don't waist your money...

From jack, 2/4/2008  9:52 AM

i am looking forchateau d'ax the visa versa set i don't want to buy from macys does anybody else carry store or on line i live in houston

From Katie, 1/28/2008  12:31 AM

We purchased a Chateau D'Ax white leather chair, ottomon, and daybead over 2 years ago. 3 kids, and they've held up beautifully. Made in Italy.
In response to Claudia's post, I would be very skeptical if your's say "made in China". All my pieces say "made in Italy".

From Will, 1/24/2008  6:01 PM

Regarding Divani Chateaux D'Ax, where exactly is this stuff made? I am firm on buying a US made sofa, and finding out this sort of information is difficult to say the least.

From Susan, 1/8/2008  8:01 PM

I was at our local Sam's Wholesale store just yesterday and they have the 4 pc set of Chateau D'Ax by Bennington for $1684.37 .......... that includes the sofa, 2 chairs, and the bench.

From Karen, 1/4/2008  5:57 PM

I have the chair with ottoman - dark brown, "like butta" soft and in like new condition. It is, without doubt, the most comfortable and supportive piece of furniture I have ever owned. This chair is less than 2 years old and I estimate has less than 24 hours of of "sit" time. I LUV this chair, but it is too small for my new place. Will sell for the right price.

From jorjie, 1/4/2008  1:16 PM

Nebraska Furniture Mart- They are located in Omaha,ne and Kansas city,ks. I am a sale's associate their. We cary chateau d'ax. I am not sure if they are on the web site or not.

From Bruce, 12/31/2007  5:48 PM

We found Chateau D'Ax at Haverty's in Florida - bought it yesterday and looking forward to receiving it. Very Nice couch and has all the elements we are looking for. Try Haverty's Furniture in Clearwater - Sales Manager Dakota Hardin made us a great deal on this furniture.

Happy New Year!

From KT, 12/29/2007  3:50 PM

Looked high and low for a leather couch SET at end of September. Sat on dozens. Found a cool but classic style (Chateau d'Ax Divani "Brown Leather Sofa") that was actually comfortable at The Brick in Saskatchewan, Canada. Unfortunately, only the couch was available (by Oct. 15th) from their warehouse in Edmonton. Paid for it and (thankfully) only left a 10% deposit on VISA for the loveseat, chair & ottoman, which were back-ordered until Dec. 28, 2007. Won't go into the details about The Brick taking 4 days of my time and several calls before finally delivering the sofa on Oct. 28th. I called them on Nov. 28th to confirm couldn't get rest of set earlier (needed holiday party seating) and was told no but still expect Dec. 29th delivery. Got a call from the salesperson on Dec. 27th that manufacturer of Chateau d'Ax bought out and new company not making same couches. Still sorting out what to do. Key is we want a matching set, not different couches, but would give up chair and ottoman to find the matching loveseat OR even another matching couch.

So, looking for info on other companies that might carry Chateau d'Ax. Chateau website no help but will try and get SKU from The Brick - thanks for the tip. Salesperson at The Brick very nice (makes you wonder what he's doing working for THAT company) and will continue to negotiate solution (which I'll post once resolved).

From Anthony, 12/28/2007  11:22 AM

Has anybody purchased vice versa (sectional) manufactured by CD? Macy's is selling it for 3800. Just wondering if it is any good.

From djf, 12/26/2007  4:30 PM

I just purchased a chateau d'ax malone sectional but they didn't give me the hardware to connect the two pieces, does anyone know if you can get these two metal pieces.

From K. Meier, 12/1/2007  9:44 AM

We have Chateau D'Ax furniture from Macy's, bought six months ago. We bought it to replace Natuzzi leather couches that were ten years old. For all the sneering over Natuzzi workmanship, those pieces held up great despite three cats, a dog, and a baby/toddler/child.

Honestly, some consumers want leather for the easy maintenance and less worry about s(deleted) and pet hair. It's not for the luxury of it, and it's not so they can still own it in 25 years.

I'm really happy to be able to buy a brand that is reasonable in price, even if it means they've used leather that high-ed manufacturers don't, even if it means we may some issues with wear and tear over time. Some of us know what we're getting when we pay a low price for furniture, and that's fine. It means when I go back on the market for a new look, I don't have to tear my hair out over all we "invested" in the furniture.

FWIW, six months in, our Chateau D'Ax pieces are still looking great.

From Joyce Leighton, 11/30/2007  2:07 PM

To say I am frustrated concerning my Chateau D'Ax furniture is the understatement of the year, or century. It would take hours to tell my story. I special ordered a two piece dark brown sectional, chaise and love seat. That was sept. 2006 from Marshall Fields which is now Macy's. It arrived Dec. 9, 2006. The chaise is correct, left arm facing. However, the love seat is also left arm facing. Customer Service called me and said the furniture was re-ordered.Two months later I found it was not re-ordered. Then it was re-ordered, but wrong P.O. So it was again re-ordered in May 2007. It supposedly left Italy on July 27. I called several times. I was told it had arrived on the West Coast and would be in the Detroit area around the 6th of November. Still, no furniture. We have been living with this sectional with the arm in the middle for a year. It is a joke among our family and friends. I love the style and quality and do not want to give up, however, I am ready to call and have it picked up. On top of everything else, I had a salesman named Paul that charged my credit card for $500. more than the agreed price and has left Macy's and now works at Gormans. Macy's did finally adjust my charge. That story would also take a page or two. I kept hoping that the warehouse brought one wrong piece, but after reading the above comments, I am starting to believe that the factory did make the wrong piece.

From Maya, 11/20/2007  3:07 PM

Hi! I need to get 2 rips fixed in my Chateau Aux couch. I live in Florida. Does anyone have any idea where to go? Thanks!!

From Ken, 11/18/2007  1:23 AM

One can spend as much or more than some of the prices stated in this thread for a traditional fabric sofa/love/chair and they won't last a lifetime either. Why would one think leather is any different. Everything is disposable today so if $2k gets you through 10 years of use you're shooting par for the course. It's probably time to redecorate anyway. I think my Messina chocolate brown nailhead set is very comfortable, resonably priced, nice looking and wearing nicely.

From Maria Battle, 11/3/2007  2:02 PM

I purchased a CHATEAU D'AX four leather piece leather sectional ( taupe color) from Hecht's in 2004 furniture set CELLA. Its almost 4 years old and looks brand new, no wrinkles, discoloration and the cushions are still full. We use this sectional everyday its in my family room off of the kitchen and I have two young children. I LOVE THIS SET, I'm go happy that I purchased when I did since it no longer at Macy's.

From Monica, 10/8/2007  5:46 PM

As an interior designer, I had not heard of this company until a client told me she and her husband were thinking of purchasing it today. After doing my own research on the construction and the quality of this furniture (and Natuzzi, btw) I have instructed my client to be wary. I will steer her toward Elite Leather.

I have a great leather sectional from Elite Leather out of Cali that I know for a fact will last me a lifetime. I've had this sofa for about 7 years now with absolutely NO REGRETS!!! Yes, it cost a little more, but I won't have to replace it EVER. It gets sunlight (a lot!) and I have two active boys (one is a teenager and two 100 lb. labs so I think we put this thing to the test. It's truly high quality stuff!!!

The first issue I have with CD is that it is Italian Web construction, which means it's not 8-way hand-tied. Anyone in the industry can tell you this is a sofa benchmark. The next issue is the foam. It's simply "okay" at best. I do not have any information about their leather at all so I cannot speak to that.

My best --ogy is buying sneakers....do you really want to run in them or just "run errands" in them. If you are a real runner...I recommend you keep looking. Otherwise...buy on!!!

Hope this helps!

