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Seeking Chateau d’Ax Derek Group

Posted By BJ, 8/24/2006

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I was saving to purchase the Chateau D'Ax leather furniture group from Foley's department store named "Derek" (Dallas,TX.. Now that Macy's has sucked them up and there is no more Foley's and they decided to discontinue that line. I wasn't aware that they had clearanced it out as they were making the transition from Foley's to Macy's until I got my new Macy's card and checked with the furniture department to see if they still had it. It is a dark brown grouping very Art Deco in appearance. I've looked on their website,Chateau D'AX but, have had no luck. I wish to purchase the sofa and two side chairs. They also have a bench that would work as a great coffee table or end of the bed bench. I would appreciate if anyone has any clue as to where I might purchase this line. Thanks in advance.   


From pjsfuncrafters.com, 11/28/2013  2:15 PM

I am looking for those fasteners as well. Did you find then?
Thank you

From rog, 6/4/2011  2:58 PM

dont buy chateau dax name sounds fancy but quality sucks just left a site with hundereds of complaints

From ib thompson, 11/29/2010  1:18 PM

I advise everyone to stop looking for this furniture...I have a very expensive recliner that cannot be repaired...The cable has broken for the second time and they now make a cable 4 inches longer, so I'm out of luck...Chateau d'Ax not helpful at all..In fact, rude...His advice was to start looking for repair person...My question is "if cable is no longer available, how is that going to help me"? Yes, recliner is 7 years old but I bought it to last...The leather is still in great shape but has always been a little "wobbly"..I am so mad about this...

From Shelley, 10/30/2010  12:40 PM

I purchased a Chateaux D'AX cocktail ottoman in South Florida and have decided to purchase the sofa. Unfortunately, I live in Central Florida and cannot seem to find a Chateaux distributor locally. My ottoman is CD Blake Square Cocktail Ottoman Beige, sku #2690080, C705JX Cover: 319 Can anyone help me locate a store in Central Florida that carries Chateaux?

From Susan, 3/5/2010  9:50 AM

4/21/09 reply for Helen
RE: Luke Collection at Macy's
sku#62281 Sofa
sku#62307 Chair
sku#62299 Loveseat
color #3851

From Steven of NYC, 2/9/2010  11:07 AM

For all those considering a Chateau d'Ax Divani (Model name?) corner sectional, here's the what.....June 2005-Macys in Herald Square....this is a smart looking sectional with a chaise at one end. Quite comfy for short stints round the telly. But the soft slipperiness sends you sliding to a total recline before too long, but that's ok, right? The curved center section is fairly useless, neither fish nor fowl (you can't sit on that part or have a lie down)
The problem we found was the hardware bits that connect the three pieces. They've torn away from the side of the furniture and now each piece is unconnected and you end up pushing the pieces apart if you sit in the wrong area. (The downward pressure pushes them apart without these little locking bits holding the three pieces together) Phoned a parts dept in N.C. (336-885-9777) hoping for a return call but nothing so far.
We inspected these connecting hardware areas closely and could see the poor workmanship there. The rest of the lot has held up well for nearly 5 years.
My old lady was never to hot for this furniture in the first place since she seems to hit the spot that won't stay together quite often and I get to hear what a piece of crap I chose.
If I can just re-install these bits that hold the thing together I might add some joy to our after work relaxtion ....anybody got a clue where to get these parts?
"Colezione Divani" wanted little to do with my inquiry

From Dee, 1/18/2010  5:18 PM

Has anyone heard of the Divani Avery line.   It has baseball like piping stiching?

From Don, 1/8/2010  10:31 PM

We really like the Chateau D'ax Milan that will be on sale at Macy's this weekend.

Our one concern is the the workmanship seems to be a bit inconsistent on the floor samples. Has anyone had any problems with their Milan? I am especially concerned with
the straightness of the stiching on the arms (it is a high
visibility/detail area).

Any thoughts will help as the sale is soon.

Thank You!

From Adam, 12/28/2009  9:26 PM

I purchased a queen sized leather bed frame from Macy's iin 2004 called "Divani" I believe by Chateau D'Ax. It is by far the best manufactured and best designed leather bed frame I have ever owned. In fact, it still looks new.

The trouble is we just bought a king sized mattress (December 28, 2009). I need to buy this Chateau D'AZ model in a king size leather bed frame. We can't find it at Macy's. Any ideas where to find it in the Los Angeles area? Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Any ideas?

From Jim, 11/6/2009  12:17 AM

I just bought a Chateau d'Ax sectional from an estate sale. I'm not sure what "model" it is, but I'm looking at the tag which is underneath each piece.. It says delivery date March 2001. LENTATE S/S (Milan). And yes, it states the Body and Seat cushions are Polyurethan foam and Polyester fiber... which is fine.
My issue is that the Seller didn't have the "connector" pieces which connect each piece together and hold them tight together. From the looks of it, it looks like one side is a screw type, which the other looks like a USB input (flat insert). I've spent a few days searching online for a local (Phoenix, AZ) parts provider, and online in the US to order 6 of these "connectors" and no luck! Any suggestions?? Thanks!

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