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Lexington-Chez Michelle

Posted By Cheryl, 8/8/2006

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We are looking for a 6 draw dresser. #157-307. aLSO Looking for a night stand #157-623 door commode. Or a wardrobe #157-311 in the Chez Michelle collection.


From Cheryl, 8/2/2011  9:59 PM

I'm looking for a dresser and mirror, and a night stand in the Lexington Chez Michelle bedroom set collection in the "warm cherry" finish. Must be near the Twin Cities in MN.

Please email me at kaarkell@hotmail.com. Thanks!

From Cheryl, 6/21/2011  7:51 PM

I have a Lexington Chez Michelle in "Antique Bisque" with a twin sleigh bed (#187C), desk (#532, chair(#537), hutch w/light (#541), wardrobe (#311) and commode night stand (#623)

I'm interested in selling. All are in great condition.

From kendra, 6/12/2011  2:20 PM

Looking for chez michelle lexington furniture, need the headboard and footboard, nd a night stand

From Colleen, 5/21/2011  10:41 PM

I am looking for a Chez Michelle King sz headboard in Antique Bisque. Will even consider another finish. Please email me at clsc1755@comcast.net

From Allison, 4/14/2011  6:47 PM

I'm looking for the Lexington Chez Michelle five-drawer short dresser in the cherry finish: 157-221. I'm in the Seattle area and can be reached at allison17@centurytel.net.

From Sue Kaberline, 4/12/2011  5:51 PM

I am looking for a leaf for the Chez Michelle Dinning Room set. Anyone have any ideas? I can be reached at SKaberline@aol.com

From jerri, 4/10/2011  6:47 PM

i am looking for 5 pull button knobs from this set. thanks. pls contact if have any to sell.

From jerri, 4/10/2011  6:46 PM

i am looking for the pullknob hardware for this set. i need 5 knobs. thanks.

From Jay, 3/4/2011  4:54 PM

In need of a Chez Michelle (Lexington in cherry/pecan wood color) footboard and side rails for a set we have. Please if anyone has this contact me.


From Trudi Hays, 9/21/2010  11:17 PM

I don't know how to reach Susan above but I have a Lexington Chez Michelle cherry finish desk/vanity (H157 534) to sell. Anyone know good place to list it? lovetosing@verizon.net

From Sharon Finley, 9/12/2010  5:51 PM

I can be reached at wsfinley@pacbell.net

From Sharon Finley, 9/12/2010  5:50 PM

I have the Lexington Chez Michelle dining room set. Table with two leaves, 2 arm chairs, 4 chairs w/out arms, and the sideboard.

From Brooke, 8/23/2010  8:16 PM

Looking for a chez michelle twin bed (headboard or headboard and footboard)any color b_godeaux@yahoo.com

From Shauna, 8/11/2010  3:16 PM

Looking for cherry finish chez michelle dresser and or lingerie chest also bookcase please contact mongaby@aol.com    

From Trudi Hays, 8/11/2010  9:43 AM

I have a Chez Michelle [soft brown cherry finish] twin bedroom set with a twin headboard , a dresser(H157-221)(comes with beautiful mirror and little drawer unit on top), a desk (H157 534). Although would like to keep set together may be willing to sell separately. contact at lovetosing@verizon.net directly in Northern Virginia.

From Lori DiBartolomeo, 7/18/2010  1:42 PM

Does anyone have a Lexington Chez Michelle diningroom table for sale? Mine got water damage and looking to replace.

From Marissa Garbiero, 7/13/2010  1:17 PM

I have a Chez Michelle set in the dark cherry finish. It includes the bed with slats for a full or queen size mattress, a nightstand, and the vanity with tri-fold mirror and stool. Also have custom-cut glass table tops for the vanity and the nightstand. Anyone interested???

From karen shealy, 6/23/2010  10:04 PM

looking for chez michelle vanity with tri fold mirror, armoire and desk and chair!

From Alisa, 3/1/2010  2:05 PM

I have Chez Michelle in dark cherry - vanity, armoire, and bed side table with drawer - looking to add a twin bed to the set or sell if I can't - anyone with suggestions???

From J, 9/6/2009  10:50 AM

I am looking for Chez Michelle youth furniture - off white color. I have the dresser, mirror, nightstand, and hutch and am looking for other pieces that would math the set like a larger dresser or wardrobe.

From Angela, 8/8/2009  4:02 PM

I have a complete Chez Michelle queen bed in cherry that I would sell if I could find a California king to replace it.

From Ivan, 7/25/2009  12:16 PM

Does anyone have any Chez michelle cherry(157 series) furniture for sale? Looking for complete queen bed(headboard,footboard,rails, triview mirror(157-209)I am near Akron,Canton,Cleveland, Ohio. Thanks

From amy, 6/29/2009  4:34 PM

I am looking for chez michelle queen bed (no mattresses) in the dark color (cherry I believe). Does anyone have one in very good condition. I already own two dressers and so I only need the bed. Thanks.

From Kathy, 1/21/2009  2:54 PM

Hi Susan:

Just saw your posting.   Do you still have the Chez Michelle Lexington bedroom set?   I am interested and would like to see photos.



From lisa, 1/13/2009  5:12 PM

looking for chez michelle light colored vanity

From Susan, 8/7/2008  10:29 PM

Looking for lexington Chez Michelle desk (hutch) and vanity in the cherry finish.

From grunie, 5/26/2008  9:38 PM

what color chez michelle do you have? looking for the light cream/pink color with flowers-where are you located? is the set still available?

From Susan, 5/10/2008  10:10 AM

I have a complete Chez Michelle Lexington queen bedroom set: 2 wardrobes (157-311), 1 night stand (157-623), 1 queen bed (head board, footboard, rails) and vanity (157-531) with mirror (157-209) and vanity seat.

are you interested?
can send photos

From Jeff, 11/27/2007  3:44 PM

are you still interested in night stand #157-623 or wardrobe #157-311

From Stephanie Hernandez, 5/8/2007  4:51 PM

There is a posting on Chicago Craigslist for this piece (with picture). Her e-mail is Karen Kozminski kdkoz@hotmail.com.

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