From Jay, 10/8/2007  10:33 AM

DO NOT BUY A CHATEAU D'X sofas. I've had mine for a year and the foam inside the cushions is starting to break down. I've also noticed the tag on the bottom says Not for sale in California....This means that the quality is not upto par for the California market. I purchased an extended warranty and As you know it Macys will not stand behind it. They sent 2 technicians and they did notice the issue of the foam breaking down but decided not to do anything about it.   I am very disappointed with these couches.

From Tyler, 10/5/2007  11:02 PM


From Carl, 9/13/2007  7:34 PM

I have a Chateau d'Ax recliner that is eight years old and still in great shape. It reclines and swivels. Unfortunately the mechanism is broken. I was told by an upholstery shop that they could repair it if they had the mechanism. Can anyone give me the name of the mechanism supplier and/or web site.

From nelson, 9/2/2007  2:10 PM

ya i am looking to replace or fix my friends Divani Chateau d'Ax love seat, i burned a hole on the right arm rest with a light. can anyone give me some help on what to do to fix it. should i get it reupholstered?

From Claudia, 8/24/2007  8:20 PM

I bought a CHATEAU D'AX double recliner couch at Macys in the Seattle area and when we picked it up at a wearhouse in Portland and brought it home (800 mile trip) and unpacked it, we did not find anywhere on it that said CHATEAU D'AX but did find about 8 stickers that said MADE IN CHINA ....   Does anyone know if CHATEAU D'AX makes their furniture in China??????? I had told the saleslady at Macys I definitely DID NOT WANT ANYTHING MADE IN CHINA, and that is exactly what I got.   And shouldn't the company name be on the couch someplace????   And it is not as comfortable as the one we sat on in the store, or look exactly the same color or softness.

From madison, 8/19/2007  11:23 PM

lots of Chateau D'ax on craiglist in the DC area

From Eric, 7/4/2007  1:56 AM

I'm considering buying my first sofa + loveseat Chateau D'ax, pierro chocolate. I think it is quite comfortable and beautifully designed. I'm also considering a Natuzzi Catalina, chocolate brown. Which of the two is a better buy and better quality? Please help. I just wanna make sure I make the right decision.

From JOE, 7/3/2007  10:06 AM


                      THANKS JOE

From Chris, 6/18/2007  11:00 PM

Hi, I'm in the same boat as all of you--I am trying to find the Chateaux D'ax "Milano" collection in the Washington, DC area but am having no luck. I did see it online at Raymour and Flanigan but they do not deliver to this area. Does anyone have any thoughts?

Many thanks,

From gloria, 6/7/2007  4:42 PM

Hi, I was doing some research on Chateau D'ax because I am considering a sofa made by them, when I came upon this chat.

I might have some helpful info: Rooms to Go has many of their sofas manufactured by Chateaux D'ax, particularly the two I am considering the "marsica" and the "avenue" (Cindy Crawford signature sofa). The Avenue is modern/Art Decoey and comes in dark brown. Thought maybe that would be close to what you had seen at Foley's. At the same time, if you have negative info on Chateau D'ax please let me know. All in all (I didn't have time to read ALL the email traffic) it sounds like they put out a good product.

Good luck and hope this helps. Please let me know if this is the one you were looking for.


From Rhonda, 5/31/2007  12:57 AM


The Macy's in Roseville Minnesota had the Milan Sofa, chiar and loveseat on sale over last weekend for $3510. They advertised it as the lowest price. I love this set and am planning on getting it myself.

From HeatherJ, 5/28/2007  7:16 PM

Hi I too am on the hunt. I live in Virginia and bought a LoveSeat and would like the couch. Macy's here -Could not find anyone to help me-at Hechts former Macys they were very helpful. I have a burgand-ish color whihc I love with the nailhead business and so my hunt continues. I do not have sku number either and almost impossible to match-help any ideas, besides all the ones I have read???

From JANICE, 5/20/2007  7:59 AM


From Al, 4/25/2007  9:28 PM

I recently saw a Chateau D'Ax set in Macy's on Long Island in New York. It was from what they called the Heirloom collection. It was priced around $4000. Does anyone know anything about this set?

From Behshad, 4/21/2007  11:19 PM

I am also looking at Chateau D'Ax Milano collection. Any SKU/part number or mail order place we can order the brown color? Macy's in Silicon Valley/CA is selling the sofa, love, chair for $3500. Is that a good price? Thanks.

From Jen, 4/18/2007  10:45 AM

I bought a sofa about a year ago in Atlanta GA at Z Gallerie that was their 2 piece jack sectional and it fell apart so they replaced it. The one they delivered was damaged worst then the first one. Now I find out that it is discountinued and I am stuck. So if anyone knows anywhere that I can find this piece...I love it. I am willing to try again since my entire room is has been decorated, and now I have no sofa.

From Chloe A, 3/31/2007  1:41 PM

You better hope you can actually get the Chateau D'Ax furniture Macy's claims they're selling you. I thought I bought a sofa and chair on February 3. The salesman represented it as being in stock and able to be delivered within 2 weeks. As of today--March 31-- there's no word on when I'll actually get it. Macy's employees have told me so many conflicting, ridiculous stories I've lost track of all of them--everything to change of warehouse to incorrect purchase order to "not in the country yet." I've asked for the floor model to no avail. I would have canceled the order before now, except I've had trouble finding anything else I liked as well. My husband has insisted we give them till April 15, but that's the absolute cutoff. Believe me, I'll never set foot in a Macy's furniture store again. It's obvious none of the employees have any interest whatsoever in resolving this problem.

From RJ, 3/27/2007  10:06 AM

I purchased a CHATEAU D'AX four leather piece furniture set BRANDY colored from Macy's. Its less then 3 years old and looks brand new, no wrinkles, discoloration and the cushions are still full. Where could I sell or trade in my set?

From Cindy, 3/25/2007  10:58 AM

I too am looking for a Chataeu d'ax leather sofa, chair, ottoman, & recliner. Macy's discontinued it. The name was Como. Does anyone have information or sku numbers? Thank you, Cindy

From Pat, 3/24/2007  11:14 PM

I've been reading this with interest. It appears that Macy's carries several pieces by CD. We are currently looking at the CD Rosina; a semi circular sectional. But, we were wondering if anyone found this in a different color leather. Macy's only carries off white - not the best match for a family with a 14 month old... does anyone know where I can find this sofa in a different leather color or the sku for the CHATEAU D'AX Rosina so I can ask the manufacturer? Thanks!

From Bill, 3/18/2007  9:42 PM

We just purchased and are awaiting delivery on a 3-piece set from Chateau d'Ax. We selected this set after a long search at many of the Northeast's finer depatmanet stores and furniture retailers. I would say that CD is a good value... meaning the quality you get in relation to the price you are paying. You can certainly get "better" furniture... you will almost certainly pay more for it.
One thing that I would like to point out (which Karen already did and which one or two others have alluded to) is that if you are looking for a particualr "style" or "grouping", it is more imortant to know the SKU numbers than the "name" of the group. The "name" of the group is usually not one given by the manufacturer, but rather by the individual retailer (and sometimes is given the name of the furniture buyer's child or the cute assistant buyer in the next office). Don't be surprised if no one else has seen or heard of the "name" of the particular grouping that you are looking for or if the manufacturer does not recognize the "name" and asks for SKU numbers instead...
Good luck to all searching for their dream furniture... it is a very personal and important decision with many factors to be weighed and decided upon. Finding just the right pieces can be worth the effort though!

From aneta, 3/18/2007  9:27 AM

Has anyone come across a 4-pc. group named Cooper by Chateau d'ax? It's a very plain, clean line furniture. I saw it in Macy's sale add but the stores near by didn't have it on the floor. It looks nice in the picture but I wasn't sure about the look of the leather. I guess I'm a bit picky as the the finish and the exact shade of color. It's suppesed to be esspresso but the swatch they showed us at Macy's looked simply black... I am a little worried how "informed" the sales person was because he was trying to convince me that it was the same thing (it's quite obvious from the picture that the colors were not the same even taking into account different lighting and anything like that).

From teri, 3/17/2007  5:30 PM

Wow, my heart goes out to all you guys. My husband and I looked in about 15 furniture stores looking for leather furniture. First stop was Kauffman's in Buffalo, NY....now Macy's. That is where we first saw the Chateau d'ax that we really liked. Didn't want to jump at the first thing we saw...so onward bound to 14 other furniture stores over the course of a couple of months. Guess what? We ended back up at Kauffman's, on this time in Rochester, NY. We bought couch, loveseat, club chair and ottoman. We have had the furniture a little over a year now and LOVE it. We have 6 in our family (Older kids are ALWAYS here to visit) and the shortest person in the family is myself at 5'10". My daughter is 6' tall and my 3 boys and husband are 6'4" to 6'6". My point being...We grow em big! And the furniture looks like the day it was delivered! Another thing we did before purchasing, which I would recommend to everyone, is check out consumer reports on how to buy furniture. Very helpful. Our furniture is VERY sturdy!!!!! Good luck to everyone.   Teri

From Pat, 2/24/2007  9:20 PM

I just bought the semi circular sectional that was featured on the Macy's ad a couple of weeks ago. Turned it over and inspected it, looked good to us. The sales person was great, got the tax off and the sale price and lots of attention, personal visit to the house to help with the interior design. I am thrilled with it so far!

From roberta tuozzo, 2/20/2007  2:04 PM

I am looking for your "gigi" collection that I saw in Macy's furniture store in Carle Place, Long Island, NY.
They had informed me that the line was discontinued. I truly love that particular collection both the sofa with the chaise lounge or the sofa, loveseal, combination. Can you held me find a manufacture who covers your line in my area. Long Island, New York or a company on line who can distribute it via on for me. I am hoping you can be of some assistance to me. Waiting for your reply.

Thank you in advance for any help you can give me.

From BJ, 2/19/2007  4:21 PM

Dawn, hi. Well, after your response and seriously considering all of the problems in finding the CD set that I wanted, I'm bowing out of not only looking for it further but this thread as well. Although I loved the way that it looks, I was aware of what bi-cast meant..the rep at Foley's/Macy's told me. I also finally have the sku number, thanks to Babis who also just bought the Derek set in Northern Cali. I want my leather to last for as long as possible and I have concerns about CD. Good luck to you all in the future in finding what you're looking for. Warmest Regards, BJ      

From dawn, 2/19/2007  8:28 AM

You may want to check out raymourflanigan.com. I live in NY and have been on the hunt for new LR furniture. Raymour sells CD. If nothing else, you may be able to find a sku for the 'derek' pieces you are looking for. We're looking to purchase a 'milano' set and was on line researching any complaints about CD when I came upon your blog. I'm a little disappointed to find that CD warranty is only 3 yrs on framing and 1 yr on foam. Natuzzi is another italian line of leather furniture that I have found. They warranty 10 yrs on frame and 2 yrs on foam. Of course, all the stores we have visited offer a 5yr warranty (for an extra charge) that covers any damage to the leather, if it cannot be repaired, it will be replaced. Best of luck in your search. –D

p.s. bi-cast leather is a leather with a plastic type coating, generally very shiny, it's very similar to Patent leather often used on shoes, keep away from strong heat, clean with a just a damp cloth or GT15 if you have pets, cannot be conditioned because of the plastic coating, conditioning could cause the coating to part from the base leather. (found at an on'line leather site)

From Colleen, 2/18/2007  4:38 PM

I bought a Chateau D'ax recliner sofa 12/05 at Macys Pittsburgh. The recliner release, which is a cable pull between the cushion and end of the couch broke. The other side appears to be on the verge of doing the same. Macys customer service says Chateau D'ax only covers recliner mechanism for 12 months, yet led me to believe other manufactures cover from 3-5 years. Anyone know this to be true? I've just begun my quest.

From BJ Edwards, 2/8/2007  8:28 AM

That should be, "We are on a mission"! lol BJ

From BJ, 2/8/2007  8:26 AM

LOL!!! hahahahaha Know what, that is something that I had not gotten into yet. I just fell in love with the physical appearance of the set that I wanted. I am however a very picky person so, examining all of the facets of the furniture would have been next. I have been known to pull threads, turn things upside down and generally gone over every inch of what I plan to use my retail dollar(s) on. I am so happy that you brought this to my attention though. Just looking good is not enough for me. If I were you I would definitely ask the salesperson if this might just have been on the floor model or if this is in fact something that they use as a cost saving device. I personally would love to hear exactly what their response might be! Remember, wa are on a mission! lol

From Kathy, 2/7/2007  10:12 PM

Hi, I have been researching Chateau D'ax as well - I am torn between the Roma Expresso sofa and the Gildo Brown L shaped sectional. I went back to Macy's today to look at them again and noticed on the sectional that the feet on the sofa were plastic! What is that?? Did I imagine that or is this company selling quality Italian Leather sofas with plastic feet? Not impressed.
I am so undecided - HELP!

From BJ, 1/30/2007  11:47 PM

Bob, hi. I just came home from a two week stay in the hospital thanks to my asthma not cooperating. I am so happy to see that you are pleased with the Chateau D'ax Derek line. I just absolutely fell in love with it in the store the first time that I saw it! I plan on visiting and not just calling the Macy's stores this time around to see if that might help me here in Dallas. Everyone seems to be having some sort of luck finding what they want and I've come up with "nuffin" even after starting the thread! lol I'm just pleased that we are working together to solve this great "Italian furniture caper"! lol I'll try writing you a personal message if you have the sku numbers or any other information that might help. I just hope that after all of this searching and I do happen to get the group that I want that some of the negative qualities of their line don't come true. The Best, BJ         &nbs p;  

From SCS, 1/28/2007  3:13 PM

We were just at Macy's and the Lombardy sectional was on sale for $1999 plus today is the last day of the "tax break" special they are running (they take the full amount of tax off the sale price of the furniture you buy). I am trying to find out the quality of the Chateau Dax line...as compared to Lane, Broyhill, Lexington, Hooker...etc.

From leigh, 1/25/2007  4:35 PM

Is the Lombardy sectional the 2 piece one thay costs $3999 at Macy's. The Macy's salesperson wouldn't provide the name or SKU number.

From joe, 1/23/2007  11:49 AM

hello, i am considering purchasing the Lombardy leather sectional made by Chateau-Dax from Macys. Any info. would be appreciated. thanks

From Nate, 1/22/2007  9:12 AM


I was looking for a sofa ($999),chair ($699) and ottoman ($299). I can't remember the name, (I thought it was just espresso) probably heading back to the store later this week.

From Marie, 1/20/2007  8:02 PM

Try Raymour and Flanigans. You 'll find the Milan - Espresso on their website.

Hope this helps someone.

From Terri, 1/20/2007  10:35 AM


We are looking at an Espresso set here in St. Louis. For sofa, loveseat and ottoman they want $2599 and no sales tax. Wondering what the price was in your area. It might be the same set. The one we are looking at is called "Roma".

This has been a very interesting thread to follow. The furniture looks awesome, however, I'm concerned about the quality and how long it will last.


From Babis is Bob, 1/19/2007  7:39 PM

Just to make sure that you understand that my name is also Babis.

From babis, 1/19/2007  4:44 PM

BJ I just received the Derek brown sofa and lovesheat. They are perfect! You are right that you love them! My email is babinos30@hotmail.com for further questions.

From Nate, 1/19/2007  4:16 PM

Oh yeah, they have 'lots' in stock. Whatever that means.

From Nate, 1/19/2007  4:14 PM

I was at Edina (Minneapolis) Macy's last night and was thinking about buying an dark brown Espresso (without nail heads). Trying to find a picture of it on-line has anybody had any luck trying to nagivate the Italian website? Anyway, my Macy's is offering no sales tax from jan 24-28, including there current 25% off sale. And their extended warranty is 7 years for $179 for three pieces.

From Barb, 1/19/2007  3:05 PM

Macy's in Schaumberg, Illinois is having a special this week only (ends 1-21-07) on Chateau D'ax Nicole L..... style. This includes a sofa, love seat and chair for $1900...I am just nervous about purchasing it from Macy's. The restocking fee is 25% and the special warranty is $199. Does anyone know anything about this model?
     Thanks..... Barb

From BJ, 1/17/2007  3:53 AM

Sonia, you lucky duck! lol The Derek group that I saw at Foley's...ne, Macy's had a sofa, love seat, two lovely chairs, long tufted ottoman that could be used as a coffee table and a smaller ottoman that could be used with the chairs. I'm going to give your Macy's a call to see if they might be willing to ship to Texas. I doubt it though since it's obvious that they are probably clearancing out their Chateau D'ax line there as well. Good luck!   

From Sonia, 1/16/2007  2:38 PM

I just purchased the Derek Sofa from Macy's in North Brunswick, NJ. They had 3 left in the warehouse when I purchased it for just $669 in dark brown. Their phone # is 732-435-1100 if you're interested.

Now I'm looking to get coordinated chairs, loveseat or ottoman. Does anyone know what else is included in the Derek set? Any reclining chairs?


From Josie, 1/15/2007  9:32 PM

I am in interior designer in Chicago and I have been happy with the quality and price of the Chateau D'ax line. I don't know if this will help anyone, but I have purchased the line through Bloomingdales (who has great sales).

From BJ Edwards, 1/15/2007  4:41 AM

Bob, this is the number given to me from Foley's back in August. I called, left messages but no answer:   

1) Bud Pollon 713.665.8498 (Chateau D'AX sales rep in Houston)

This was provided by Janice but, again I left a message and no return call:

1838 Eastchester Dr., S-106
High Point, NC 27265
Phone: 336.885.9777

This is the email address that comes directly from their website:
3) inquire@chateau-dax.it &nbs p; (Returned my inquiry but, since I didn't have the sku couldn't help me.)

Good luck!!!

From BJ, 1/15/2007  4:31 AM

Bob, thank you so much! I appreciate anything that you can provide. I've been patient this long so waiting for you to get your furniture is no biggy! lol Although, I must admit that I am so jealous!! If the store that you bought the other pieces from doesn't have the ottoman, surely they have the information. With the sku number that you will get with your furniture, you can then either write Chateau D'ax directly on their website as I did. They were no help to me because I only had the name of the group and they specically ask for the sku number. I also have the Chateau D'ax regional manager's phone number someplace or I can get it for you no problem. However, it will be for Texas and I don't know if that will help you or not. You could possibly ask him if he knows the manager's name for your region. Lemme know and I will provide the information that I have. Matter of fact I think that I provided it to someone on this thread really early on. I'll take a look and see and let you, ok? BJ         &nbs p;   

From Bob, 1/15/2007  3:03 AM

I repeat my question about two paragraphs above.
Do anyone owns the ottoman of the Chateau D'ax Derek line and can provide pictures?

From Bob, 1/15/2007  2:59 AM

BJ will provide everything even the sku number when i'm going to get the furniture because the delivery is on 1/19/07. Just give me the time to give you all the information when i got the furniture with all the papers. I'll help you as much i can!

From BJ, 1/14/2007  10:12 PM

Bob, howdy! I DO NOT BELIEVE IT! You are the first person on the thread that has mentioned the Derek group..the one that I've been looking for with no luck. Would you perhaps still have the sku number as that is the only way anyone can actually help me with this? Isn't it a lovely group? I wanted the sofa and two chairs... and the ottoman as a coffee table as well! No one that I've contacted Sales rep., other stores,reps in NC, Foley's, Macy's or Chateau D'ax directly has been able to help me so far without that sku. I would appreciate any help that you might be able to provide if you are so inclined. Regards, and good luck in finding your ottoman! BJ         &nbs p;   

From Bob, 1/14/2007  9:03 PM

I just purchaced the Chateau D'Ax Derek brown sofa and lovesheat. I'm interested in the ottoman as a coffee table but i can not find a picture anywhere so i can see it before i order this also. Anyone has it and could sent it in a picture would be very nice! Thanks

From sherri, 1/14/2007  3:46 PM

BJ...such an attitude,tsk,tsk. I did not realize you had an exclusive on this free for all site, and that one must post according to your values only.

If I for one wanted this sofa as badly as you claim, it would have been in my home a long time ago.

The Chateaux d'Ax line is beautiful, and I happen to think it is a great value which is why I bought it. By the grace of God, I am receiving and additional 10% off on the 24th of January sale at Bon Ton, which saves another $189.00. This is for this years set, not last years model, and it features pewter nail head detail which is just elegant.
Again, a five year warranty is the best anyone is going to find on anything, indeed exceptional, and I don't see why anyone is complaining if they have future recourse for replacement,etc. Geez girl, what do you want. The price is exceptional.

Look at Overstock.com and compare very nice leather sofas which they have, also with posted feedback. I think I did better however with the Chateau line than their similarly priced leather furniture, though I have purchased jewelry (diamond earrings were missing a stone after one wearing,and were replaced with free return and shipping) from Overstock, great value, and they do honor their warranties. Interesting and very useful site with free shipping and also great guarantees on everything.

However, I got just what I wanted by doing my research,and striking while the iron is hot. A great sofa and chair, a very,very fair price and I am anxiously awaiting the furniture.

Good luck in your "endeavors" to find Derek in Texas...

Have you called the regional manager for Macys to ask for assistance?

From BJ, 1/12/2007  7:25 PM

Sherri, I don't know who you are, where you live nor do I give a damn! This thread was started to help those of us looking for Chateau D'ax furniture, especially from the "new" Macy's. To come on here and call us naive and whiners was totally inappropriate. I believe that we all value our hard earned money and try to make the best retail purchasing decisions that we can. Sharing in any form of one's experience with this particular product helps to make that decision easier for the rest of us. I've watched, listened, and studied on line as well with dealers about quality and think that when I do find what I'm looking for again, that it will be the best decision for ME! As I'm sure the other posters will do for themselves. Personally, I will not be needing your website..that is unless you are offering the Chateau D'ax suite that I fell in love with called "Derek". It was offered at Foley's here in Dallas prior to Macy's clearancing it out before I realized that they had no more. To all of the other posters...this has been a great thread full of information...let's stay on our mission! lol     

From zelick, 1/12/2007  12:24 PM


I am in Miami, FL and have a Chateaux D'ax couch. It was made in 1996, Wine color leather with brass accents. It is worn, but in good condition all in all. I am moving and looking to move on from the couch I have had for so long. If anyone is interested, drop me an email for pictures. I also have a leather chair (same color) with antique-style wooden, carved legs made by Sam Moore Furniture out of VA, that acts as a set. If anyone can tell me also what I might expect to get for these pieces I would appreciate it. Thanks !

From sherri, 1/12/2007  9:42 AM

Forgive my spelling errors. Left my glasses   downstairs.

From SHERRI, 1/12/2007  9:39 AM

Those of you with complaints and don't even have the furniture are very naieve about QUALITY furniture warranties and Department store polices. Any problems are covered for 5 years! The quality is as good as sofas twice the price on these Chateau pieces!

As an ANTIQUES DEALER (The best quality is what I KNOW AND SELL IN FURNISHINGS) I have to know construction and design. Turn a chair over and look at the zipper and webbing om the underside. Look at the stitching! Prefer a piece of junk made in China? These pieces are exceptional ITALIAN QUALITY. This is a TERRIFIC bargain! My set (Darkest Espresso with nail head detail ($1955.33 for sofa and chair) I am buying today as soon as store opens.. was going to wait till I discovered how fast these sell out just this am here on this site while doing my homework, .. is the nailhead in dark Espresso. Thank you, thank you for your input here.

As for warranty, come on folks. Any problems will show within 5 years. Ask the whiners if their kids jump on it, or if they weigh 300 pounds, or if the St. Bernard sleeps on it. Is the furniture in direct sun?

CANADIANS in Ontario! GREAT NEWS FOR YOU. Bom Ton in Niagara Falls USA has the Cheateau line on sale right now. I am saving shipping by pre ordering before the 16th of January sale with no delivery fee. Sure this won't include you, but no GST (terrible taxes in Canada) fees.

If you need great antique accessories drop me a line and I will send you a link to my website (fine European and Chinese goodies are my expertise.

From BJ, 1/11/2007  8:39 PM

Hazel, howdy and thanks for the information that you provided! For our friends way-way up North I'm sure that your post will be of great help to them. (By the way...I think Toronto is beautiful). In the lower 48..some of us are having a challenging time of it, but we are nothing if not persistent in our quest! lol But, from some of the post I will now be a little more discerning and on the look out for some of the flaws that have been mentioned. That's one of the wonderful outcomes from this post..the sharing. If I find Chateau D'ax or anything remotely close to the great style that I fell in love with that they carried... believe me I will definitely pass it on. Remember...we are on a mission! lol       

From Hazel, 1/11/2007  1:59 PM

What a great place this is. THANKS BJ for starting this up!! You are helping many of us!! Hey, I am not the only one in this boat!! In am near Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Someone was looking for a store in Ontario that carries Chateau D'Ax. I was at a store yesterday in Toronto that carries. It is called GH Johnson's Trading Co. It is at 950 Dupont St, just east of Dufferin. They had a great selection of furniture. All sorts and styles. Sadly the one I wanted only was available in off white. But since many other customers have asked for the same one in brown they are going to look into getting it. My search continues for other retailers though. Hope this helps.

From BJ, 1/9/2007  7:40 PM

MH, hi. I am so sorry that you are having problems with the sofat that you bought. I've not heard back from anyone that I contacted via phone or email message. I did hear back from Chateau D'ax personally in an email message but, without the sku number it was pointless. The reason that the line has that sheen is the process called, "bi-cast". I'm not familar with it personally other than I fell in love with it..in the store. I've not actually heard of anyone having it in their home for any extended length of time and being totally satisfied with it. I've pretty much decided that I'm going to do more shopping around and find another manufacturer. It should not be this hard to find something that you want to purchase these days. So, rather than stress myself out to find something to spend my hard earned money on. I'm moving on because deal or no deal if it starts to look shabby or to lose its color or sheen or any other flaw..I don't want it. Leather, good leather that is, should last almost a lifetime and not be pampered. Good luck and make the best decision for you and yours..personally, I'm so dang picky any slight thing that might not be right with it..it goes back or I will do without until I find exactly what I want. I could have had a great deal recently with the Malabar chair from Pottery Barn since they are no longer carrying it. Long.. short..I let the window model go cause there were loose and torn bits..not very many but, I could see them and I didn't want to spend my time trying to find ways to hide them. lol Ended up paying a discounted price..for a brand new one! Good luck and let me know what you decide and the store offers to keep you a happy customer! lol

From MH, 1/8/2007  6:32 PM

I just purchased a Chateau D'ax sofa from Macy's in Seattle. it was a model on close out.. at least the color is. They have one exactly like it except for the color and the feet with a different name and sku. They delivered it and it has some minor flaws. But I called Macy's immediately and they sent out an inspector. He agreed it has flaws and ok'd a replacement. I told him there are no more of this one and he said I could return it or choose another sofa that Macy's offers.   I was also told to use it while I waited. He said I would hear from them shortly with an offer of a reduced cost if I kept it, 'as is' or I could return in. In the 3 weeks it has been at my house, I am noticing an odd look to the leather on one cusion.. almost as if the sheen or finish is 'drying out' (my language). I was going to return it for a different model..(the one with the different color and feet) but now that I've seen a few posts from unhappy customers, it makes me wonder if I don't want to return it and look for a different line. The sales clerk told me it was of high quality. But I noticed this odd change in the 'sheen' on the cushion of a 3 week old couch and thougth I'd try and reach a rep and ask about their different finishes. Then I found this thread and read the posts by Gary and Shanta. I am wondering if I should just return it and look further.    
BJ, did you have any further exchanges with maurice?

From Myra, 1/4/2007  12:06 AM

Hi - just found this website while looking for a leather ottoman to go w/ my Chateau D'Ax sofa purchased from Robinsons-May in California. Had no idea that cyberspace was filled with others searching for the remnants of the Chateau-D'Ax inventory. Any good suggestions for a good place to buy a small scale storage ottoman in good quality leather?    

From FMF, 1/2/2007  10:49 PM

I read this entire thread with great interest. I was seriously considering a Chateau D'Ax sectional (the "Rosina") with ottoman from Macy's, but today I found some wonderful pieces by Elite Leather Company that I much prefer. The price is comparable, but the quality of the Elite furniture seems to be much higher (better stitching, firmer cushions). I'm wondering if anyone here knows anything about Elite?

From DD, 1/1/2007  7:05 PM

Thanks for all of your help with Chateax D'AX. I just happened to be in Macy's in Houston, TX today and fell in love with one of the sofa's but wanted more information and wanted to see more stlyes. This stuff is good quality. I can't read italian when I went to the company website. Thanks all for your contact info and rep info.:)

From Marty Adler, 12/19/2006  10:36 PM

Any Chateau D'ax distributors in Ontario?
Thank you

From Belinda, 12/12/2006  5:14 PM

Hi BJ,

I went the Macy's here in McAllen. We are about a 10 hour drive south-ish from Dallas. The salesman told me that furniture orders are delivered to the customer's home from Houston I think it was. I can understand why they told you back in August that they were clearing out their inventory....that's about when Macy's took over Foley's down here. The lines they have in the store now seem to be a little more transitional to modern with a few traditional pieces. It seems nice enough furniture. Sale is on December 26th. Knocks about $400 off the sofa, etc.

From BJ Edwards, 12/12/2006  12:33 AM

Hi, I'm BJ and I started this thread back in August and have gotten many helpful hints and responses. I live in North Dallas, very near Valley View where Foley's which is now Macy's used to be and the Macy's at the Galleria is just up the freeway. Which Macy's did you see the Chateau D'ax and especially, where was it that they are having the great sale? When I contacted them back in August here they told me that they had already clearenced Chateau D'ax out and did not plan on carrying the line in the future. Do you go to the or is there a Macy's in Mcallen, and is that far from Dallas? lol A road trip is not beyond the possible...if the furniture is as good as I remember. However, if you check the responses there are quite a few of unsatisfied Chateau D'ax owners! Regards for a great holiday season! -BJ-

From Belinda, 12/11/2006  4:24 PM

Hi Diane,

I was just at Macy's today and saw several pieces from the Chateau D'Ax line if you're still interested. I live in McAllen, TX and the salesman at the store told me that they're having a huge after Christmas sale on this furniture. We looked at the Roma collection and the Carlota collection.

From BJ, 12/10/2006  7:47 PM

Mr.Djedou, thank you for responding. I'm sure that you've made a lot of people happy on this site with your message. Since I started this thread I've also gotten a few responses of people being dissatisfied with the Chateau D'AX furniture that they had purchased. I just don't want to make the same mistake shelling out my hard earned cash and it fall apart in a year and a half right after the warranty was out, as one person put it. I plan on corresponding directly with you and your staff to see if this line is still what I want. If with your busy schedule you are able to answer these concerns on this thread for others that want the line, it would be great. Regards, BJ

From Maurice D., 12/10/2006  4:53 PM

Hello all,

My name is Maurice Djedou and I'm the president of Experts Furniture established in 1965, located in Miami.
We carry all Chateau D'ax Collection and we ship worldwide, so if one of you is looking for a Chateau D'Ax living room set, feel free to contact us anytime by e-mail or call direct 305-787-8555. Or check our website www.expertsfurniture.com

We custom make every style in 5 different gradesof Leather, 2 Microfiber and hundreds colors.

From JSAAV, 12/6/2006  3:23 PM

I just both my Chateau D'ax set dino 3 pcs plus the ottoman in Macys Columbia, MD for $1400.00 plus 10% discount and no paymnts for 12 months on Macys card is the best deal i ever had

From BJ Edwards, 11/29/2006  7:28 PM

Shanta thank you for your response and I'm really unhappy that you were dissatisfied with your furniture. I've also always found it to be true that there are no accidents or coincidences. Your misfortune along with another poster has made realize that I was lucky that I wasn't able to purchase the Chateau D'ax furniture that I had wanted for over a year! I don't like to waste my hard earned money and would have been devastated had the same thing happened to me, especially right after the warranty expired! I thought good leather would last a lifetime and, I'm determined to find some that last at least more than two years! lol         &nb sp;

From SHANTA, 11/29/2006  2:04 PM


                           DO NOT BUY

From mark, 11/29/2006  11:30 AM

I see all of these posts of people trying to find furniture by name and asking the manufacturer.
Well, Chateaux D'Ax does not have names...just numbers. In all instances, the retailer has chosen to give the item an name (to romance it? to disguise it? whatever).
I am a retailer, but don't get mad at the manufacturer for not giving you information when you're not giving them enough data to help you.
Also, most of what Chateau D'Ax sells is container orders. Most manufacturers limit the number of different SKU's that they allow a retailer on a single container. What that means is that unless another retailer is already carring that same item, they probably can't help you either.
However, the rep should be able to give you some information. He might be the only one who could identify the frame number from a picture or name.

From Cindy, 11/24/2006  11:47 PM

Can't believe all you other frustrated Chateaux D'ax buyers. I too have been on the hunt for an leather grouping featured at one time in a Macy's circular but due to construction in my home was unable to purchase. When I was ready to buy it, I was told it was no longer being carried. I even had my decorator on the hunt to no avail. Tonight by chance I found this website. Thanks for the leads. Prior to this I thought my search was doomed.

From JC, 11/24/2006  10:26 PM


From BJ Edwards, 11/14/2006  8:03 PM

Get out! lol I subscribe to the thought of "there are no accidents or coincidences"! The reason that I've had no luck finding Chateau D'ax is perhaps because I'm not to waste my money. I always thought that leather would almost last forever and only got better with wear. I'm really disappointed that you've had such terrible luck with yours. Unless I hear differently, I'll just start looking elsewhere for a leather group. Thank you for responding.       

From Gary, 11/14/2006  4:06 PM

I suggest you forget Chateau D'Ax. I have a 3 piece set and the springs and foam are shot. You almost go to the floor when you sit down. The set is 5 years old. The leather still looks good, but the frame and latex springs are poorly made. Find a product that not only looks good, but is made well.

From gail, 11/7/2006  7:38 AM

We just purchased two, Chateau d' Ax items from a store in Chantilly, VA. 703-766-8000. Perhaps they can help someone with a particular item that's been difficult to locate.
We're having to wait 3 months for another ottoman to be shipped from Italy, but it items are that difficult to obtain, I suppose it's worth the wait!

From BJ Edwards, 11/6/2006  2:37 AM

I know what you'r saying! I've not been to the Macy's furniture department yet as they (Foley's) told me that they after they merger they were not even carrying Chateau D'ax. However, from all the many, many, too dang many catalogs that they send out almost weekly their leather furniture is at least a thousand dollars more per grouping than Foley's ever had! And, Foley's had some great sets. I'm about ready to give up but, it took me forever to find a leather group that I truly loved. Guess it'll take me a tad longer to find something that I can love again. Good luck in your search.     

From Sandy, 11/5/2006  7:18 PM

I am looking for a source in West coast.

From Sndy, 11/5/2006  7:16 PM

Since Macy,s bought Foley,s-They are charging an arm and a leg for all CHATEAUDAX furniture.Can any one help me locate a source to bypass Macy,s.

From BJ, 10/29/2006  7:16 PM

Hi and thank you for the website. I'm going to look at it as soon as I respond to you. When I contacted Chateau D'ax via their website the only thing that they wanted was the sku number. They did not want a physical description or the American name for the group, so I was out of luck. If you have that number you might be in luck. I think that they probably only have the current years styles on their site and if you wish to get a group from past years...the sku number is the only way that they might be able to help us. Good luck in your search and the rest of us I guess are still on a mission. lol I've just not seen that group before that had everything that I was looking for in a leather group before. The legs were perfect, it felt good to sit on, the style was timeless (at least for me) and the best of all..the price was great!     

From Susan, 10/29/2006  11:11 AM

Hi,I live in Maryland and Gardiners Furniture carries some sofas made by Chateau D'Ax. We saw a beautiful leather sofa there yesterday but it is too big for the space we have. I've been trying to get into their website to see what size the matching loveseat is but their site has been down. The one I'm interested in is tufted but does not have nailheads. They did have others which may be what you are looking for. Their phone number is 410-828-8200 if you want to check with them. I don't know if they have any stores near your area. Their website is www.gardiners.com. Good luck!

From BJ, 10/27/2006  10:24 PM

Also, that is not the same grouping that I was looking for. I could give the store that she mentioned a call to see if I might get the sku numbers for the set that I want if they still have it and then ask Chateau d'ax on their website if they have any idea who might still have the group that I want. They did answer me but, needed the sku numbers..of which I nor the store had.      

From BJ, 10/27/2006  10:21 PM

Read Karen's post again Mary. What is the purpose of doing so if she is in another state, our store (Foley's) clearanced out all of their Chateau D'ax way back before the summer and didn't let it's customers know. Guess you would have had to be in the store at the time for you to find out. If I'm missing something, please tell me.

From mary, 10/27/2006  9:28 PM

You guys should read the reply from Karen again !!

From nancy darling, 10/23/2006  9:40 PM

Hi guys and girls,

I just purchsed a 4 piece chocolate colored leather set (couch, loveseat, chair and otto) with cushy arms and cool nailheads from Macy's, who also just recently scooped up Chicago's beloved Marshall Fields. I had no idea they were on a serious nationally wide sweeping mission. Anyway it arrives tomorrow, and I am hoping things will go smoothly. The name is Burgess Bark and it is not only gorgeous, but also priced undoubtedly fair.   Macy's big sale was offering 50% off. Also impressive was that I ordered it on Friday, and ship day is only 4 days later....they seemed to have a few sets on hand. The Macy's sales rep that sold it to me was very helpful and seemed to know a bit about Chateau D'ax, and her name is;
Stephanie Folger - 312 781 5712
Maybe she could shed light for anyone interested.


From BJ, 10/17/2006  11:09 PM

GOOD LUCK~! You did the same thing that I originally did. Even though I called myself keeping abreast of what Macy's was doing I missed out. I was just watching the innumerable mailings that they send (if they lose money that's the reason why...dang booklets, catalogs and flyer's daily except for Sunday)! lol So, when I finally realized that it was a done deal and that Foley's would no longer be Foley's I contacted the furniture department and was told that they had already "clearanced" out the Chateau D'ax line and would not be carrying it. He gave me the sales rep in Houston that I called and left a message with..no reply. I contacted them directly CD and they needed the sku number and not the name of the group, which Foley's didn't have nor did I. I erroneously thought that they (Foley's) would let it's long established, loyal customers know when/if they would do what they did..but, nope! I'm still on a mission myself as the set that I fell in love with while I was paying off my account..I had been buying all kinds of accessories, mirrors, lamps..all to go with that group and now I can't find the dang thing! lol I've not been able to find anything near as clean-lined, comfy, deco-inspired that I loved and for a reasonable price as well. I was told that the process that Chateau D'ax uses is called bicast so, anyone looking might mention that term to the stores to see if we can come up with anything. As always, anything that I find out..I will pass along to you guys.

From Ulrick, 10/17/2006  6:46 PM

Hi everyone,

Macy's brought out Hecht's in Virginia and my wife and I have been saving for a Chateau D'ax loveseat and chair. We have gotten the same answer from the store regarding the discontinuation of the merchandise. We kept an advertisement from the local newspaper that only included the name of the set but no Sku number. We've looked at Chateau website but it's in Italian. The sales man was not much help either. I don't how far we are going to get with just a store set name and no sku. I would really love to suprise her this christmas with the set. But this maybe a mountain I cannot overcome.

From BJ, 10/16/2006  10:45 AM

Wow! Thank you so much for that information. Will definately give them a try when I wake up! I'm so dang tired and some good news would come in handy right about now! lol Will keep you guys posted on anything that I hear..if you don't beat me to it. Have a great day all!!!

From Bert, 10/16/2006  9:06 AM

Hi Guys!
Don't know if this will help, but CARLS FURNITURE SHOWROOMS, INC in South Florida (they're a very large chain) DOES carry Chateau D'ax leather furniture.
The one near me is located at :
6812 N. State Rd 7
Cocunut Creek, FL 33073
(954) 949- 0900

They also have showrooms in Ft Lauderdale, Boca Raton. Miami, and several other Sout Fl locations. They do special oders and deliveries all over the country. Good Luck!

From chad compton, 10/15/2006  2:19 AM

I purchased a Chateau D'ax couch, loveseat, chair and ottoman from Meier & Frank (Robinson's Northwest affiliate). I'm looking to get another matching chair for the set. Let me know if you guys have found any more information.


From Karen, 10/14/2006  11:34 PM

Yesterday we purchased a Chateau d`Ax leather set at Macy's Chesterfield MO store...a floor sample. Some of the other Macy's have the set with couch, chair and long ottoman that can be used as cocktail table, and a recliner. It is dark brown and has large antiqued nailheads on front of arms and across bottom on the front of each piece. More old world look. They did have sets but not sure if the same manufacturer that appear much more retro. You might call the store at the Galaria Shopping Mall in Brentwood MO as they had one like this today. It is not unusual that different stores will carry the same furniture but will have different names and numbers for it so people cannot do as much comparitive shopping just like carpet manufacturers do. Our set is called Dino the numbers are as follows
Dino Sofa Walnut - Item # 32006199 944 Style 1589DC259
Dino CL Chair Walnut    # 32006215 944 Style 1589CA259
Dino Recliner Walnut    # 32006231 944 Style 1589M
Dino CKT Otto Walnut    # 32006249 944 Style 1589XZ259

There are no others of this particular model in their warehouses only a few floor samples. If you could do a search of the Macy's within 50 miles of St. Louis, MO as most are in the suburbs you might come up with the set you want. Did not see any loveseats. Good Luck


From Carole, 10/7/2006  12:12 PM

Hi, I purchased the Chateau Dax sofa 6 months ago and tried to purchase the love seat. The Sku is 0503921205 on my receipt it says Connor sofa Dark brown. Sku 03891
It is a sark brown leather sofa wth nail heads around the front arms and along the bottom. Please let me know if there is anyone seeling the loveseat to match. Thank you very much for your time.   Carole

From BJ Edwards, 10/3/2006  9:16 AM

Hi. It makes we feel good that we are trying to purchase Chateau and willing to share informartion to help the others. Ruth and Angie...welcome to the mission! lol If we all go at it from different angles perhaps we will be lucky. Janice, I DO NOT believe that Macy's is tripping with you on your purchase. I've not gone to the furniture department there yet but, every flyer that I get (about 2 a day) doesn't seem to have the style nor the prices that Foley's offered. My daughter went to "Foley's" at the mall yesterday and got lost because she didn't realize that Macy's had changed the signs and she was still looking for Foley's! lol I'm going to look at the Furniturerow website which is where I was redirected from Sofa Mart that you mentioned. Similar story..I feel in love with a nailhead trim set at Wicke's that was ideal and didn't have that "puffy" leather feeling that you get nor did you "sink" into it. It was my first choice...then, they up and moved outta Texas when I was going to purchase it! lol "Stay on your mission, as of course will I! Lovely day to all, BJ       

From Ruth, 10/2/2006  7:50 PM

Stumbled on your posts as I too am looking for Chateau sofas that used to be carried at Robinsons•May before being bought by Macys. Anything I casn find I will pass on. Thanks

From Janice, 10/1/2006  10:55 PM

Hi again.........still on a mission here! I have to return this OTHER furniture to Macy's ASAP! I did find some Chateau D'ax Italian leather furniture at SOFA MART out here, but none with nailhead trim. :( And there is NOTHING like what I have (damaged) in Italian leather with nailhead trim ANYWHERE to be found in that price range! This is so frustrating!

I agree with you about Foley's/Macy's BJ. I'm sickened by the Macy's signs up on the buildings now. I LOVED Foley's merchandise............and their Red Apple Sales!

From BJ Edwards, 9/29/2006  6:19 AM

Hi and thank you. I tried the numbers that Janice gave me NC...no answer! I'm beginning to think that they just DO NOT want me to purchase their furniture line! lol naa...gonna give Rooms-to-Go a try. They are in the mall very near where I live.

Again..thanks. On a mission! lol

From angie, 9/28/2006  12:49 PM

I found a great sofa at Rooms to Go (not sure it they are anywhere other than texas but they have a web site....www.roomstogo.com - but they doo hide the manuf. name with some code. On my print out sheet it said "Chat" as the vendor. Might check them.

From Lily, 9/25/2006  9:59 AM

Macy's New York and Westchester carry Chateau D'Ax. I fell in love with a piece in Westchester but had to run (as well as the sales lady trying to run me off!). I went to the store in the city and managed to get some info from the sales guy there - it was a piece called Milan although I swear the one in Westchester was called something else. Anyway, I'm not sure how helpful this may be to anyone, but you may want to call those stores directly and see what they say.

From BJ Edwards, 9/23/2006  10:23 AM

Smm, contacted Puritan Furniture and you are right they have about six models of Chateau D'Ax furniture. Unfortunately for me, I live in Dallas,TX and they don't deliver. Thanks for trying to help though.    

From BJ Edwards, 9/23/2006  1:45 AM

Hi and thanks for the phone number. I'll give them a try as will I try the number that Janice gave. She is on a mission too! lol Just about had it with Macy's! If I had wanted Macy's would have gotten a card from Macy's. I've had my Foley's card since college in 1978 and always loved their merchandise. Well, they were first Sanger's/Sanger-Harris/then Foley's..now Macy's. Foley's had much better..everything as far as I'm concerned and it's going to take a lot for me to remain a loyal customer. Again, thanks a lot! BJ       

From SMM, 9/22/2006  10:03 PM

Don't know if this helps at all but there is a furniture store located in Wethersfield, CT call Puritan Furniture Distribution Center - they have a showroom and regularly carry Chateau d'Ax chairs/sofas/ottomans. I purchased one leather club chair within the past year or so and am about to purchase another. Their phone number is 860-529-8231.

From Janice, 9/21/2006  4:05 AM

I'm STILL working on it..........got wind of Macy's wanting to charge me a PICK UP FEE on merchandise that was DAMAGED!!!!!!!!!!! Still in the battle, and yet probably still going with another Macy's set, because I have shopped online and in my area for a week, and haven't found any other Italian leather sets I like better than the Verona they have. What a nightmare.

From BJ Edwards, 9/18/2006  7:24 PM

Janice, dang...again! lol I believe everything that you're saying. I had fallen in love with a leather set with nailhead trim at Wicke's that was to die for. Long-short by the time I had settled in California for a new job they had gone out of business in Texas where I was going to purchase the set and have my brother and a friend drive it out to me. I moved back home to Texas and they are now in California but, out of business here! lol Sounds like a bad movie! hahahaha And, I'm like you. I've not been to the store to see what they do have but, in all of the sale info they seem to be much, much higher in cost than the sets that Foley's offered. I really do NOT like the merger or the merchandise that Macy's carries. Didn't get a chance to use the contact info that you gave for NC but, I will as soon as I'm not so tired. Regards, BJ P.S. Hope you make the decision that gets you what you want!       

From Janice, 9/18/2006  12:55 PM

Hi BJ,

Well, bad/sad news for me. I heard back from them the moment they opened today, and here is their response:


For the most part, cushions are not detachable making repairs difficult.

It would be best to have Macys replace the entire set or any other options they would like to offer.

Anna Blackwell

The big problem for me is that Macy's has a set that is somewhat similar (with NAILHEAD TRIM, a big deal to me), but it will cost me an additionl $1800!!! I have not been able to find any other store in the Denver area that sells Chateau d'Ax USA, so I wrote back to ask them about that this morning.

By the way, Macy's charges a restocking fee (25%??) for furniture, but they were "nice" enough to tell me they wouldn't charge me. Sheesh! What a nightmare.

From BJ Edwards, 9/18/2006  6:29 AM

Janice, dang! lol You are on a mission like me and I can tell that we are kindred "pitbulls" when it comes to something that we want! hahaha I too waited to purchase the leather set "Derek", by Chateau D'AX from Foley's after I had my account about paid off..then they up and merged with Macy's! Hell, if I wanted to shop at Macy's..I would have had a Macy's account. I've not checked out their furniture but, one thing is for dang sure..they send out more sale flyers, cards, and magazines so much that it's getting on my nerves and I still haven't seen a set remotely close to as gorgeous as the one that I want! lol I have the email address that you listed and they contacted me asking for the style/model number which of course Foley's no longer has. I even have the Chateau D'Ax sales reps name and number in Houston if you want it. He hasn't gotten back to me and it's been over a week. Know what from what you're going through..perhaps this is a sign that I don't need to purchase this set from them and should look elsewhere. I've waited three years myself and if you waited for six and are having this much trouble..maybe that's what it is..trouble. Buuuutttt, it was soo pretty and cool. lol
P.S.Bud Pollon 713.665.8498 (Chateau D'AX sales rep in Houston) GREAT LUCK AND KEEP ME POSTED AS WILL I IF I FIND OUT ANYTHING MORE!!!   

From Janice, 9/18/2006  4:33 AM



From Janice, 9/18/2006  4:26 AM

Look what I just found:

1838 Eastchester Dr., S-106
High Point, NC 27265
Phone: 336.885.9777
Fax: 336.885.9779
Chateau D'Ax is a division of the parent company located in Italy. Theyir address in case you want to go there to see them is: Via Nazionale Dei Giovi, 159, 20030 Lentate Sul Seveso, Milano, Italy. 011.39.0362.5301. They make leather furniture and period chairs

From Janice, 9/18/2006  4:19 AM

P.S. My Chateau D'ax Italian leather sofa set is called "Dino."

From Janice, 9/18/2006  4:17 AM

I would like the contact information for Chateau D'ax. I waited for SIX YEARS to get the sofa/loveseat/chair/ottoman set I wanted from Foley's, and it was delivered at about the same time the transition was happening. It arrived with a knife cut on the sofa, was supposed to be replaced, but it was discontinued, then it was supposed to be "repaired", but they can't get the part (cushion?). I am so upset!! If I can get the "part", I'll have someone out here attach it, and then make Macy's compensate me for it somehow.

They have offered me a full refund on the entire set rather than getting this cushion replaced.........go figure. I can't find any other furniture like this in the Denver area, and I have searched until I'm exhausted and so FRUSTRATED!!!!!!!!

Please send me that contact information for Chateau D'ax...........thanks!

From BJ Edwards, 9/13/2006  5:56 AM

Eric, hi and thank you so for responding. You would think that I would have gotten over it once I wasn't able to find the set at Foley's/Macy's anymore, huh? lol But, I had my heart set on it and was just paying down my account so that I could get all four pieces that I wanted. I've never heard of Lacks before but, guess who is going to get a call from me first thing in the morning? lol The set that I want is dark brown also and in a finish that the salesman at Foley's called, "by-cast" leather. He said that accounted for the sheen but, I'm more interested in the style. I'm an Art Deco fanatic and just love the simple elegant clean lines. Again, thank you so much for your response and still open to anyone else that might have any ideas. Anything that I find out I will definitely post to pass along to anyone else that is interested.   

From Eric, 9/13/2006  12:42 AM

I recently ordered some brown leather Chateau D'Ax chairs at ... of all places... Lacks. The tag had direct shipment from Milan to San Antonio.. so you might contact the San Antonio HQ of Lacks, to ask if they can order the set for you. The chairs I purchased are cocoa brown leather, with a kind of retro modern look (tufted cushions) and are very comfortable.

From BJ Edwards, 9/3/2006  12:42 AM

Hello. Even though this was not a reply to my query or any help in finding the furniture grouping that I'm looking for...I contacted Chateau D'Ax directly via their website. They did return a reply but, needed the manufacter's style/model number and not the name of the group that Foley's had. I did give them as much of a description that I could and hope it helps somehow. Of course when I called Foley's/Macy's the salesman who has always been very helpful to me after much looking could not find that information. Macy's in their takeover and the fact that they won't be carrying that line had gotten rid of all of the particulars. I was given the Chateau D'ax reps name and phone number in Houston but, don't know if that would be of any help to you. He hasn't returned my call yet but, I'm just hoping that it is because it is over the holiday weekend and he just hasn't had time to call (ever optimistic)! lol I don't give up easily so will give him several calls in the future if he doesn't call me back! lol Perhaps if you called him he could put you in touch with the rep in your area if you're not in Texas. Lemme know if you would like to have the information that I've gotten so far and if you find out anything you could keep me posted as well. Who knows, perhaps working together we both might end up with the furniture that we want and that they are making it hard for us to locate! lol

BJ Edwards
P.S.    inquire@chateau-dax.it &nbs p;  

From Dianne, 9/2/2006  4:39 PM

The OP is not alone. I, too, am looking for a Chateaux d'Ax line (cella). I can't believe they make it so hard to find their product. I would also appreciate any leads. Thanks you.

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